Daily Prompt: Giggle

Living roomI do not like the word “giggle”. I find it a stupid description for a laugh. It is often found in primitive pieces of writing about “having a giggle” or “they were all giggling”. I do not giggle, I laugh, I might be hysterical. Perhaps there are tears of laughter running down my face, I have even been known to almost choke, especially if I am eating something at the same time. That is a serious situation, but because of the laughter and amusement at whatever it is, no-one takes me seriously. I could choke to death, but at least I went in an amusing way. I do not giggle, I have never giggled, giggling is for the others. I have never been infected by someone’s giggle. A giggle can even cause an annoyance, if you want to concentrate on something else.

It is evening in the Angloswiss household, all the daily chores have been completed, there was nothing to laugh or even “giggle” about, beause it was a serious process of cleaning, cooking and feeding the family. At last there is peace and quiet and time to relax in the special “stressless” chairs, made in Norway, where peoople do not seem to have stress. I wonder if the Norwegians giggle? To continue, Mr. Swiss takes his relaxing position in a chair with his Kindle and Mrs. Angloswiss decides to join him, with her own Kindle of course.

“Ha, ha, he, he”: sounds from Mr. Swiss.

“What are you laughing about.”

“He, he, he” and makes a slight cough.

“Are you OK?” she asks concerned.

“Just laughing at this book, ha, ha, ha. It is so funny.”

Of course I was disturbed, just reading the last pages of my mystery, horror book full of blood and thunder.

“What’s it about? It is one of those detective stories.”

“Ha, ha, ha. That is really a funny guy, you know he ….wha, ha, ha, chortle, chortle”

I am now running out of words to describe the hysterical guffaws from the neighbouring chair and was having problems concentrating on my book. At last Mr. Swiss closed the Kindle. Did it run out of power? No, he switched on the TV, it was time for the news. In the meanwhile I had finished my book. It had a happy ending, nothing to laugh about. The vampire woke up in the morning, left his coffin and forgot about the sunlight and so he shrivelled into a pile of ashes. The vampire hunter had drunk some LSD before letting the vampire have a bite and that is not good for vampires.  Everyone survivied except for the vampire: a happy ending and no reason to laugh or even giggle. No, you do not giggle after reading a vampire story.

I decided to start a new book. It was the next book in the Terry Pratchett series of books about the Discworld. You know, the flat planet balanced on the back of four elefants that are standing on the turtle Great A’Tuin, travelling through the universe. Terry Pratchett can be very amusing, especially when you discover that Death now has an apprentice to help with dealing with the dead. I laughed.

“Shhh, I am listening to the news.”

I was silent and then the wizard Rincewind appeared. This book was really funny. No I did not giggle, because as I said I hate giggles. They are primitive, silly and annoying at the best of times. I am the mother of two sons, and so they did not giggle, it was more ho, ho, ho, etc. etc. like their father I suppose. Anyhow I laughed, no it was amounting to a crescendo”

Action from Mr. Swiss: he records all important programmes on the TV, so he lost no gem of the immediate happenings in the world. I noticed the motion of reversing the recorded records of the news, to ensure he did not miss anything.

“I am trying to listen to the news.” he said: Unfortunately I was still sunk in the amusement of the book. I really tried my best. It was a good job I was not eating anything. I am rather partial to potato chips in the evening. There could have been an accident with the result that I might have to go to the ER at the local hospital choked on a potato chip.

Eventually the news was finished, under the pain of controlled laughter. I was happy, I could now read my book in peace and laughter. Mr. Swiss decided to join me and continued reading his book.

“Ha, ha, ha”

“Splutter, guffaw, he, he, he”

Just a normal evening with the family Angloswiss-Swiss.

Daily Prompt: Giggle

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Giggle

  1. The last time I was reading one of Terry Pratchett’s books in bed while Garry (in headphones) was watching something in black & white, we were both laughing. Definitely not giggling because we are far too mature for such nonsense. I had to ask him what HE was watching and he had to ask me whether I was choking or laughing, to which I answered “both.” The book was “Small Gods.” A good one. But no giggling.

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    • I am reading them one after the other, so have not yet got to Small gods, and in between read something else. I love the Terry Pratchett humour and the characters. It really does happen that we often have a laugh to ourselves at home, especially because our tastes are so different. And yes, having a giggle is not my sort of thing.


  2. I can relate giggling is like a half yawn. One it is totally unsatisfying, two it is quite annoying, specially if someone else is doing it. LOL sessions are good or ROFL even better.

    By the way…. Your lines… “At last there is peace and quiet and time to relax in the special “stressless” chairs, made in Norway, where people do not seem to have stress” – So clever and funny enough for a good laugh.

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    • they are really good chairs, just made for golden oldies with their aches and pains. It converts into something to lay on, although I often sink into them and forget how it works to stand up again.

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  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I don’t giggle either. I despise the concept 😜: you either laugh or you don’t. Its French equivalent is actually quite pejorative as it is. “Ricaner” just like hyenas… I’ve finally included it in some of my writing but a character that giggles is usually trying to suppress a full laugh and ends up failing.
    Thanks for the amusing words. I would be laughing but am about to listen to a concert so it wouldn’t do. When we get out maybe 😜😜. Have a great evening and thanks again for a funny and witty post.

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    • You’re welcome. Giggle is so juvenile an silly. I never suppress a laugh, I just sometimes laugh in the wrong places, but Mr. Swiss blames it on my black humour. Enjoy the evening – hope it wasn’t something like Mozarts Requiem, that would not be good to laugh when listening

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