Share Your world: 2016 Week 20

When do you feel most connected with others?

I do not endeavour to be connected with others. I am me and do my own thing. Mr. Swiss is him and does his own thing. I read, I write, I take photos. Mr Swiss plays drums, has a love for mainstream, modern jazz music which I also like. He does not blog, just reads what I write (to see if he has been mentioned). I do not accompany Mr. Swiss to a band rehearsal with his fellow musicians, but enjoy an evening alone with my computer and my books.

We get on like a house on fire. I cook, he eats and then we really get on well. He puts the fresh linen on the beds, but I help with the duvet and pillow cushions. He hoovers the living room and makes the bed. I clean windows and iron the washing. He also irons and does not need to be asked. That is not being connected, that is co-operation and sharing. I do not need connections.

What daily habit would you like to introduce to your life?

Funny you should ask. This week I re-discovered my Russian language knowledge.


I sort of collect languages like others collect stamps I supposed, but I am perhaps more a victim of circumstances. I grew up as a Brit, although a cockney, and spoke english more or less. I visited high school (grammar school) any my first foreign language was French (5 years learning at school). Afterwards I did 2 years german, which was not such a success. However, my future life lead me to Switzerland (not because of Mr. Swiss, I did not know him then) and I was in the German speaking part of Switzerland, althugh it was Swiss German. I married Mr. Swiss and for the past almost 50 years speak Swiss German daily, alhtough I also speak high German.

In between I picked up Italian and did a year learning Arabic which i decided was not my thing. I began to learn russian at evening classes. This “begin to learn” lasted 12 years although learning a foreign language which few people speak in your surroundings is difficult. I was absorbed into writing and photography as time went past,  but my Russian was always there in the background. This week I discovered an online site, free, where you caan practice. There are many languages offered, but I chose Russian. I have found my Russian text books and am slowly getting back into the routine. I never had problems with reading and writing cyrillic, it is fun and I enjoy it. I have now introduced this daily habit, just 5-10 minutes, perhaps a little more sometimes, into my daily life again.


What one mini-little-adventure would you like to have in the coming week?

A good question. I would like my specialist nerologist Doc to give me the long expected telephone call after 5-6 examinations in various miracle machines of modern medical technology, and tell me what is wrong. I am not worried really. If I was making medical history, he would have told me straight away. I would love to get this mini-little-medical-adventure behind me.

List at least of things or events that changed your Life: It could be as simple as a book or meeting a certain person?

  1. Moving to Switzerland.
  2. Meeting Mr. Swiss
  3. Having 2 sons
  4. Having 3 felines
  5. Discovering the computer
  6. Taking photos
  7. Writing
  8. Discovering this challenge, amongst others – thankyou CEE
  9. Re-discovering Russian

Share Your World: 2016 Week 20

Daily Prompt: Buddy?????

Iris buds 15.05 (3)

This is a “bud”, which I hope will open soon and show its wonderful flower. Otherwise the word “buddy” has absolutely no meaning for me. If I was not a Brit originally it might inspire me to write something about a “Buddy”, but as I speak British english It does not inspire me to write in this sense of the word.

Of course I have freinds, some online and some real. To define a real friend is someone that is always there for you. In this sense of the word I have such a friend I have known years, 48 I think. We met in school. We parted our ways when I went to Switzerland, but still kept in touch. She did her thing, I did mine. Despite the distance we would meet on holidays, she is the godmother of my youngst son. Our families grew together, her parents and mine, and today she is my rock in London who visits my father and informs how he is. We are both not the hugging, sentimetal versions of friends, but are realists. I got good news today, his condition has improved and he is almost his old self. He is no longer so mobile, but is eating and drinking and things are looking up. With 100 years and a bit more, it could not be better. I feel so much better now.

I enjoy writing my blogs on WordPress, but prefer to keep them personal. I do not do “buddy”, so let it be.

