Daily Prompt: Shelf


“She’s back.”

“Did someone say someting.”

“Just me, Mrs. Angloswiss, one of your family photo files.”

“i didn’t know family photo files spoke.”

“We don’t usually. Just sit here on the shelves watching the books go bye, but lately there have been a few disturbances.”

“You mean because I was organising you all.”

“Yes, exactly. We like a quiet smooth life, no pages turned and everything in its place. Now we have received two new photo files and have been put next to your family ancestor files, although we are not really complaining. We could have a few interesting conversations with your ancestors, especially the ones with the sepia photos.”

“That was the problem, nothing was in its place and you were all incomplete. I even had to remove some boxes to make room for more files, but now everything is complete and in its right place. By the way did my ancestors tell you who they were on the old photos.”

“ Not really, we did not want to get too familiar with them. They were just comparing appearances to the half naked photos of you all sitting on a beach somewhere in another country. If you are finished, can we now all go back to sleep?”

“I hope so, we are not used to being moved around. I remember the long journey by truck in a nice little comfortable suitcase from our homeland, England and arriving in Switzerland. That was not very comfortable being bumped around.”

“That must be my History of England and British Battles books talking.”

“Yes, at least you remember us. By the way four volumes of History of India are also here.”

“But now you are all where you belong after I organised your journey,  safely tucked up on my bookshelves.”

“Do you want to do something with us?”

“No just take your photo with the other books on the shelves and then you can all go back to sleep.”

I left our hobby room and returned to the appartment.

“Where were you?”

“I was in the hobby room taking some photos of the book shelves.”

“I thought you were finished with sorting all the photos in the files.”

“Yes I am, although I had an idea.”

“What now?”

“You know Mr. Swiss, we have a lot of pamphlets and information that we collected from the various places we were on holiday: Mallorca, Bernese Overland, and Tessin of course. It is all distributed in various drawers on the hobby room. I thought it would be a good idea to sort it all and put them in the various files where the relevant photos are.”

“Mrs. Angloswiss you are slowly becoming scary. I do not know you like this. Look at your desk.”

“What’s wrong with my desk?”

“Nothing, that is the problem. It was always a sort of organised chaos and now there is nothing to organise, it is empty except for your computer and blue tooth mouse, and even that disappears on a shelf when you are finished.”

“I thought that was how it is supposed to be. I am getting used to the Swiss way of life.”

My desk

“After 47 years?”

“You have to start some time. I have put the staple machine in the drawer, together with my favourite two ball point pens. The filing paper puncher for making those little holes in the papers is resting on the book case  on the left of the desk, and I have placed my “in” tray on top of the bookshelves with my files for all pending invoices, although I don’t really have pending invoices, because I pay them immediately.”

“Very good, although most people pay their bills monthly.”

“I know, but I tend to forget. If I do it straight away it is dealt with.”

“I see, well, yes, although I am not yet used to it. If you ever organised anything, you just made a pile and put it in an empty space somewhere. Suddenly you are finding places for odds and ends. I think it is better if I come down to the hobby room and help you sort it all.”


“I thought perhaps at the week-end.”

“I don’t know if that will fit into my plan. I will have a look around first of all.”

Daily Prompt: Shelf