Flower of the Day 08.05.2016: Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart 03.05 (3)

One day a plant started growing in my back garden, quite small and lots of leaves some time in late April. I forgot it and it appeared again the next year, but with a flower. It was quite small and I recognised it as being something that was growing in a neighbour’s garden just over the path. I decided to replant it in my front garden and again forgot it. It appeared again the next year, much bigger and a second one began to grow further along the garden. I got curious and found it to be a Bleeding Heart but I found nowhere that it would make seeds and grow. How this found its way into my garden I do not know, but it is now here to stay and makes a wonderful show every year.

Flower of the Day 08..05.2016: Bleeding Heart

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 19

Man at work

I was sitting in the office minding my own business and the colleague said “look, take a photo”. She knew I always had my camera with me, so here is the photo.

Machine for pumping out water

This is what you get if you have a flood in the cellar.

Smoking Chimney in Langendorf

A study in smoke taken at the local supermarket near the parking spaces. Don’t ask me why, but I found it something completely different.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 19

Daily Prompt: Stroll

Along the River Aar 21.04 (1) - Kopie - Kopie - Kopie

I used to do a lot of strolling, but lately I seem to spend more time strolling in the appartment. The furthest journey I take is to the porch, where i am now sitting with the computer. I used to go on long walks, but am tired after half an hour, and get a bit unsteady on my pins (legs for those that do not speak cockney). I shot this photo down by the river on a stroll, but the reeds were stopping me strolling further.

moweyThe only person strolling here at the moment is Mowey. He is not a person? Of course he is, he goes on his merry way daily always at 3.30 p.m. for half an hour and keeps the lawn tidy. Every blade of grass that grows during the night, has a controlled cut, the removed growth falling onto the earth and serving as fertiliser for the lawn. It is all the recycling process of nature. Unfortunately when the gardener arrived, he decided that the lawn needed a refreshing action. We call it vertikutieren, and the english translation I found was thatching the lawn. The idea is to scrape out all the old dead grass, comb the earth and let is breath again. Unfortunately his enthusiasm got the best of the gardener, he knew no borders, and thatched too much and too deep, with the result that we have a few bare patches. We contacted the chief gardener, he came along and decided that there had been an assination attemt on the grass, but he will give it the breath of life with a few fresh patches of new grass. In the meanwhile Mowey just scrapes through the parts where the lawn used to be.

dead beeThe next stroll through the garden and the surroundings was undertaken by Mr. Swiss. He discovered a corpse, something that was dead. We heard no screams, it just gave up, and drew its last breath on the patio. It is a larger example of the race, and according to logic something bigger must have killed it. On the other hand I have the impression that it died of old age, or perhaps a kamikaze flight into an immovable object such as a window or a porch table leg. We will never know, but let us have a few minutes respect for this bee.

This morning I went for a stroll in my father’s room at the extra care home where he is now residing. My friend visited him and took her iPad with her. She called me with the Facebook messenger and I answered with my iPhone Facebook messenger. I cannot praise this messenger thing enough, the wonders of modern computer techniques, although my friend and I are still training. Just press the button and we are talking. Progress to pressing the video camera icon and we see each other when talking. The next step is to hold your apparatus where you are and take a stroll with it. I saw my dad, who was very sleepy at the time, I saw his room and spoke to and saw my friend. I was in the kitchen in Feldbrunnen, Switzerland and she was in a care home in Romford, Essex, Great Britain. It could not be better and it costs nothing. Yes, it is great to be a cyber golden oldie, you take strolls and still feel fit afterwards and they cost nothing.

I then passed my phone onto Mr. Swiss who held it on his ear. I gave him instructions that with these advanced cyber calls, you must hold the phone at arms distance to get your full photo on the screen.  He is getting there, although to be quite honest it was Mr. Swiss that assisted me with my iPad dilemma yesterday. I now have a full working clean iPad that only talks english to me. I do not know how that happened as it was German speaking, but no problem. I can do both, but am more used to the german words on a computer and its accessories.

It is now quiet in the garden, Mowey has mowed, I still have a dead bumble bee next to my computer and think I will now take a stroll to see what my feline is doing. It is time for her daily photo for her blog. She is already sharpening her claws.

Daily Prompt: Stroll

Good Morning

So let’s get it behind me, Facebook is full of it and dotted around on WordPress there are a few mentions. It seems that today it is mother’s day in Europe, except for Great Britain. They always do things differently, and decide to celebrate in March. I am not really a mother’s day person. Dad always reminded me a week ahead in case I might forget. Of course I never forgot, too much advertising on the TV and in the shops, even though it was in the sixties. To join in with everyone else, here is a photo of mum and me taken in 1984 on one of my trips to London taken at the entrance to their house. I just noticed that dad is also lurking in the backround.

Mum and me at the gate in Oxlow Lane

Ollie, Patrick and me
And here I am, some time in the seventies as a young mother with my two boys on holiday in Crans Montana. Sorry sons if you happen to be reading one of my blogs as an exception, but I am doing a mother thing today. To celebrate the day I will let the others get on with it, although it is not really my thing. Another commercial holiday geared to selling and buying.

The only regret is that tomorrow I will not be visiting the local supermarket. I need a nice little pot of flowers, preferably roses, for my small table in the front garden. Last week they had nothing suitable, just lots of special pots of mother day roses, the only difference being they had a plastic heart or ribbons as decoration. I know definitely that tomorrow all the mother’s days flowers in pots they could not sell will be half price. That is when I pounce. I will have to organise Mr. Swiss to pounce as I will not be here, but I hope he pounces in the right places.

Tomorrow I will be on an adventure trip to the hospital in Olten. We also have a perfectly good modern hospital in Solothurn, the largest town to where I live just along the road. Unfortunately organisation also plays a part in hospital life, and the neurology has now been shifted to Olten. I have to have a lumber puncture, which is something like having anaesthetic put into your back, but they draw something out of your back. That is a 2-3 minute job, but afterwards I have to lay down for 2-3 hours to make sure it heals and nothing more flows out through the backbone.

Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant through train windowThere is an advantage in everything. When I arrive at the station in Olten it is a ten minute walk to the hospital, so I can shoot some photos on the way, I hope. I am not taking Mr. Swiss with me, he has some chores to deal with at home, like shopping. He would only be sitting around in Olten getting nervous and Swiss trains are so comfortable. I can even take a photo of our atomic energy plant in Gösgen from the train on the way to Olten. Shame that the train driver does not make a photo stop on the way for a perfect photo. I would have opened the train window, but sometimes there are fellow travellers that are not so keen on such experiments.

Will I or will I not say Good morning tomorrow? I might, but probably write it all this evening and programme it for tomorrow morning. I will not have so much time for blogging tomorrow. Today I will organise my train ticket, by computer of course.

And now to think about preparing lunch. I know it is early, but it will be shepheards pie, so I can prepare it all and just bake it up half an hour before lunch – no problem. And no, Mr. Swiss is not cooking lunch on mother’s day because I am not his mother.

Enjoy you day/night and tell us all about it (or not) in your next blog.