Daily Prompt: Saga

Gas Holders, Luzernstr., Solothurn

Taking a walk with a new camera is always exciting. Through the photographer’s eye you absorb items that you had never seen  before. This walk was some time ago, and it was not such a special camera as a DSLR, just a normal point and shoot, but digital. Digital photos had been in existence for a few years, but it was still something completely different to take the photo and see it on the computer, even make alterations. This only needed a little tweak for straightening purposes, it was a slanted on one side. What were these strange spherical shapes? I decided to discover the truth and took a walk to the responsible department in the town hall to find out the mystery.

“Err, yes Mrs. Angloswiss, those objects are to be found direct on the border between our town and the next village.”

“Yes, but what are they?”

“A very good question, but it would be better if you would enquire in village XYZ, they would know more about them.”

“If they stand partially on the ground belonging to the town, I was convinced that you would have some records in your archives. I am sure they did not just appear one day and no-one knew where they came from.”

“As I said, ask in the office at the next village. I can give you no more information.” or did he not want to give me more information.

The next day I arrived in the town hall in the next village. They did not have a responsible department, it seems everyone was responsible for everything.

“Yes, Mrs. Angloswiss, I am aware of these objects, they have been in existence for many years, although only part are actually standing on our village ground. The remainder belongs to the town along the road.”

“But what are they?”

“Yes, well, I think it would be a good idea if you enquired in town.”

“I already did and they told me to come here.”

“Oh, they did, did they. Well if they cannot help you I definitely cannot and now we are closing for the lunch break.”

“Then I will come back after lunch.”

“There is not much point, because we do not have the necessary information.”

“But someone must.”

“I would suggest you visit the local library, they have records dating back to the entrance of our Kanton into the Federation. There must definitely be some photos or certificates of origin.”

“But our Kanton entered the federation in 1481 and I am sure that such buildings were not  constructed at that time.”

“Yes, afterwards of couse. I am sorry I cannot help you.” and he closed the shutter on the office window, it was lunch time.

The next day I visited the local library armed with photos of these mysterious objects. I was convinced I had discovered a state mystery, and was now hungry to find out the truth.

“Can I help you?” everyone was so polite.”

“Yes, can you tell me the origin of these two objects, you must have something in your archives.”

“Yes, just a moment. Fritz look at this picture, ever seen anything like it around here?”

“Oh yes.”

I was relieved, at last a positive reaction.

“I see them every day on my way home when I cycle past them. They are on the border of my village and this town.”

“Yes, but what are they.”

“A very good question Mrs. … errr Angloswiss, but perhaps you could enquire…….”

“No, I am not going to the next village. All I want to know is their purpose.”

“Heidi do you know what they are for.”

“Never seen them actually, you know I live in the other direction and have to take the train home.”

“Yes, I forgot, although I have to keep my eyes on the road when cycling. Sorry Mrs. Angloswiss, I cannot help you, have you tried the national archives.”

“You mean this is a national affair and not local.”

“No idea, I would just keep an eye on them and perhaps report back in a month or so.”

I gave up, although I marked it in my calendar to re-investigate the situation. I again took a walk to the next village a month later to take another photo, and they were not there. There was a building site, which was very big. They had been removed. I decided to speak to one of the workmen.

“Do you remember what was here before you began to build.”

“No, not really, although they said it was dangerous and should be removed with care. There was talk that something might explode, and the main supply tap would have to be switched off first of all. That’s all I know, but when we started to dig for the foundations, well, there were some strange things that we found.”

“Fred, what are you telling that lady. It is none of her business and don’t forget you signed the secrets declaration as well. Your lips are sealed.”

It was when the boss approached me I decided to leave. He was wearing an army uniform with a steel helmet and armed with a rifle. I never did find out what these strange round buildings  were, but they are no longer there and the new building is now in its place.

River Aar 21.04 (2)
I only know that at night you hear strange humming noises and the floodlights are switched on.

Daily Prompt: Saga

Good Morning

bread and two jamsThis morning was an exciting morning. I discovered there was a remainder of the strawberry jam in the jar, and not want to be wasteful, I spread it on my piece of bread, but it only covered a third. This meant that the remainder of the bread was covered with apricot jam, my flavour of the week. When in the supermarket, I really had an agony of choice (had to look that up in Internet, only had the german words “Qual der Wahl” in my morning brain). I was confronted with cherry jam on the shelf, which was the week before last. There was also blackberry, but after having strawberry for a week, I decided it would be too much of a good thing. I wanted something completely different, in colour and taste and then I saw apricot, so why not. The result is today I have a bi-coloured slice of bread for breakfast. I had to take a photo as I was convinced that such a creation just might win a place in a photography competition. If you use stretch your imagination, you might even see a face, but that was not intended.

In the meanwhile I have devoured this Picassian work of art and can reflect on yesterday’s day full of excitement and suspense.

Climbing the roof to clean the window 21.05 (2)I was busy in my appartment doing things that busy housewives do, and Mr. Swiss was relaxing outside on the porch meditating I think. Something broke his meditation and he called me. There was a ladder leaning towards the balcony roof opposite, 2nd floor, and a lady had climbed up onto the roof. Was this a drama, a crime in the making, the result of an unwanted confrontation? I ran to my office (the room that nobody wanted) and grabbed my camera, the Nikon DSLR of course, there had to be an exact photo to record the developments.  Undaunted I focussed and waited for the next episode. I did not have to wait long when this happened.

Climbing the roof to clean the window 21.05 (3)

Yes, she was being followed by – a man. This was the fundament for a criminal happening. Mr. Swiss told me to stay cool, they were the team organised to clean the skylight windows. I think he also said something about not being to conspiuous with the camera, somone might see me. Disappointment now arrived, I really thought I had a shooting in the camera ripe for front page news. I was even prepared to call the television news station.

After lunch and my golden oldie sleep I decided to make myself comfortable on the porch and write a daily blog about whatever we should write about. I was concentrating on the contents when I heard a noise. There was a buzzing and a collision crash. This was not a mystery, one of the kamikaze rose beetles was taking a flight and due to my spotless clean windows, he did not realise they were there. Just another interference I thought. I continued until a half unconscious rose beetle suffering from concussion collapsed next to my computer on the table. What could be better? I grabbed my iPhone camera which also happened to be laying on the table and shot a few photos, realising that this camera was not suitable enough for the details.

I decided I had time to fetch my super Nikon DSLR camera (this was a déjà view situation) and focussed on this semi-unconscious rose beetle that was recovering on my table. I noticed it was still alive as its feelers were twitching now and again. This was the perfect victim for a detailed photo of the anatomy of a rose beetle. Not only did not have any roses to visit, and had to make do with what I had in the garden (my peonies have begun to flower) but had an unwanted accidental collision with my super clean windows. I snapped this unfortunate beetle from all angles, I even moved him with my fingers for a better view. Eventually I returned to completing my epic prose composition. Suddenly there was movement, I heard the usual buzzing sound and he flew off. I watched his flight eagerly to see if he still had kamikaze thoughts, but no, he departed to unknown fields. He was alive, saved by me. Ok, I know you would love to see the result of my photographic suspicious award winning photos, so here it is. As you can see its back left leg still seems to be recovering from the collision with glass – or is it the front left arm, but it was not broken, just a slight sprain, nothing that a flight could not cure.

Rose Beetle 21.05 (2)

And now Mr. Swiss is occupied with the vacuum cleaner and I will put my computer to rest. I have planned a quiet relaxing Sunday morning – unless of couse an unexpected guest collides with my window, or there are people wanted to practice their climbing techniques on the opposite roof. I think I will get my camera now to be prepared.