Flower of the Day: 18.05.2016 Iris

Iris 18.05 (3)

At last – after seeing all those wonderful Iris photos from Cee, I was waiting impatiently for mine to open. Up to now it was only buds. I think I was taking photos every day this week and today I looked at the garden and found one single iris that decided to open up for a photo. I do not know whether it is bearded or not, but it has not yet shaved.

Flower of the Day: 18.05.2016 Iris

Discover Challenge: Apology


I was at the supermarket, standing in the queue at the meat section waiting to be served.  It was not a queue, just a line of people, all mixed in age and type. The young lady with the screaming kid that would not be satisfied unless the saleslady offered him a piece of sliced sausage was the first to be served.

“Mum I want a sausage.”

“Wait, I have to concentrate. 100 grammes salami please.”

“Yes, no problem, and I suppose you would like a piece of sausage” said the shop assistant.

“Johnny stop screaming, otherwise the lady won’t give you any sausage. I’m sorry, he seems to have one of those days today.”

“No problem, here you go Johnny, a nice piece of sausage.”

“Johnny, say thankyou and don’t snatch it out of the nice lady’s hand. Sorry.”

“That’s OK, we all have our days.”

I felt sorry for the mother, she now had a red face full of embarrasement, Johnny was munching his sausage with a smirk on his face and the saleslady moved on to the next customer. At last it was my turn, I thought. I opened my mouth to give my order and was interrupted from am elderly woman standing next to me. She was probably my age, but some ladies like to accentuate their wisdom and age with very firm expressions.

“Excuse me, but it is now my turn. I was here before you.”

She was talking to me, and I had not yet said anything.

I muttered “Sorry”, but this did not seem to be enough. The elderly lady, my age, glared at me through her glasses. “I was here first, and I have been waiting for a long while for that kid to get his sausage.”

I was speechless and decided silence was the best solution. The saleslady, who knew me, as I was a customer at least 3-4 times a week, looked at me with an apologetic smile and served the elderly lady who was my age. Sometimes these ladies look older than they are, being certain that everyone is against them, a threat to their status in life. The furrows of anger and determination always leave their mark on the face.

The assistant spoke “I don’t know who was here first.”

“I was of course” said the ederly lady now assuming a threatening pose. I thought she might mow me over with her shopping cart, she made a threatening move with it and stood more upright then she already was.

I decided to speak “that’s OK” directing my words to the sales lady, “I can wait.”

I noticed a glare from the elderly lady, who was still sharpening her words with mouth movements. I then tried the last resort and choked out “sorry”.

“I should think so” said elderly lady. By then the saleslady had finished preparing her order and had wrapped it and finalised the sale. The elderly lady snatched it from her and threw it into her sales wagon, pushing me out of the way as she left. The sales assistant looked at me carefully, hoping I would not explode.

“I think you were here first, but I am not sure.”

“It makes no difference, the customer is now satisfied, that is the main thing.”

“I have been waiting at least 5 minutes” said a man in a suit and tie standing next to me at the counter. I have an important meeting to attend, and have not the time waiting to be served. There was a deathly silence and the saleslady looked at me with pleading eyes.

“3 pork chops please” I said.”

Business man glared at his watch and began to make nervous movements. Men have no patience, I wished he was a Mr. Swiss type of person that would melt into the crowd and respect golden oldies like me. This suited tie wearer  would not even have melted in a vat of acid, he was a tough one.

He was about to say something more, but I made a decision. I had suffered the agony of watching a starving child screaming for sausage, been insulted and humiliated by an elderly lady who thought she was the best customer in the supermarket, although she only bought cheap meat, and now the director decided to treat me as one of his employees. I said in a loud clear voice

“Sorry, but it is my turn now.”

The saleslady gave me my pork chops with a smile on her face and as I left I just happened to tread on the businessman’s polished shoe and dug my elbow in his back pushing him into the glass plate separating the meat from the humans. Of course I said “Sorry”. My mum said you should always say sorry and apologise if you have done something wrong.

Discovery Challenge: Apologise

Daily Prompt: Flourish


The lilac is flourishing in our wild meadow at the moment, but flourishing things do not last long, they are limited.

I flourish daily when I sit at the computer thinking, what shall we do today? There are times when I ask myself, why bother. I enjoy writing, I enjoy photography, but before I begin I take a look to see what am I being served with. Is it worth flourishing about? Why bother, why flourish? On the other hand one day in the hopefully far distant future there will be a quiet place where on a stone will stand engraved https://angloswiss-chronicles.com – she flourished whilst she was compositing her prize crowned entries, at least that is what I plan, but in Switzerland planning permission is required for such entries and it has to be permitted, so it will probably be just a name and a couple of dates and no flourishing. I often have the impression when blogging that I am in a confessional box, in a cyber world of course, admitting all my sins and telling everyone about them, now and again even with illustrations.

