Flower of the Day 10.05.2016: Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic

Official latin name is Allium Ursinum and a few other names according to Wikipedia. Here in the german speaking part of Switzerland we call it Bärlauch, literally translated to bear leek probably, not so sure. It is wild and you smell it usually before you see it. The flowers are quite neat and not fantastic, but appear already at the beginning of April. After a while the leaves are ready to be chopped and cooked. You can have it mixed in pasta or make a sauce with it.

Flower of the Day 10.05.2016: Wild Garlic

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Single Flowers or Bud

Anenome Seed capsule 03.05.2016

It is a bud, but not quite a bud as we know a bud to be because it does not contain a flower, but seeds. A lot of seeds that are dispersed to various places in the garden when it springs open. It is an anemone seed pod, but I find it so delicate and wonderfully shaped, it deserves a place in single flowers or bud, after all it is a bud of some sort.


And I have sunflowers in my garden in Summer, usually a surprise from the fallen bird seeds.


A poppy photo from a neighbour’s garden (I think he has an opium supply).


One of last year’s iris, at the moment I only have buds as below

Iris bud

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Single Flowers or Bud

Daily Prompt: Diverse

Daily I look for a prompt to prompt me and I am usually prompted, I enjoy being prompted, but the prompting today is diverse. How I dislike people that looks words up in a dictionary to explain what it is all about, but today I did it to see if I could get an interesting diverse angle on this theme. I am stumped. Oh, let’s start with a photo, something divese? The only place I find diversity in Switzerland (and it is not encouraged here) is the local market where they have all sorts of odds and ends, things that are different, completely divers. That is why people go to the market to find some diversity.

Market Party Solothurn 2007

You expected something different? An interesting range of colourful different objects never seen before. I just did a pot luck in my market photos and found this. It is diverse, but we are all diverse. We all wear different styles of clothes, we are all looking for something completely different in this diverse range of goods that the stall holder is offering. The prices are diverse, although reasonably cheap. At the bottom there is a box marked 2 Swiss Francs. Now what can you buy for 2 Swiss Francs? It is in the shadows and also seems to be empty, so it must have been a bargain.

I like to think that I am 100% diverse. Of course I like to melt in the crowd now and again. I would not wear hot pants in town, even if it was the middle of summer. Basically because I am not the hot pant sort of person as a golden oldie and would not want to appear in the local newspaper as disturbing the peace. On the other hand if I happen to hear an english conversation somewhere, which obviously shows that they are wandering english tourists, I join in at once. They are glad to discover they are not alone in this strange country where we speak 3-4 diverse national languages, but not english and we have a conversation. Actally they have discovered that they are no longer diverse and so have I, although we remain in the minority.

I was sitting in the train yesterday on a short journey and to pass time I had my Kindle with me. I was reading an english book. Opposite the corridor there was a gentleman also reading a book. I noticed it was an english book. He was being diverse, but I did not strike up a conversation as I realised he was Swiss and he spoke Swiss German (without an accent which I have). We can go too far with this diverse stuff sometimes, so I thought better lay low and let him enjoy his diverse book. In the meanwhile the train arrived at the station.

The till in the supermarket 23.12.2007

Let us have another diverse photo. This time we are in the supermarket and all the diverse people are queing at the cash desks for diverse articles. they are all diversely dressed. One lady has a hat, most ares dressed in warm Winter clothes, but there is a young lady with a white woolen jacket. She was being diverse and probably did not notice it. Perhaps she was warm enough. Supermarkets are generally heated in Winter. there s a diverse selection of mineral water, although mineral water is mineral water.  I know from experience that the green bottles have less gas than the blue bottles. Am not sure about the red labelled stuff, it is a different product name to the others. We have choice in our daily lives, we live diverse lives.

Alpaca, HESO, Solothurn

Even animals are diverse. This groups of llamas are all different colours, but they are llamas. There is a human in the middle. She is diverse from the llamas, although she also has lungs and a heart. The paws are missing, but it does not bother the llamas.

