Daily Prompt: Healthy

The Skeleton

Of course I am healthy. My surroundings are geared to keep me healthy. I might even have lost some weight lately, but you do not really notice it when I am wearing my clothes.  My doctor is doing everything to ensure that I am staying healthy. I received a bill last week. Luckily I have a month to pay as it is quite a lot of money. On the other hand I have an insurance that will cover 90% of the toal amount. The insurance is, of course, not free, but that bill is paid every two months.

As long as I stay healthy, everything is OK. On the other hand if I was healthy, I would not need a doctor, or an insurnce. There are so many organisations today geared to keep us healthy. Perhaps I should eat more fruit to keep up my level of Vitamin C, otherwise I could get scorbut. I decided to eat more oranges, Oranges are vitamin C bombs. The problem with the orange is that it affects my recyling process. My golden oldie body no longer copes with such health food, I am thinking about getting Vitamin C tablets, the nice ones that dissolve in water and give you the fizzy drink, orange flavoured of course, although I believe thaey are also available in lemon. On the other hand I am diabetec. I must check if it is OK with the carbohydrate content.

“What did you say blood?”

“Beware, think of your long term sugar count”

“Ok, let’s forget the Vitamin C tablets, who needs them anyhow.”

I have just had lunch. It is Sunday and we decided on a cooked ham, with red cabbage and potato.


“Who said that?”

“It’s your blood again. Think of the cholesterol in the ham. Too much is not good for you, do not forget to take your tablet this evening and then I can keep it under contol.”

“But it is only a nice piece of ham. Perhaps I should  become a vegetarian. Not bad, very healthy, full of nutients and fibre. Yes I will try it. I could have a nice bowl of cereal with milk or yogurt in the morning for breakfast instead of a slice of bread and jam.”

“I have something to say about that.”

“Who is now speaking?”

“Your digestive system. I have decided to stop digesting the lactose in milk.”


“You must have noticed, the noises I make after breakfast, stop drinking milk.”

“Oh, that was you. I even got stomach ache.”

“Sorry no deal, stick to the bread and jam.”

“Forget it, unless you do it the right way.”

“Don’t tell me blood is back.”

“I am always here, I have a big journey to take constantly, ciculating in all those organs which suffer from your unhealthy way of life. I just wanted to mention that bread and jam is OK, if you eat the wholemeal bread and not too much jam. I might have problems again with the insulin amounts, and they are getting more difficult to produce as you get older.”

“I also have a few words to say about that. Skin here – blood is right, I do not really want to be stabbed constantly with the insulin, although I must say today it is not as bad as it was with those new pens.”

“Are you all finished? Any more suggestions?”

“I have something to say. Be careful when you walk and do not fall down. I have been screwed together enough. Thank goodness for stainless steel.”

“Ok left arm I got the message, I only broke you twice.”

“Twice is two times too muach.”

“Are we finished body?”

“Take your vitain D drops weekly, the sun does not always shine on you. Just stay healthy, take your tablets regularly and  pay your doctor bills and I will do what I can under the circumstances.”

“What circumstances ? No forget it.”

Daily Prompt: Healthy

Good Morning

Hostas 11.05 (8)

After the monsoon rains during the past week, my hostas have made the most of it and decided to expand and grow their leaves. That is an advantage of rain, it makes things grow. We are particularly glad as the bare patches in our lawn that were repaired by our gardener are also no longer so bare.

SlugUnfortuately there is a negative side to rain, ana new other threat on the horizon. The advance troop, consisting of one member, was seen the day before yesterdy making a reconnaissance of the conditions and whether they would now be suitable to embark on a take over bid. I know that one slug does not make an army, but the others are waiting in dark and damp places. This year we expect mega giant snails as last year was a dry summer and they did not get a chance to unpack their knives and forks and apply their 3,000 teeth. They are also supported on the quest for food with 4 noses, so what does a leaf have to defend itself. Personally I learnt a lot from two years ago. I had planted cucumber seeds and they began to grow and then the slug invasion took place. I only had stalks remaining, the first 2-3 leaves had been devoured. I visited the garden center to buy some plants as I realised my do-it-yourself efforts woudl bring no fruit if the slugs massacred them before they had a chance to produce a flower. The garden assistant informed “sorry no cucumber plants, the slugs got them first”. Yes, it was a cucumberless Summer that year. This time I am prepared. I had a full box of those nice blue anti snail pellets in my garden cupboard. It was an economy box. The box is now empty but the pellets are laying on the ground, distributed between the hosta leaves, and other plants ready for the invasion.

Two slugs matingIf you ever see this in your garden then be prepared. It means that there was a casual encounter of two slugs and do not bother to find out which is the male or female of the species. They are both which saves time in the search for a partner. Here they are getting to know each other. The result, a few days later, preferable in damp weather, there will be 30 babies deposited somewhere in the soil. They waste no time and will soon be on their way to their favourite plants to try out their baby teeth. Never trust a snail no matter how photogenic he/she is. My precaution is anti snail pellets and do not plant anything that would give them a five star meal. Hostas are the only exception I make. I have learnt through experience what they prefer on the menu card. No parsley or basil, just stick to lanvender.

Today is Sunday, the day of rest, although golden oldies alwyays have daily rests in between. I am stepping down a bit on the blogging front. I will still be writing but perhaps no longer visiting everyone. I noticed not everyone visits me and what is a “like” more or less. My mail box is often overflowing. and I now wish to spend a little more time on my Russian studies.  I will not do you the favour of disappearing completely, but would rather spend my computer time on composing prize suspicious articles, or showing my Ansell Adams lookalike photos.

Have a good Sunday everyone and do not forget, if it is not raining now, it will eventually – at least that is the forecast of the Swiss weather prohphets.

Blog nicely to another.