Good morning

This is just a quick one, I do not often do it.


It is 8.30 a.m., just finished breakfast, checked through my computer and was ready to begin the household chores and then I glanced out of the window. Ok, I glance out of the window every day, but today it looked good and made me feel good. The sun is shining on our garden. The garden was put into shape yesterday with the furniture and my little ornaments and I just thought let’s share the day.

It looks like it will be a good one, warming up during the day and inviting me to sit outside in the afternoon. I just thought it was one of those moments to be savoured with a photo. Spring is here, or at least a good part of it is on the way.

17 thoughts on “Good morning

  1. Good morning back to you! It looks like it will be a nice day where you are. It’s s bit grey and overcast here, but the forecast is for it to be dry. I can see my bird table from where I am sitting, but two huge pigeons seem to be the only visitors.

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    • It is now nice and warm. We ate lunch outside and Mr. Swiss has no removed the bird feeder as he found they find enough to eat without it now. We have three crows that like to march around from time to time. Even our feline Tabby avoids them.


  2. Good morning, good morning. That was a nice picture and greetings blog to start my day. Pat, it’s the same here. After depressing weather forecasts for today I delayed opening my curtains but when I did, the sky was blue and the sun dazzled me from across the estuary. What’s your programme for today, Pat ?

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  3. Good morning (though I feel rather late here) – sun showed up at about 8 here, but now clouds are fighting for dominance over the sky – and thankfully the building site on the street is quiet today (last Saturday they worked there, too!)

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    • I had to wait a long while for it. I lived all my life in a town until we moved about 18 years ago into a country village, and I have never retgretted it since.


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