I have decided, being a diverse person, that this word is the most boring we have had up to now in a daily prompt and I absolutely have no idea how to continue. We have things called dictionaries with thousands of diverse words, diverse meanings and diverse spellings. I will now leave my diverse human daily prompt and write my daily feline prompt. Afterwards I will do something completely different like cleaning the kitchen. I usually do it on Wednesday after lunch, but tomorrow is a diverse day because I have an appointment at the hairdressers or the doctors according to whether the doctor calls or not. The diversity of my life confuses me often, but Mr. Swiss finds I am a diverse person and do everything differently to the others. I even put the salad plate on the wrong side of the plate when we eat spaghetti. I find he is diverse because I eat my salad with the fork which is on the right side of the plate. He eats it also with the fork, but the salad being on the left side he has to lean over his spaghetti bowl. Now this could be an interesting development in the whole, question of being diverse. Is he diverse or  am I, but it really doesn’t matter does it? As I said I just do not get this diverse stuff. This is not a complaint, by no means, I just see it all from a diverse point of view.

Daily Prompt: Diverse

Good Morning

Yes, I survived my various devious examinations at the hands of the experts in the Olten Kanton Hospital and could tell you all about it. Half an hour spent finding and arriving at the place from the railway station and another fifteen minutes finding which part of the hospital I was supposed to visit- it was like a large scale lego building. The first part was quite fun looking at a television screen with a red dot and black and white squares. I thought it was one of those computer games, until she covered one of my eyes with a patch (afterwards the other) and attached three electrodes to my head. The afternoon was the grand finale and the doc arrived and could have a practice on finding where to stick his needle into my back for the best results. After 15 minutes in an embryo postion laying on a bed he had completed the job with 5 tubes of liquid from the back. There was a 6th tube as a practice, but was unfit for use. I could then have a midday olden goldie sleep on a comfortable bed and was then dismissed, not finding anything life threatening or a reason to keep me. I arrived home, fell into the arms of Mr. Swiss at our local station, tired and glad to have it all behind me. I realise that you reach a certain point in life that you do not need all that stuff.


And now back to normal in my own little kitchen at breakfast time, with my usual cup of tea, slice of bread and jam and, of course, a computer. Note the chair on the right at the back, that is where I would be sitting. If I had a selfie stick, which I am still thinking about, you would see me as well, although me in a night dress is not exactly the idea. WordPress might put a censor on my site.

Yesterday morning, before I departed to the unknown for the day, our gardener Jason arrived to repair our lawn. Jason is a nice guy but we, no I was unprepared. Mr. Swiss was at least wearing a trainer. I was in night dress. As the Swiss custom is you always shake hands when someone arrives.  At my age I do not get embarrassed, been there and done it often, but I did slip quietly away to pull over my floor length kaftan, that I bought as a bargain in Marrakesh – all the natives seemed to have one. I even bought Mr. Swiss one, with a hood as all the male natives wear one during the day, but over their normal clothes. They are probably used to the heat that wafts in from the desert now and again.

Is it a sign of age or convenience, but I realised yesterday that I no longer want to do journeys so much, at least not all day. I prefer to stay in my own surroundings. I know what to do, where everything is and trust the food I eat. I think I am getting a suspicious complex, but I no longer trust the others. Restaurants where you do not know how they cook the food and where it comes from, doctors that prod around all over your body with needles and attach electrodes and hospitals where you need signs and arrows everywhere so that you know where to go. I even had to stop two young, good looking, doctors in their godly gowns to ask them the way. I mean a little fun should be included.

olten hospitalI had to report to a certain place in the hospital. They directed me to a place with chairs and gave me a number. They said when my number lights up, I can enter the door opposite. It was really only to register that I was there. It was all fully automatic, with flashing lights. I was impressed. My number was 45. As you can see when I reached this waiting place, it was only at No. 43 so I had to wait a few mintues. Afterwards I arrived in an office when a young lady, old enough to be my daughter, no granddaughter, checked my particulars. Of course she already had it all in the computer, but I could have been an imposter. I am sure most of us would love to have examinations of the nerves, really something completely different.

Enough chattered this morning. I am just happy to be able to clean the bathroom and the doors and cook lunch, like a normal day and not have to go on safari to an unknown place with trains and busses. I now realises how my feline feels when she goes to the vets, competely torn out of her normal surroundings, lost and distraught.

Enjoy the day and remember, stay in the places you know, especially on the computer. The cyber world is a dangerous place and you might arrive on a web site where things are lurking in the shadows of the bytes.