Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

I think I last did a photo challenge about 6-7 years ago, so it is about time I tried it again. I will do my best to visit everyone, but often there are not enough hours in the day.

It all began with a shopping trip, combined with the question “What shall we eat for Saturday dinner?”. We have various meals that seem to re-occur on certain days and Saturday is one of the re-occurring days. At the week-end we go for something perhaps a little more intricate incorporating more work for me of course. It is not that I mind. I really enjoy cooking, if I am in the mood, which I normally am. Saturday is a good day for dinnertime, no stress, I am at home in the morning and have plenty of time.

Of course you have to have a time table. I began with the pork chops, spreading the mustard on each side and giving them a quick fry in the pan. In the meanwhile I visited my herb bed, just next to the kitchen through the window, and gathere some thyme, rosemary and sage. The meat was now in the glass dish, I garnished it with the herbs. poured the juice from the frying pan over it and added some white wine. It then entered the oven at 140Β° C for about an hour, slow cooking. I like my meat to be tender and this method means less smell and mess in the kitchen.

Now it was time for the vegetable. I had a bag of carrots to use, otherwise they get too old to cook. I sliced them thinly in my machine, melted some butter in a pan and added chopped onion. The carrots joined the mixture and I place a glass airtight lid on the top. They only needed about half an hour.

Next came the rice. I have my own method and prefer Carolina parboiled rice. I tossed it in butter (that sounds good, but it is not as fancy as it sounds), added hot water and a meaty bouillon as well as the saffran. Covered it with the lid and left it to simmer at a very low temperature.

When it was almost cooked, I removed the meat and strained the juice into pan, added white wine and a thickening powder for a sauce. I had chopped some parsley in the meanwhle and added it to the carrots just before serving and here are the photos.

Pork Chop, Safran Rice and Vichy Carots (2)

This is the diner at Mrs. Angloswiss. Note No. 1 son is the first to arrive at the table, he usually is. He is also the person that ensures that nothing is left afterwards. It is just our kitchen, nothing special, and the orchid is pushed to one side when we are eating. Note the yellow pot of Aromat on the table next to the pepper mill. Aromat is a Swiss spice, a must for all Swiss in what they are eating, although me not being originally Swiss, I don’t have to sprinkle everything with Aromat. Needless to say Mr. Swiss does.

And here is the close-up.

Pork Chop, Safran Rice and Vichy Carots (1)

Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

25 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

    • Wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t really want to do this prompt, because I know literally hundres submit their photos. I just said this time take it easy, do the job and get on with the next one.

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  1. Your pork meal looks delicious. What is in the Aromat spice? Do you have another table and chairs the other side of your window? I hope,your son did the washing up for you. I am babysitting at the moment, my daughter has left me a microwave meal…….

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    • Aromat is yellow and I quite like it. I think the major part is glutamat, and something salty. It is a Swiss tradition, You sprinkle it in paste, on your fried egg and put it in the veg. If Mr. Swiss goes abroad, he takes the Aromat with him. No-one has to do washing up here, we have a machine.

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