Good Morning

The Crow
This is not today’s crow that was wandering around the periphery of the garden looking for something to eat, but it does not matter really. Somewhere there is always a crow, but they do not always stop to wave a wing and say hello and pose for a photo. This might be the same crow that visits, although he usually arrives with a few tribe members, there is always safety in numbers I suppose. He is one of the noises I hear in the morning when I wake. We do not have the dawn chorus yet, it is too early in the year, but by the time May arrives, we will be serenaded with the entire bird population to make sure the humans know they are there.

I slept a little longer this morning, not too much as I still have an alarm next to the bed. The nice thing about is, is that I can ignore it and sleep further, which is very good in theory. Practice is I leave my warm bed after a few minutes to begin the daily routine. I did not sleep immediately last night, but at some time between dusk and dawn I fell into a state of oblivion. I also heard my furry feline this morning doing her morning exercise in the appartment and meowing now and again. My furry feline decided to greet me with a hair ball this morning, but it was not ball shaped. Luckily Mr. Swiss saw it first, so it was removed.

I also heard the sound of someone pushing some sort of movable trolley on the path outside. I think our neighbours are still transporting the remainders of the lawn they removed. The next sound was my water boiler which I almost forgot tp switch on. Making my tea is the first habit of the day and now I am ready to go, although I am not sure where.

Today they will let me out to visit the supermarket, although I have not yet even thought about making a list. I am sure family Angloswiss will not starve. Today I have nothing on my calendar that is important.

Have a good one everybody, and do not forget to perhaps paste a few words on the way. I seem to be writing my autobiography in WordPress. I will have to ensure the copyright. I don’t want anyone making money out of it when I am in the next dimension.


10 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I had to wait many years for the privilege. Bringing up 2 step children, my own 2 sons, working full time and all the trimmings, but now I have reached retirement and taking it easy. I appreciate every minute of the day I have.

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  1. How fortunate some of us are. To be able to enjoy the small things in life without the stress or pressure of work is a blessing. I call this retirement writing. Enjoy your day.

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