Daily Prompt: Drop

Water drops on Hosta leaf

We have not had a drop of rain for at least a month but we are not yet drying out. It arrives in the frozen shape known as snow or frost. My lawn resembles something from the pampas or the savannah grass lands because it it constantly growing. It is too early to organise Mowey, our automatic mowing machine. He is still comfortably tucked up in the cellar waiting for the first cut of the year. Mr. Swiss said the first cut will be done by our normal lawn mower as Mowey would not conquer the grasslands we now have. He thinks a machete would be more approapriate. Generally our lawn is covered with a layer of frost early in the morning, which melts and soaks into the ground, so who needs rain?

Our telephone supplier dropped in on me whilst I was savouring the advantages of a golden oldie midday sleep. They had written to tell me they have a new and improved system which gives me more for only a small increase, something called infinity with a number added to make it look professional. It seems the first six months of this new system would cost ten Swiss francs less than the normal price. The normal price would be 20 Swiss francs more than my usual costs per month, but I would be getting more telephoning time in Switzerland free of charge and my credit would be increased for telephone connection is other countries. What could be better? I have checked through it and decided this would not be better. I do not use my telephone enough to increase it with all these drops of advantages, so I will leave it as it is.

Actually I have not received a telephone bill for a at least a year. The charges were still being deducted from my account automatically. I called the telephone gods and they told me that the bills were no longer being sent in the written form by post, but online. I have now discovered  where my bill is. It is now pdf and I can print it from my computer. Another drop of cyber automation I suppose. I love Windows 10 combined with Google Chrome, almost the best since sliced bread. Mr. Swiss said my abilities on the computer are slowly becoming weird and almost scary and he is not sure whether I am real or just virtual, but I told him it is just a matter or organisation (I think that is what is scaring him).

I often drop things today. Mr. Swiss asks me to hand him something, perhaps a paper handkerchief, or something heavier like scissors. It usually leaves my hand and on the way to the receiver I drop it. The paper handkerchief is no problem, but the scissors could land in a painful place. I think it has something to do with getting older and not having such a good grip on things.

Otherwise I now and again drop myself. You can read all about in my numerous blogs relating to various accidents I have, so I will not go into details. Currently I can move under my own steam with no deficiencies, so it is getting better.

I am still dropping into my hobby room in the cellar organising a past of photographs. Yesterday Mr. Swiss opened the box of Pandora’s photos in his cupboard. I have been telling him for some time that he has some of my photos from the past. He produced four boxes, but luckily only one of them had my treasures. I am really getting good with my new Canon scanner, so I plugged it into my computer and scanned them drop by drop. I think I have now got them all. Mr. Swiss had the remaining photos that I thought were lost forever, the ones showing my international achievements (more later in another blog). Drop by drop my life is complete in the photographic sense of the word.

Daily Post: Drop