Flower of the Day: 07.05.2016 – Kerria Japonica

Kerria Japonica 41

Kerria Japponica 20.04 (3)Some years ago, 9 to be exact, it was my 60th birithday. I belonged to the village first aid group, where we helped out at various local events like football tournaments, concerts and markets where we healed the injured or tried to. They arrived at my door on my birthday and presented me with a token for the local plant nursery. It was December, and I decided on  a Kerria Japonica, one of the first to blossom in early spring and here it is, never failing to disappoint. Never prune it or even touch it. I made the mistake once, and it hardly had any flowers that year.

Flower of the Day: 07.05.2016 – Kerria Japonica

Daily Prompt: Sacrifice

Of course being a mother of two of my own, and of two step children, there were many sacrifices made, however I never used the word. It was life, my life, a path I took and I am still alive many years later. Not that sacrifices should be ignored, of course not, there are sometimes events which mean you sacrifice time, a valuable commodity as for all of us it is limited. Some have more, others have less.

This morning I wrote my usual bloggy “Good Morning” greetings, full of hope for the future day. I then realised that my iPad had blank screen again with a strange picture of a sort of cable with a small plug at the end. I had enquired by the salesman in the computer department of my local supermarket, and he said most proabably I have too many apps. I do not have too many apps, I would like a few more. I was even thinking about a new iPad with more power.

I enquired and the guy showed me the new models. 16 and 32 bit or Gb or whatever they are called, no longer exist. Mine is a 32 and I was in any case thinking on the lines of 64 or even 128. After our discussion he told me that my iPad was longing for a connection to iTunes for a spring cleaning. It was suffering with a blocked memory and needed to be healed.

So, to return to my blank screen, I told Mr. Swiss that I should connect it to a computer for an iTune resuscitation action. He sort of said “then do it” and I asked “how”. Although he was in the middle of Saturday preparations for something or the other, he sacrificed 2 minutes and connected it to the iTunes on my Apple computer. Immediately my computer asked me some questions, and I said yes, go ahead. It was then I noticed my iPad was being reloaded and I left it to do its thing.

I suddenly heard a noise and my feline, bless her whiskers, had decided to use my desk as a launching pad to the top of the cupboard and the connection was lost between computer and iPad.I was then ready to make a sacrifice, but it would have been qualified as cruelty to animals, felines in particular.

I restarted the task. It was now 9.00 a.m. and I was usually almost finished with my daily work sacrifices, but I was trapped by my iPad. It was doing things and I was the observer. In the meanwhile iPad had begun to ask questions and needed a connection to my e-mails. Again a disturbance for Mr. Swiss, as he had to consult the list for the codes. At 10.45 I could have a shower. Mr. Swiss was long gone into town. I am usually quite calm, but if there is one thing I do not like losing, it is time. I have discovered that time can be used for all sorts of useful things like cleaning, writing blogs, ironing, reading books, but not for unplanned tasks like refurbishing an iPad.

My iPad has become an item of importance. I can do things in bed with it in the morning, like checking through my sites. I can talk to my friend in england and even see her on the Facebook messenger camera. At the moment is very important as my dad is in care and she visits now and again.

At last my iPad showed that it was ready to go. Unfortunately it was a slight understatement. It was not going anywhere with my apps, it had done a spring clean, they had all gone to the happy apps grounds. After my shower I had to begin to cook lunch, but in between did a few app recoveries. By lunch time the main ones were in. I also discovered that before I had carried out this operation I had very little space for more apps. Mr. Swiss found there must be something wrong. He was right, I now have 23,9  GB free from a total of 26.6 GB. Now my iPad has been unclogged, and I have a new clean slate and room for lots of apps. Here it is, looking all bright and shiny. This is only page 3 of the apps. Page 1 is the necessary stuff and I also have a second page full of apps.


I uttered a few profanities when re-up/downloading my apps as some refused, especially the ones on web sites. It was then that I discovered I was operating in Google and anyone (except me) realises that uploading web sites on a iPad should be done in Safari.

