Flower of the Day: 06.05.2016, Siberian Burgloss

Siberian Burgloss 12.04.

It is not a common forget-me-not, although could  be its twin sister. I used to sew the seeds for forget-me-not in the garden until my sister-in-law showed me her version which stays in the ground. She gave me a few plants.  Apparently it is native to the Caucasus somewhere in Russia. The advantage is that it grows every year, so you can just let it do its own thing. A disadvantage is that it likes to spread, although being a very pretty plant I do not mind. I have patches all over the garden at the moment. When the flowers die the leaves remain throughout the summer. In Winter it disappears and it is one of the first to show itself in Spring. Its latin name is Brunnera Macrophylla, so if you need to know more, you can have a search on the computer.

Flower of the Day: 06.05.2016, Sibrian Burgloss

Daily Prompt: Shadows

Shadows are always there. They follow us step for step. They might be behind you: glance sideways, there it is again: turn around, it now it has gone, of course it is still there, it was just following you, it is now behind your back. To commemorate the blog my shadow said take a photo.

“No, don’t stand there, you have to have the sun behind you.”

“Like this”


“Yes, but do something more sensible with your arms, don’t bunch them together.”

“I am not bunching them together, I am holding the camera, otherwise I would not be able to take my/your/our photo.”

Those shadows can get very bossy sometimes, permanently going where I go and doing what I do.
Shadows on the stairs
“What’s that?”

“Don’t ask silly questions. It was all your work.”

“But it’s a dim shadow. I don’t usually do dim shadows.”

“It varies according to the light effect. It was one of those shadows you did in the evening on the stair well.”

“Not one of my best shadows.”

“But it was mysterious, strange, and I decided to keep the memory. I took at least 4 of those photos.”

“It is not every day that I am featured on your blog, so show my followers, sorry, people I follow, something where I shine. Every time you see me you  grab the camera.”

shadows,“What about this one?”.

“That is much better. Now you can really see what I can do. I was in one of my proportional artistic moods, flooding the hall with light through the blinds. Can you see the reflection of my reflection on the ceiling. Perfect, yes I am a master at my trade. I am good. I am always there.”

“Don’t get conceited. You also make mistakes. When the sun disappears and night arrives there is no shadow. You disappear.”

“I do not disappear, the shadow is always with you.”

“I don’t see you when I am in my bed falling asleep.”

“What happens when you have to visit a certain place during the night for your human needs? You switch on the bedside lamp.”

“I do not have a lamp, I use my mobile telephone.”

“Who cares what you call it, but you hide it not to wake the other shadow thrower sleeping next to you because I am making shadows again. I am always with you, wherever you go and follow your path.”

“Sometimes I grope my way to that certain place in the night.”

“Yes and bump into something on the way: your own fault, if you disregard me you have to bear the consequences.”

“Shadow take a rest, the sun is disappearing behind a cloud so you will not be needed.”

“I will always be with you, whether you see me or not. One day you will no longer see me, but I will still be there waiting in the darkness.”

“Now you are getting downright morbid.”

“It’s a fact of death, sorry life. So let us make the most of our time together on this side. As a grand finale show one of my special shadows.”

“They are all sort of special. It is difficult to choose.”

“You know the one, I really gave an effort for your camera on that time of day. It was shadow action pure. Your cane chair was at the table, in front of the window where my partner the sun was shining through. I saw you run and take your best camera for the shot. I made you famous in the world of shadow photo takers.”

“You mean there are more of us?”

“Of course, you don’t think you are the only one that apprciates our artistic values, do you? Without me Rembrandt and Johannes Ver Meer would have been nothing, and your photos would also go unnoticed. so now the grand finale please. And I will be back, no, I will stay. As a shadow I have no choice.

Shadows in the kitchen

Daily Prompt: Shadow

Good Morning

I hope everyone had a good night’s rest, or had a good day. Today I am going to talk about the dreaded Facebook, but do not worry. I am not going to tell you all how much I love my mother, my cousins, my friends or have a rant about Donald Trump and any other people that think they are politicians.

