Good Morning

And another Spring morning dawns on Feldbrunnen in the Kanton of Solothurn in Switzerland.

The sun is shining and I can hear the merry sound of the neighbour as he pours water onto his new lawn. I should be doing the same today. I think the last time it rained was at least a week ago, although it seems tomorrow there will be a shower. I noticed that my lawn is showing some yellow patches, although Mr. Swiss assured me they have been there for some time.

As you can see from the photo, my anemones are flowering in competition with each other. I created a new flower bed last Autumn, clearing away the Vinca, the little blue flower covering plants, which had decided to slowly take over the complete garden. I planted various spring bulbs and decided on anemones. I was surprised when the first leaves began to appear already in December. It was a mild Winter, but I was worried that they would die of frostbite before they had a chance to survive. Luckily it was a milder Winter than usual and the anemones maintained their leaf status. As soon as the warmer weather arrived the first buds appeared and now they are all flowering.

Today is bathroom cleaning morning, so I will be busy. I think of all rooms to clean, it is the most annoying. Too many tiles to wipe over, but why cry about spilt milk, I really only need 45 minutes. I like to time my cleaning programme, as I then know it eventually comes to an end.

And now to wipe the jam from my keyboard and table. I used to eat breakfast cereal, with the disadvantage that my computer keyboard had the milk stain effects and it resembled a Picasso creation. Since I eat bread and jam for breakfast, my fingers tend to stick to the keys and my mouse has a sticky base, although nothing that a damp cloth can remove.

These are the words of the day, keep safe, and remember even a computer wants to look clean and shiny, otherwise it feels neglected.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I like the words of the day. Agree with you about – ‘a computer wants to look clean and shiny, otherwise it feels neglected.’ 🙂 I think my laptop feels that way too.

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    • They seem to attract dust mostly. When I had cereal for breakfast it was the milk stains, now I only eat bread and the trimmings and it gets sticky now and again. you can never win it seems.

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  2. Happy Spring morning to you! It sounds delightful, with the exception of the cleaning of the loo. I have children at home so that is never a favourite job of mine. Your anemones look absolutely lovely. Thanks for such a cheerful morning post!

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  3. No matter how hard we try, our fingers always get sticky after bread and jam. This morning I had porridge so that means cinnamon powder on the table. It behaves just like jam. No matter how hard I try, when I stir in the cinnamon, some powder jumps on the table.

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    • It is routine after breakfast to wipe over the table, no matter what I have eaten. Mostly it is jam that somehow wanders onto the table top. Most annoying especially if you do not see it whilst manipulating your computer mouse. My mouse gets sticky feet.


  4. What a friendly and cheerful sight and post. Vinca are invasive. We had them around the base of a tree and had to remove them as they were choking the roots of the tree as they prospered. That was five years ago and we are still having to pull out vinca sprouts.

    We had a mild winter here too and feared frost would take out our buds, but it never returned after February. I love anemones — we don’t think they would survive in our Caifornia drought, so I will have to appreciate yours!

    Bread and jam for breakfast. I remember that while traveling in Europe many times. We don’t typically have it here in the morning, but late in the afternoon instead.

    Cheers to you.

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    • I plantred Vina once and pulled them all out last year. They were taking over every spare bit of space. I still have a few odd sprouts that appear. Since discovering that all my problems were from lactose in the milk, I have transferred to bread and jam and it is much better healtwise. .


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