I have now made a decision. Whilst talking with the guy in computer department he showed me the newest models of iPad. They are faster (which I do not really want) and I also have a touch screen to write on. I have difficulties writing on paper with a pen these days, so I do not know whether that is an advantage. I decided I would like a smaller iPad with one of those chips where I can go places with it, at least in Switzerland. For another country it would need a lot more. I could put it in my handbag and do some app jogging in the bus or train. Even sit on a bench on a hike and do things with it, yes, you are never alone with an iPad or an iPhone. It would just have to sacrifice some of my savings. Others sacrifice their money for clothes, I sacrifice it for  computers and all the stuff that goes with it. You only live once.

Daily Prompt: Sacrifice

Good Morning

Vitamin DNow let’s do a check list. Breakfast prepared and eaten, tablets for not falling down because giddy also taken. What could possible go wrong? Just a moment my iPhone is trying to tell me something. It is sending out that weird signal, like a ghost house, that I organised. It can only mean one thing, it is reminding me, but of what? Now it is actully telling me with a name – Vitamin D. That can only mean one thing, it must be Saturday again, my once weekly Vitamin D  absorption day. They come in a bottle with one of those tubes that you fill. The instructions are to take 2 ml. I close my eyes and swallow them, and afterwards wash them down with some tea. They are very oily and seem to slide down the throat. In the meanwhile  I have discovered that half the population have a vitamin D deficiency, or is it the medicine companies that have decided to maintain their profits. I remember when my bumps became babies and the doctor would perscribe my babies Vitamin D because in their pram stages, they were not getting as much sun as they should. I think they are still taking them now, because the doc found it is a good thing – the sunshine vitamin. At the moment we have summer temperatures, no rain, the birds are singing and my neighbour was in the garden on a sun bed in her bathing costume yesterday, so what could be better. Who needs Vitamin D?

Mr. Swiss always rises before me in the morning. He leaves me with my iPad and telephone in a horizontal position in bed and actually does the same as me, but with a real computer in the living room. Sometimes he does his morning exercise, which I prepare for him the evening before. This morning he removed the dry washing, folded it and put it away. When I arise the washing has already disappeared. My alarm goes and <Mr. Swiss might look in to see if I have survived the night. This morning he had a surprise. I had already left my bed and had raised the blinds in the bedroom – a rare occasion.

I always look out of the window when I arise to see if there are some fairies left at the bottom of the garden and whether the garden is still growing. Having a photographer’s eye, even at 7.45 a.m., I saw an interesting subject. I raised the blinds, opened the window and took a step into the front garden with my iPhone camera poised. I was still dressed only in my night dress, but who cares. As an ongoing  70 year old Golden Oldie, no-one really bothers to look at you, and the others are probably still sleeping.

I took my photo and was in the process of closing the window when Mr. Swiss entered the bedroom, astonished to see Mrs. Angloswiss at the window. However, he was not astonished to see I had my iPhone camera in my hand, he is used to things like that. I had almost closed the blinds when my feline Tabby invaded the bedroom and made a line for the window. I raised the blinds again and let her out.

Mr. Swiss observed the situation, finding nothing new, just another photo amongst the thousands I already have. His wife is constantly taking photos. I reminded him that her husband was constantly downloading jazz music on his computer. With this the conversation ended, I proceeded to my computer and breakfast in the kitchen, and he proceeded to his computer to listen to the results of yesterday evening’s rehearsal with his colleagues. Yes, so much excitement early on Saturday  morning.

front gardenOr course you are all waiting to see my spectacular Pulitzer prize suspicious photos. Here is the first one. My bird, Fred, was sitting in the garden between the leaves of the horse chestnut tree which I planted from a horsechestnut many years ago. He was probably still waiting for the first flowers of the tree as I have done since 15 years. He was also guarding the tree from unwanted objects, such as snails, mice, fairies and gnomes. He even had some stones at his feet to throw if an enemy entered his territory.

It is now time to go, I have my Saturday chores such as giving Mr. Swiss a shopping list for his safari in the supermarket. I let him out on his own on Saturday morning, as it is a safe morning. All the housewives are busy shopping with their husbands and have no time to pounce on him. Yes I always put others first.

Have a nice bloggy day, sleep well and be careful on the computer. There might be a trojan or a virus lurking somewhere waiting to steal all your secrets and plunder your bank account. Here is Fred again, another photo from the early morning.

front garden