No, I am going to talk about the messenger, the Facebook messenger.


Forget your Skype and WhatAp, I have had them all. Skype is OK if the other side has Skype, it costs nothing. Now and again you get a few strange calls from people you do not know which is not a great problem, you can block them. Its origins seem to be somewhere in Luxembourg and I think Microsoft now has the fingers in the works, but am not quite sure. Anyhow it is free if you belong. If your partner does not belong you pay. It is cheaper than a normal long distance telephone call, but it costs. My dad never had a computer, and preferred to pay all his bills in cash, so he never Skyped. I would call him with Skype, but often the connection was bad and dad being almost deaf we had problems.

My son, bless him, the modern cyber son that showed dad how to upload certain apps on his iPhone about 10 years ago, advised mum to upload Whatsap and so mum did it. 2 weeks later I un-uploaded it. It was only for SMS which I have free in Switzerland and do not often send to other countries and I discoverd with the negative virus infected reputation it was getting, I did not need it, so back to square one.

In the meanwhile my dad was in a care home and his carer was in Facebook. We connected and from then on it was easy peasy. We both had the messenger. If anything happened with dad, or there was a problem, I could not expect the english health service to pay for long distance calls and the messenger was free.  If things really got urgent, as a couple of months ago when dad had to go into hospital, we used the messenger as a telephone, with no costs.

Dad is now in an extra care home, where he is being well looked after, and 2 days ago he was sitting in a chair for the first time in a month. I have a wonderful friend in London that visits him often. She does not have a smartphone, just a normal mobile and she has not registered it as such. She just uploads money onto it when she uses it. She visits dad and calls me with her phone and I can hear him saying hello Pat in the background. I answer, but he does not hear me, which can get quite expensive for both of us, as I often call back.

In the meanwhile my friend and I send written messages. Yesterday I was surprised when I heard the familiar Messenger ringing tone on my iPhone and my friend was calling. Actually she was also surprised as her finger slipped onto the wrong button. She does it all with her iPad. She also has Wifi on her Ipad as she is often away from home and can still use it. She said “what happened” and I told her her finger must have slipped to voice. It was then that I did a few experiements and research yesterday with the camera application on the messenger with Mr. Swiss. It worked perfectly. I jogged around on Internet to find out if it was really without costs and it was. All applications used with the Facebook messenger cost nothing.

I informed my friend (by a written messenger text) and said she should take her iPad when she visits dad and we can try it out with the camera and talking.

I am basically not a Facebook person, do not write my daily hates, loves and actions every 5 minutes. There are even people I know that tell me I will be offline for half an hour, must go shopping. I could not care less really. I have my own Anglolswiss community on Facebook where I repost my WordPress blogs and now and again might write something, but not about my likes, dislikes or what I am having for dinner. You can find it here Angloswiss Community. It does no harm and I have about 105 followers at the moment, compared to my 800 follower on the normal Facebook. I have no idea who most of them are, but they originate from my Farmville/Paradise Island days, along with a few other games.

So, now I have bored you all enough, time to get ready for the daily tasks. Today they let me out again to the supermarket, but I have no idea what to buy. Yesterday was master chef on the BBC TV and Mr. Swiss found “that looks good, you used to make them when we were newly married” meaning a Shepheards Pie. I foolishly said I could do one on Sunday and he foolishly said yes. I do not like eating mashed potato and also do not like making it. On top of this it is actually mother’s day in Europe on Sunday (with the exception of the Brits) and I was actually going to ask Mr. Swiss what he was cooking on Sunday. As he once said I am not his mother – although sometimes ……. Yes, I must go, time is racing, although I will not race with it – am not a competitive person really.

Have fun, be kind to Facebook and all your colleagues there, and don’t forget your fellow sufferers in WordPress.

By the way it is asparagus time in Switzerland at the moment.