Daily Prompt: Divide


This is a sort of sandy game my son brought from his holidays in Italy. It is a screen filled with various coloured sand. At the top there is a row of air bubbles. After turing the screen the sand falls through the gaps in the bubbles and forms a different landscape. It is divided by the air bubbles. However, it no longer works as well as it should and the bubbles become on big bubble which no longer allows the sand to trickle through the spaces.

And so is life, the divisions seem to merge with the years and there is no great separation, although you might think who needs divides, when the year’s progress and every day is the same in any case, but for me it is not.

At last I am free, can rise in the morning when I feel like it, or when I am bodily able to stand on my own two feet, but I do not. I have to have a structure. I cannot, no forget it, I am writing one of these I, I, I, prompts which I dislike. So let us try a different approach. It is Monday, a free day, but not quite. The first division is shopping, because the cupboard is bare, everything was cooked and prepared over the week-end.

“What shall we eat today?”

“I thought some pasta, some sort of special offer meat and a veg.” is my answer

and so I produce my iPhone and begin to make a list. Yes, my divisions are now all online and Mr. Swiss and I go shopping. First part of the day. but wait a minute. My first part is after my 8 o’clock breakfast when I divide my attention between the vacuum cleaner and the mop through the apartment followed by a shower. I am then ready to go to the supermarket.

The second part of the divisional mathematics is to cook lunch and the sum of the numbers is back to bed for a golden oldie lunchtime sleep. Then it is fun and games on the computer until the evening, when Mr. Swiss divides his attention to watching a film on the TV in bad weather, going for a walk in good, and afterwards preparing the evening meal. The sum of the division is an evening reading or perhaps some sort of idea I have. I have bought myself a scanner and am scanning my photos, and the ones I am not scanning I am sorting into photo albums in special plastic. That is division to the power of 2, as I am working congruently on everything and hoping for a final proof of my calculations, although I seem to have more than 100 photos, so according to my proportional efforts, it will take some time.

Let us go to Tuesday where my day is more or less the same as Monday, without the shopping but plus the cleaning of the bathroom. The calculations for the afternoon and evening are more or less the same, a product of binary arithmetic.

On Wednesday we again need food as well as the daily divisional cleaning session and in the afternoon I can do a primary calculation before opening the computer calculations, by cleaning the kitchen which I have now finished. Unfortunately today there was a definite interruption to my binary arithmetic as computer signals were weak. It was not my fault, but probably to do with the mathematical impulses in the atmosphere, but it is now working again.

And so the life of division, multiplication, addition and subtraction continues with a hint of algebra and trigonometry when I clean the corners with their 90° angles, in the Angloswiss household. Thursday is shower cleaning day and window cleaning, which is a matter of forming a clean slate on things. I can then put away my logarithm tables and draw a line beneath it all.

And now I am finished with this equation of Pythagorus twist and turns, ensuring that the square on the vacuum cleaner is equal to the sum of the stains removed from the floors with the mop. Did I tell you I was quite good at maths in the school, as it was so logical and is the same in all languages. For my written work I now have to rely on the words of wisdom in my computer.

Daily Prompt: Divide

22 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Divide

  1. Divide is a word which means so much. Sometimes, it means the opposite of what it appears to mean. Divide to seperate, yet we also divide to share. We are divided until we unite. In Christianity, God is three parts but really one and the motto of the U.S. is “one from many.”

    I love your sand and air bubble toy. I’d probably twiddle with it all day long. It also has great colors!

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    • At least we are getting new prompts. I am not so good on the philosophical side of things, so I decided to do the mathematic solution. I do my own thing in any case. We all voted last week-end in Switzerland on Sunday. We have a direct democracy which means we spend about 4 Sundays in the year deciding to decide. I let Mr. Swiss fill out my form, he also does my son’s, although I do throw a glance on what it is all about. We are not often divided, but there are certain things where our opinions and ideas are not the same. Anyhow German congratulated Switzerland on our democratic way of voting. I don’t really think it would work in another country, we only have 8,000,000 population.
      My autistic son goes to Italy every year with a special group and always brings something as a souvenir. This year it was the sand toy and it is quite amusing, although the bubbles have now become one large bubble and I have to shake it to get it moving.


  2. I love the line ‘divisions seem to merge with the years and there is no great separation’. Beautiful observation. Here’s to a great week ahead. The game looks like you can make lots of lovely images on it.

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    • It looks like it, but the results seem to be mostly the same. I have it on the dining table in the kitchen, so if I am bored I just twiddle it around. Enjoy your week as well.


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