Daily Prompt: Footsteps

Footbridge over the River Aar by Zuchwil

It is a thing with manufacturing footsteps, and there are certain rules to follow. If you are walking across a wooden bridge, there is no problem. You will hear each step you take quite clearly with resonance on the boards. They will echo and will assure you that your feet will be attached to your ankles which is an important part of footstep production. It goes without saying that the complete foot system must be associated with the legs. Often a problem arises when the knees do not want to play. They might refuse and at an important part in the process the knees could sag and give way. This is not a problem taking footsteps across such a bridge. There are railings to support you on the way. How often did I pause on this bridge across the River Aar separating my side of the river from the other, resting a while and co-ordianting my limbs to carry me further. An advantage on this bridge is that you can always hear the others following your footsteps, and indeed overtaking your footsteps with their own. I discovered it is then a good choice to stop, rest awhile and think “do I really want to continue”, but as I have no choice I make my way to the other bank, knowing that my feet will conquer the return journey.

It is, of course, a problem if your feet decide to take this path.

Steps from River Aar to village Feldbrunnen

Not only must the feet be screwed on to the ankles completely, but the pulling pressure must be adjusted. How often have I taken a walk along the river bank and decided to ascend by these steps, not want to cross the river but remain on the same side. It is not an easy choice, but it can be overcome with determination and careful planning. Of course you do not just march up the steps one at a time, that would be foolish. It could be that your ankles refuse to accept the attachment of the feet and footsteps, no matter how powerful and determined, will rescue your legs. Before the ascent it is advisable to rest on a bench and think about it. Luckily the benches are placed in strategic positions to help you on the way.

As you can see there is already a rescue party waiting at the summit of the stairs, Mr. Swiss, hoping that Mrs. Angloswiss will be able to co-ordinate her limbs, above all her footsteps, always forms the support as you never know what could possibly happen. He tends to get somewhat nervous when my feet attack these stairs and I am on my own, although he has a good view of the events.

Now the time arrives for the ascent. “Feet are you ready to step the way?” I always ask, just to be sure. Feet then send a message to the ankles, but there might be a discussion. “Legs guide us through the stairs” say the feet and ankles together “not without me” say the knees. Generally they all agree to carry me where I want to go and so the ascent begins. This time I need my arms and particularly the arms which are hopefully connected to the shoulders. The hands and arms are a supplementary support as they grip the fencing on the side, supplying a further assurance that you will not fall but can hang onto the wood in a worst case scene. With the co-ordination of all four appendices there is a chance that I will conquer the summit. At the beginning it was difficult and Mr. Swiss would walk behind me, to catch me in the safety of this arms,  in case I might fall, but I could always save myself by clinging to the railings.

Now we are professionals, my footsteps and me. I can even conquer the height in one full march without taking a pause in between. I think it is approximately 60 steps, but it might be more. Once I arrive at the top Mr. Swiss is happy, almost ecstatic. His wife has again proven that she can do it, and together we are strong (I mean my feet, ankles, legs, knees and any other limb I might have to employ). Even my footsteps are no longer sounding the beat as I march over wooden slats. My footsteps are now the steps of a professional. And now to sit on the bench placed at the top of the steps to recover.

Daily Prompt: Footsteps

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Footsteps

  1. I never enjoyed walking very much but I recently acquired a personal trainer who actually encouraged me to not only walk but RUN. Wonders will never cease and I’m glad nobody is around to capture the spectacle on video, or I might never run again…except at midnight!


    • Unfortunately my running days are now long gone, but I like a walk in the country. I like to take photos. My personal trainer is Mr. Swiss who does his best to ensure that I do not have an accident on the way.


      • I have a pen pal in Sweden. We met online back in 1997 or thereabouts. We nearly met in the year 2000 when Sydney had the Olympic games but I put a stop to that for some stupid reason. When I hear you talk about Mr Swiss, it reminds me of my Swedish sweetheart who is like my soul mate and will probably always be. Life in Switzerland must be lovely.

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        • Mr. Swiss was often in Sweden when he was a working man (was Swiss logistic chef for Volvo motors). He like the country very much. I have been living in Switzerland for the past 49 years and have never regretted it, although I am actually a Londoner.


    • They unscrew the benches in Winter here, but I think they are back again. They are also my rescue during a walk. I can breathe OK, it is just my legs that refuse to move from time to time.


  2. Seeing the bridge across the river I initially thought “Isn’t that pretty!” Then I thought about the walk across and felt fear. I’d probably get partway and get too tired and would look at the water and freeze. I don’t know how to swim and have almost drowned twice. Then I saw the flight of steps up that steep hill and thought “Oh my!! Those look like a workout!” You approach them as I would: a lot of thinking and organizing and coercing of limbs & feet. It’s neat to hear that Mr. Swiss worked for Volvo. We drive a Volvo and really like it.

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    • It is quite an easy walk across, although perhaps better not to look down as you can see the river between the wooden planks. The steps up the river bank are not so bad if you keep going. We had a Volvo for years of course, but now Mr. Swiss is retired, we prefer a smaller car.

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