Flower of the Day: 20.05.2016 Anemone


anemoneThey are now on their last days of flowering, and only the seed pods remain, which are also very interesting. What I like about anemones is the variety of colours and the long flowering time. I had many this year and I hope that I might have more next year if the seeds find somewhere to settle.

A very thankful flower.

Flower of the Day: 20.05.2016 Anemone

Daily Prompt: Brick

Town Wall Marrakesh

I never really know where to go with these one word prompts. Do not get me wrong, I like them, gives food for thought and you can go in which direction you want to. What do you do in this predicament? Having about 16,000 photos online I used the tag “brick” and got two windows. I am not always so exact with my tags, but probably the windows were in a brick wall. I then progressed and entered the word “wall”, walls being mainly built with bricks, and the above photo appeared. It is part of the wall surrounding the town of Marrakesh in Morocco. The whole town is enclosed behind this brick wall and I wondered is it to keep the people out or in? You never know? As you can see it seems to be a meeting point of people probably on their way home after visiting what was enclosed within the walls. This was in 1990, and perhaps the wall has now been extended since to include those that managed to escape.

My memories of Marrakesh were red brick everywhere, even the earth was red. I decided to discover why. Internet has a lot of information about Marrakesh, its red earth, red walls and red everything, but I did not find an explanation why it was red. Perhaps they tipped a few barrels of red paint into it to make it famous as the red town.

Bethnal Green Road

I grew up amongst bricks, they were everywhere as in the photo of Bethnal Green Road in East London. Now and again a tree might have fought its way through a creack in the cement on the streets, even a stinging nettle, or if you were in luck, a daisy. Brick dust was in the air, especially after a storm. It was then wet brick dust that you inhaled into your lungs. We had a few parks, which were also surrounded by brick buildings. Our house was made of bricks, but it was definitely not the House that Jack Built, more like something pieced together with the bricks that were left over.

My playground as a kid were brick, the ruins of the buildings bombed in the war. There were bricks everywhere. We would even collect them an make piles of them as kids.When you arrived home mum would take one look, and then she would scrub your face with a damp flannel to remove the grime of the street. I had brick dust on my shoes and under the finger nails, it was all part of life. Even today, if it rains in our local town, the smell reminds me of the years gone past. Of course our bricks in East London were old and dirty and they had cracks and holes, but they were nostalgic.

The Wall, Migros LangendorfToday’s bricks are more solid and the red colour has become a nice sterile grey. This is a wall in the making. It became part of the parking lot at out local supermarket. Notice the clean sharp lines of the construction, nice and straight and parallel. You only get perfect brick walls like that in Switzerland.

Graffiti Railway lines in Bellach
Of course there are some people that just cannot look at a plain brick wall without having to do something to improve it. This wall was near my office window in the village of Bellach where I worked for many years. As you can see the railway runs next to it, part of the line from Zürich to Geneva. The artworks, or graffiti, just appeared one morning. No-one knew who did it, but it was probably a budding artist with a few tins of spray paint that wanted to try his talent out on a brick wall. It broke up the monotony of looking at a plain brick wall I must say.

Walls can be very interesting, according to what you do with them.


This is a family photo of me in the middle and no. 1 son on the left with No. 2 son on the right taken in Paris just around the corner to Bir Hakim Metro station near the eiffel Tower when I was young and lovely and had no grey hair. We were staying in a nearbye hotel and I always marvelled at the wall of painted faces that you can see behind us when I walked past, most of them known personalities. Mr. Swiss and I visited Paris again in 1990 and the faces were gone, the whole site was rebuilt unfortunately, but it was a work of art and all on a brick wall.

So we have now done a complete tour of brick walls. I noticed in our local supermarket you can buy bricks for a few francs each, they are always useful to have laying around. You might want to throw one through the jeweller’s shop window, or just as a hobby collecting them, after all they are just another brick for the war (yea I got that one in thanks to Pink Floyd).

Daily Prompt: Brick

Good Morning

<The Hail Storm 19.05 (10)

Yesterday afternoon I was just finishing my daily prompt blog and my feline, with her 6th sense, decided it was time to leave the great outdoors as a threat was impending. Naturally with my primitive human abilities, I did not detect a threat. My office widow is opposite my desk and I have a direct view of the front garden. Mr. Swiss entered and made the remark it looks like rain. The scene was now set – an escaping feline and a wary Mr. Swiss that can predict all forms of weather. It was then that I heard “ping, ping, ping” and objects were rebounding off the outside table and even on the ground.

Yes, I had the front seat in the hailstorm show before my window. As I have adopted this room since No. 2 son moved away a few years ago, I have organised it with the objects necessary to me, including a few computers, and some cameras. Now the chance was here, I could record the hailstorm in photos. I grabbed my DSLR camera and focussed. Luckily I had clean windows, so I did not have to open them.

The Hail Storm 19.05 (1)The hailstones kept a respectable size, although golf ball dimensions would have been more interesting to record on my camera. It was the perfect time for a hailstorm. We have them now and again, but I had never had a front seat. Luckily my apple trees had already blossomed and the little apples were already forming, so there was no danger that my harvest would be prevented this year.

baby apples

However, I had a quick check afterwards to ensure that everything was still in its place. This particular apple tree is my pride and joy at the moment. Planted with a seed from an apple in a pot in the office when I belonged to the working army and raised in my garden. 10 years or more later this year I had the first few apple blossoms, and now the first apples are appearing. It would have been a mini tragedy, had the hail destroyed these baby gala apples.

The Hail Storm 19.05 (4)The storm was now receding and eventually the remains of the hail began to melt. I ventured outside to take a few remaining photos, but as fast as it arrived, the hail was melting and it was as if nothing had happened. Oh what an exciting afternoon it was.

This morning everything is back to normal. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I have made a mess on the kitchen floor because I made the mistake of stepping on the lawn whilst taking a photo of my mini apples and not wearing my garden clogs. However, I will now wipe the jam stains from the table and do my duty in cleaning the appartment before leaving for my safari to the supermarket for the week-end shopping.

Oh, the duties of a housewife in retirement, never ending. I wish everyone a nice relaxing week-end. For those that belong to the working force, only today and then you are free to do what you want to do and what you can afford. For the golden oldies, have fun. Perhaps you can watch what the neighbours are doing armed with the binoculars, or do some golden oldie gymastics like cleaning a window.

Have fun – see you on the flip side, if it is not raining or you do not have an accident with a falling hailstone.