Otherwise I treasure each and everyone of you that spends time reading my words of wisdom daily. I also read yours. time allowing. I have been revising my attachment to the blogging world lately. We all come from different places, have different ideas on how and what to write, but that is what keeps it all so interesting. Unfortunately the day does not have enough hours to do everything. I write my blog, join in a few challenges, and visit other blogs if time permits.

I have to do something all day, being a golden oldie does not mean that I sit in my rocking chair and knit socks. My mother-in-law did, although she would also read or watch the TV and even cook. I am one of the new generation of golden oldies, that find the fulfilment of her dreams by sitting at a computer or two (I have a Macbook and a Windows machine) and visit various places on a jogging mission. Actually I do not visit too many, as you never know what virus or byte chewing monster might be lurking waiting to pounce. I visit Facebook and WordPress, and perhaps Blogger but less and less. Blogger is OK, but mainly it ignores you, so I decided to ignore blogger. I have now discovered a site for brushing up my Russian knowledge which I have neglected over the last 10 years. I even pulled out my text books this morning and gave them a dusting over.

This has made me realise that sitting at a computer is ok, but there is another world out there. Blogging can get addictive. If you do not do the same thing daily, you think there is something missing in your life – but believe me, there is not. I set priorities, which change now and again according to how the mood takes me. I enjoy blogging, I enjoy photography, they are my “buddies”. I also enjoy going for walks, reading books and learning something new. I am not making plans to disappear from WordPress, I have been here too long. As long as I am inspired I will write, but words like “Buddy” do not inspire me and I am still wondering if I have missed its real meaning because it is a foreign word to me.

I have learned to talk about “guys” instead of a “bloke”, to spell the word “colour” without a “u”, but do not talk about a “buddy”. I have friends and online colleagues, no buddies. I speak “cockney” in my first language, and I only had “mates”, but talk about friends as this is the international word that everyone understands, I do not talk about “buddies”.

U jetzt muess i ga, ha  öppis angers z’tue. Oh sorry I forgot buddies, you do not speak Swiss German.

Daily Prompt: Buddy????

Good Morning


Today is Whit Monday, not that it will be different from any other Monday for me except for the fact that the shops are closed in Switzerland. Either we starve from this day of famine, or we bought enough food to cover the day. As a well trained housewife I provided in advance. There will be no banquet, just the stuff you can buy where the best before date is still valid. It will be a meal of Kalbsbratwurst in a Zwiebelsauce, pasta and Vichy Rübli. Sounds good when you use all those foreign words, but it just boils down to sausage, onion sauce, pasta and carrots.

Even my Peony rose is beginning to show the first flower. We call them Pfingstrosen in german, which literally translated is Whit roses, so what could be better. I had a quick look in Internet to see if I had to give up something, or do something particular, but it seems I can have my golden oldie midday sleep with no problem. I was thinking of cleaning the windows this morning, otherwise nothing spectacular. I had already completed  my daily 10 minutes Russian from the bed aspect on my iPad.

I ventured into the garden with my iPhone camera to take the above photo. Unfortuantely this Peony rose was situated on the other side of the lawn which our Mowey mowed yesterday for the first time after a week. Our gardener, Jason, had repaired the bare patches in the lawn and said we should wait a week until it grows to develop its roots. Yesterday was the big day. Unfortunately Mowey does not clear the cut grass afterwards, it serves as fertiliser for the lawn. This was the problem. I had to walk across the lawn, in my slippers (and nightdress), to take the photo and we/Mr. Swiss discovered that I brought much of the cut remainders of the lawn with me into the kitchen: nothing that a broom or vacuum cleaner cannot cure of course.

And now to move on, a woman’s work is never done, although Mr. Swiss has already exercised the vacuum cleaner in the living room. My breakfast is finished, the jam stains and tea stains are wiped away from the table and my feline Tabby is now into her second sleeping hour in her cushion on top of the wardrobe.

Enjoy your Whit Monday wherever you are, or just enjoy Monday, it is the beginning of the new week. For those that belong to the working population, bare up. It will soon be Friday again.

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