Daily Prompt: Longing


Since I left my bed this morning, just over 7 hours ago, it has been snowing on and off, but more on than off. Mr. Swiss had to battle his way over snowy roads, which had begun to freeze on the edges, for a drum lesson, but it was just one of life’s little sacrifices I suppose. He is now safe at home, so I no need to long for his hugs and other endearments. They were part of the package deal anyhow when we got married 47 years ago.

I had been longing for new prompts for almost 2 years. I thought I was being ignored, forgotten by the cyber powers, but no: another mistake. Since the day that only appears once every four years, I am getting them regularly, daily. I do not really trust it 100% up to now, but let us make the most of it. They are only one word, but given to inspire our thoughts, ideas, and perhaps our dreams. I also noticed that many wandering sheep have returned to the daily prompt fold since the return of the prompts , so let us make the most of it while it lasts.

What do I long for? My first thought was perhaps a night out with George Clooney or Brad Pitt with all the trimmings. In the meanwhile it seems that George Clooney lost patience with waiting for me and got married and Brad Pitt has reached the age of 52 years, so I decided no longer to wish for what I cannot have or will soon be receiving his senior state pension.

In the meanwhile it seems I am still popular. Tell me, is my photo something to encourage the male species like moths to a candle. I use the same photo on Facebook as WordPress as I have not yet managed to get a photo made at a model agency. They have put me on the waiting list it seems. Over the last couple of weeks I have received at least three friendship enquiries from men on Facebook. I was flattered, pleased that they chose me from the millions of good looking mature women in Facebook. I actually know none of them by picture or name, but decided to have a closer look.

The first one was OK, not exactly god’s gift to woman, but he would do. He had recently changed his photo showing him with his daughter, or something in that line of things. First suspicion! Why does a man with looks resembling a 30-40 year old show himself with a little girl, about 3-5 years old in a photo, resembling something in the Bryan Adams style, want to get to know a lady showing grey hair, in glasses, more in the golden oldie way of life. This was suspicious and so I decided to let the chance go. He was not the type I was longing for. The next one was somewhere in the states, but told me he was British, which was suspicious. I am in Switzerland, so I think there was no chance of a get together and sharing our life. He was also nothing special in looks and could do with a visit to the bathroom for a shave.

Today No. 3 arrived. He is still fresh in my mind and the photo is also still there to study on Facebook. I could show it here, but do not want to embarrass him. Perhaps he is really lonely and longing for a soulmate, someone to share his dreams and wishes with. He has grey hair (at least so do I) and it covers his head, which is not so self-evident today. He is very well built, not quite Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he is not my type in any case. I think it is called barrel chested. He is wearing a grey denim shirt and fills it out very well.

“Who’s he”

“Some guy that wants to be my friend in Facebook.”

“Do you know him? Probably a scam.”

I decided that Mr. Swiss was right, never trust strangers you meet in Facebook. Facebook did not exist when I met Mr. Swiss and we met in real life.

I listened to the voice of reason and sense and ignored No. 3’s wish. I have everything that I need. Who knows, he might be a serial killer, preying on golden oldies in Facebook. I noticed he was english, but that was all the information he gave. 

Daily Prompt: Longing

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Longing

  1. Honestly, Mrs. Swiss, there’s still a lot of time to be a stand up comedian. I too would love a trimming filled date with George Clooney or Brad Pitt. Most guys on Facebook are scam artists and some are simply irresponsible. It’s a mad house over there.

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  2. Love this post and the opening George Clooney and Brad Pitt paragraph! I too hope the magic of fresh prompts continues, and I don’t mind that they are just one word something to set the mind going and decide were to take it. Fingers crossed. KL ❤

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  3. Most of the movie stars I yearned for are older than me … and many are passed to whatever place they go. A few look like they are gone, but for some reason are still making movies. Which in its own way, it a bit unnerving.

    Love your snow picture. You got the snowflakes, something I always am trying to do but rarely manage to achieve. I’m also thrilled that it’s snowing there and NOT here. It’s chilly today, but sunny and the sky is deep blue, a bit unreal.

    Let us be simply grateful for the new prompts, however brief. At least they aren’t depressing!

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    • I seem to now be looking for a “toy boy” as the young ones appeal to me more. I don’t even remember who the old ones were, they are going far to quickly lately and the older I am getting, well you know what I mean.
      It was more luck than judgement with the snow flakes, but the flakes were mega flakes, so I suppose the camera could not miss them (it was my iPhone actually)=
      I like the new prompts. They don’t dig around in the personal stuff, you can do what you want with them.


      • You’re welcome. Hope you can visit my blog too when you have time. Wow that long! Hubby’s birthplace is Zurich and will soon be there for our son’s 8th b-day! 🙂

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        • I just had a look at your blog. Some lovely photos and am now following. My only experience of Africa was a week in Marrakesh, Morocco, which was really something different.


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