Daily Prompt: Object


Today we had a problem with our No. 1 Dyson vacuum cleaner. We were distraught. The handle was split and would no longer allow a perfect suction. Luckily I have Dyson No. 2, which hangs in an electric loading divice and is used for quick jobs. It is a very good machine and does at much as  dyson No. 1, but needs a permanent place to reload itself.

I bought Dyson No, 1, known as animal turbine, three years ago, so it was still under guarantee although spare parts probably not. The search then began. I mean a Dyson is not just an object, it is part of the family and is in use daily. I have a happy Dyson, it feels wanted and needed and has really never let me down until today. He just did not want to be gripped and his holder was split.

The receipt and the details were missing. I had ordered this model from one of those online places, which also had a shop, but somewhere on the other side of Switzerland, probably more near the Austrian border than the German border or the French one for that matter. Since having an iPhone and iPad and two computers I have become very well organised and find everything. Unfortunately this state of affairs only came to life in the last year and everything before this time was more luck than judgement in my system.

I examined my files, the ones with real paper. I found all my medical bills, the dentist, the vet, even the gardener, but there was no vacuum cleaner information. I was sure I had registered my purchase on line by the Dyson company. On their web site I saw a form where I could fill in my e-mail address and my code. This was the next problem. I have about 8-10 various codes, most registered, but not online and none were accepted. I then read a paragraph that Dyson had modernised their system and it would be necessary perhaps to re-register.

I was desperate and my Dyson was now shedding dust all over the place as he cannot shed tears. I managed to calm it down with the promise that I would find a solution. It said its handle was feeling neglected. I could understand his predicament. I remember when I had my fall a couple of weeks ago, I also felt worthless because my leg would no longer do what it should.

I am digressing. I took the Dyson to the local supermarket and the gentleman was very helpful, but needed to know the name of the Dyson and a serial number to order the correct spare part. Of course I did not know, because I had not found the necessary document. We returned from the supermarket with Dyson and I had one of those brainwaves that hit you out of the blue, when the clouds part and you hear a choir singing and the sun shines through in one intensive ray. Ok, not quite, I am probably exaggerating. I went to the room where we keep all our household necessities and searched where the Dyson accessories were. Laying beneath them surrounded by dust (must clean the cupboard one day) were the documents and the receipt with all the details.

We had lunch and afterwards I studied the online ways of Dyson. Being in Switzerland our version was in three different languages and my iPad decided to choose French unfortunately. I had my golden oldie sleep and decided that I should now go into action. I entered the details of the Swiss Dyson telephone No. with all the trimmings and even took a photo of my Dyson to complete my entry in my mobile telephone. Now I was ready and called Dyson Switzerland.

Success: a very friendly lady found my e-mail address in her computer and told me that I would receive the replacement free of charge by next Monday. I told my Dyson and it smiled all over the metal parts, it was now a happy and contented Dyson.

In the meanwhile I will be using Dyson No. 2 until Dyson No. 1 is fully back in operation again. My Dyson is not just an object, but a living thing, especially when it is plugged in.

Daily Prompt: Object

20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Object

  1. You had me with “Dyson.” 🙂 We have only one room with carpet, but it’s the living room where we the humans are allowed to join our dogs. Talk about a pet hair challenge. A Dyson will do….any Dyson 🙂

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    • We also only have one carpet beneath the dining room table, although my son has a small one in his bedroom. I have had many vacuum cleaners, but I like my Dyson(s), useful for Parkett and tiled floors as well as a carpet. I had three cats now only one, but she is a short haired Tabby so no big problem. To be quite honest for the first time in many months I was almost stuck today about what to write. Objects are so many and varied and at my golden oldie age I don’t bother so much in objecting these days, I leave it to the politicians.

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      • Yeah, like I could tell perfect German from whatever it is I produce. My friend, Adriano, who’s Swiss, never even lets me speak a whole sentence. He starts correcting me at the first word. I KNOW from traveling and from living in China and having to speak Chinese, that it’s not that important it be perfect. What’s important is making sense to someone and trying to communicate. My Italian got better VERY fast not because of my classes every morning, but because I was always going around and speaking with people. Aber, es gibt Grammatik-Fanatiker…

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        • German is not easy. You can understand it and speak it, but there are so many declinations. I know them all, but application is something else when you are speaking. Probably one of the reasons I find Swiss German OK, I can swallow the endings of the words or just a “d”instead of all the der, die, das, dem, den etc. does the trick, although once an english accent always an english accent. I am often taken for being dutch as well.

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      • But I think since I do speak Italian and French (kind of) und ein wenig Deutsch und Englisch, naturlich, somehow I’ll manage in CH. I didn’t even try last time I was there, but I was younger ( ha ha, I was 53).


  2. Dyson… I miss mine. Had to let it go when we moved from Canada. What with French plugs being different (without considering the different voltage). It was a loss, in a way, more significant that the TV and sound system. I think when the vacuum cleaner in our place dies, it’ll be replaced by Dyson. They’re just too good.
    Thanks for another good laugh; I liked the idea of a Dyson with feelings and shedding dust instead of tears. Twas fun 🙂 .

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    • But I always referred to it as “it” although I was tempted to call it a he or a she. Anyhow, I have now discovered that Dyson had a very good service system in Switzerland which is rare. Switzerland is usually left a bit out in the cold not being in the EU. Amazon does not exist in CH. I have to get all my stuff from Germany and even then there are certain articles they will not deliver to Switzerland.

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  3. If nothing else, the one-word prompts let you interpret what they might mean in a lot of different ways. I feel so cruddy, I’m not sure I’m up to writing a one word answer to the one-word prompt, but I’m going to take a stab at it. On principle. May your Dyson be back in service very soon. I feel that way when any of my daily use appliances stops working.

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    • It’s not so bad as I have a second Dyson, which works just as good. I don’t have to plug it in. It is one of those that uploads when hanging in its right place but it would probably only last for 5-10 minutes. I also was really out of ideas today. Thanks goodness the Dyson had a defect that i could write something about it. At the moment I want to get out again and do some walking, but it is all a bit dodgy at the moment. Mr. Swiss worries that I will have another accident and I am really not so good on my legs at the moment.


    • Although I now have also one of those handy brooms with a pan attached on an extended arm which does the job OK, I have mainly wood and tiled floors, so I just have to keep them clean.

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