Flower of the Day: 21.05.2016 Honesty


HonestyI noticed that I have some honesty flowering in the garden at the moment. The photos are from last year. I usually get a good show every 2 years as they seem to be biennial plants growing the first year and flowering and producing seeds the second. The flower is not so spectacular, but when they form their seed pods, they are.

Flower of the Day: 21.05.2016 Honesty

Daily Prompt: Sing

Blackbird singing on a roof

The birds are quite good at singing, especially at 5.00 in the morning when you would prefer to sleep. They are specialists. They plot and plan, one wings its way over to your window as the look out. As soon as he notices that you are drifting off to sleep again, after a short visit to that place which we all visit during the night at least once, he gives a signal to the other birds with a short whistle.

“So come on boys and girls, lets do what we are famous for, the early morning chorus.” There is always one bird that begins and the others quickly chirp along,  some just sqeak, but others have a piercing tone in their beaks. I caught this bird on a roof with its beak wide open and  it was leading the chorus. It was probably one of the last, as I only take photos from 8.00 in the morning. I noticed they all begin at the same time, but there is one bird in particular, usually the most monotonous and loudest, that continues at least half an long that the others, as if to sing “we will be back tomorrow”.

Of course it is nice to hear the early morning chorus but I wish they would organise it better. They all sing at once, very chaotic. The funny thing is that I do drift off to sleep again and when I am awake, they have stopped singing. They are probably now sleeping, catching up on the two hours  during which they were waking up the neighbourhood.

I was going to play a video of me singing at  Christmas party, but after listening to it I decided to leave it. Of course I can sing, have quite a good voice I thought. Some time ago I discovered that nearly all songs have the lyrics in Internet. This was great, as we do not always know all the words which can be very frustrating. Our radio is always on with music programmes after lunch and I developed the habit of finding the lyrics and singing along. Mr. Swiss found that the original sounded much better, even when I harmonised with the original. I do not think it called it harmony, he had some strange Swiss German word for it which I have not yet found in the dictionary of Swiss German words to use when you are excited.

I live in Switzerland and once a year on the first Wednesday in February they do a sound test with our national alarm system. It is a small country. you can cross it from North to south with a car in 4-5 hours, and from East to West in 6-8 hours. Some foreign tourists only notice they are there because they have to pay for the motorway badge to be allowed to use our fantastic, super, motorways which are usually under repair during the summer months when they are mostly in use – go figure. As I was saying we have an alarm system – you never know if someone wants to attack our country and take over the banks, or anything else like Emmental cheese or watches. Note, I did not say cuckoo clocks because we do not really make them, it is a speciality of the black forest region in Germany, we only sell them.

So the day arrives and our radio is telling us during the day, once every hour approximately, that we should not be alarmed when our more than 8,000 sirens are switched on all at the same time throughout the country. It would not bother me so much if it were during the morning or even in the middle of the afternoon, but it is usually when I am sinking into my midday golden oldie sleep. I even found a link about it and would advise to read this valuable information, if ever you plane on a Winter sports holiday in Switzerland in February and are convinced that you must find the nearest air raid shelter for protection.

The Hills are alive with the sound of sirens

And for the grand finale you are listening to the Moos Ruf on the alp horn written by Hans Jürg Sommer. This particularly means something to us and we knew the composer as a youg man. He became a music teacher at our local high school and in between composed music for the alp horn for which he was also a teacher.

Daily Prompt: Sing

Good Morning


Big excitement this morning.

“Look there is a balloon in the sky” said Mr. Swiss thinking it might be interesting for my morning shot of the day. I had not evening switched my water machine on, had barely found my way to the kitchen, but I dropped everything, grabbed my phone to take the shot of the day.

“I don’t know if you can catch it, it is quite far away” was his follow up comment, as I was standing outside in the fresh morning air in my nightdress with my mobile in my hand. First of all I searched the sky for this identified flying object and then found it hovering between two trees. I naturally had to magnify by swiping my fingers over the screen. This was almost too much excitement for a morning. In the meanwhile I saw two crows perching on the opposite roof and decided they would be more appropriate. They turned and saw me in my professional photographer poise, croaked “no way” and flew off, so I returned to the balloon, and here is my prize suspicious photo. I wonder why people in their right minds climb into a balloon so early in the morning. I can barely climb out of bed.

Back garden

Afterwards I turned my mobile to something more rewarding. I know I have done it before, but at least you can see what I am taking a photo of. My blue  borage has really developed into a mega borage this year. I always have borage as they are very generous with spreading the seeds. These began to grow in late Autumn and I was sure that the grim reaper of borage plants would kill them off during the cold winter, but they survived and now are still growing. I am sure they will enter the Guiness  book of records as the biggest borage plants ever seen.

IphoneI had a small problem yesterday which almost became a major drama. I live with my mobile phone. It reminds me of doctor appointments, dentist appointments, medicines. I now even have Mr. Swiss drum lessons and his various appointments. I like to be aware of what is going on as I do tend to forget now and then often. I also have my WordPress notifications, Facebook notifications and various other notifications programmed to ensure that I am in the picture during the day. I switch off my phone at night. Yesterday I noticed that no-one wanted to speak to me, I was isolated, ignored, my life was becoming boring. I was in the supermarket and my telephone gave no sound from it, it was silent. My shopping safaris are usually accompanied by a ringing tone. I glanced at the screen and saw there was no tone, just a picture. The first thing I did when I returned home was to check and ask Mr. Swiss. Do not ask Mr. Swiss, he has his own problems, I noticed. I was cut off, ignored from my telephone (and Mr. Swiss) until I discovered the solution as I was preparing for my golden oldie sleep after lunch. There is a sort of sneaky window you have on your telephone. If you happen to slide the picture upwards it appears with various symbols. It seems that due to a false manipulation I had changed some details on this window. I had activated the “moon” symbol which put it in a permanent sleep condition as well as fixing the direction of the illustration on my phone. I solved this disaster and could have my golden oldie sleep relaxed and knowing that the world was again OK.

It will probably  be one of those nice warm sunny days today, like shorts and a strappy t-shirt. I should not be where I am at the moment, but doing my jogging exercises in the appartment with the vacuum cleaner. Stay safe, be careful what you do with your mobile phone, he can be very sensitive and above all  be kind to your computer. You only have one, or two, perhaps three, some have four.