My garden is flourishing, mainly because I now have a gardener. I do not flourish when bending and removing weeds, nor do I flourish when planting, so this is flourishing under false pretences. My figure is flourishing, growing daily, unfortunately not in height, but in width.

One of the meanings of flourish is prosper it seems. I hate people that tell me what the dictionary says with these prompt words, but I often have to cast a glance in an online dictionary now and again as I am slowly losing touch with the english language. Today I received notification of my telephone bill. I have this automatically deducted from my account, as it has to be paid in any case. Over the last two months I had to make many phone calls to England on my dad’s behalf due to his change of address, moving to a new extra care home.

First of all I cancelled his telephone. After pressing button 1, 2, & 3 I finally got to where I wanted to go, which meant have a conversation with a human being. Pressing buttons or visiting their super web site would not have completed the mission, I longed for the human touch. Eventually I had a voice on the other end of the telephone, which was scottish from the Isle of Skye I believe. I did not understand him, and he did not understand me, we got on like a house on fire leaving only the walls standing, the roof had collapsed in the meanwhile. His last words were a request for an address in England as they do not send communications to foreign countries. I gave him my friend’s name and address, no that is not true – just her house number and post code. He mumbled “sldfjsdhghdjhgdlsföslafj” which probably meant OK. We said good bye. This week, three months later, my friend told me that dad’s telephone no. was still in operation. I called again and was told by a recording that the British Telephones were sorry to keep me waiting as they were VERY busy but I was in the waiting line. After half an hour of waiting and probably 50 Swiss francs later, a human being asked if he could help me. He did and the telephone was cancelled immediately, two mintues to cancel and half an hour waiting to be cancelled.

The electricity was easier, I only had to wait for a quarter of an hour after pressing button 1, 2, 3 and 4 and arriving at a recording apologising for the waiting time. When I received the human branch of the electricity company, they confirmed that the electric had been cancelled and of the amount to be paid. A day later my friend told me that she had now received the bill and paid it for dad, and also that the telephone was no longer working.

Modern times and very unflourishing. My two monthly telephone bill amounted to 320 Swiss francs and this was only up to the beginning of May. I have now dealt with it all, I hope.

Sometmes, things just do not flourish.

Dead Rose

Daily Prompt: Flourish

Good Morning

back garden

Photo fresh from iPhone iCamera, so this is a live broadcast almost. As you can see the sun is slowly rising in the East and the view is towards West, just for the geographical orientation. Mowey, my automatic lawn mower, is still sleeping, waiting for the action which always takes place at 3.30 in the afternoon. It looks like it will be a nice sunny day, although it is still quite cold.

I have had the first conversation with Mr. Swiss who mentioned that standing in the  middle of the kitchen transferring photos on my iPad to my Flikr photo app was not ideal as I was blocking his path. He is now at his computer reading the newspaper to discover what happened in the world during the night.

Today is my first day of freedom since last Friday when I was last seen in public life in the supermarket. I have been in recluse since. Today they let me out again on a food hunt. My mum always disliked shopping, but I quite enjoy it. It is an opportunity to see things and go places, even if it is only the butchers section of the store. My conversation is limited to 4 slices of farmer’s ham and 100 grammes Italian salami coupled with a Schweinsschnitzel (slice of pork) according to the price and look of the meat, I might choose beef.

I travel to the vegetable department and decide on the choice of the day. Will it be fennel, broccoli, cauliflower or chicory – the decisions I have to make. I would take tomato, but we finished the last yesterday and have actually survived with tomatoes over the last days. The grand finale was a tomato salad made by Mr. Swiss yesterday evening.  The decisions I have to make, it is quite exhausting.

This is only a quick short blog, I must move on. There are things to be done before I enter the world outside. I must remove the remainder of the potato chips that happend to fall on the floor after yesterday evening’s indulgence. It was a disturbing evening and I had to do something to distract myself from its problems. I was watching my favourite and only soap, East Enders. Peggy Mitchell’s sons were consoling their mother who has a fatal illness and the closing scene was where she was sitting at her window overlooking the square and taking tablets one after the other. It was her last appearance in the programme after 20 years on and off. However things continue and it seems that the 14 year old Bobby, that has already killed his sister, due to his uncontrollable temper, now will be attacking his step mother with a baseball bat, or something like that. Just a normal day in the East End of London. When Mr. Swiss asked me if it was like that in my family in the East End, I had to disappoint him with a negative answer.

And now I must go, have a nice day.