Photo Challenge: Abstract

curves 003

It’s a kitchen whisk, taken from the bottom angle as it is laying on the table.

Vorstadtparkhaus, Solothurn

One of our parking houses in the Swiss town of Solothurn, and our favourite. It is all done in a circle and you drive around until to see an empty place to occupy. Very easy, and hope that the empty place is not at the bottom of the circle. Photo taken looking down through the core. Lift cage on the left, circular driveway on the right and what you see in the middle are the protective walls going round the whole construction. It is not water at the bottom, just a fancy cover. I remember when it was built.

Please forgive me if I do not visit all the photos. They are always of a high quality, but so many, the week does not have enough days. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

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