14 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Melon

    • I have become a lazy gardener and now only have plants that arrive again each year. I also have a gardener that visits during the year to do the back breaking work for me. Many of my plants have been with me for many years and they seem to mature as the time goes past.


  1. Nice clear shot of apple blossoms! This is our state flower, here in Michigan. Actually, the specific name of the apple tree native to Michigan is the pyrus coronaria, or crabapple. Same obovate blooms, tho.

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  2. Okay. Lovely pictures … but my melons are not pink. They are ice green (honeydew) and soft orange (cantaloupe). Apples. Roses. Rose wine. But none of my melons are pink. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be difficult. Maybe your melons are pink. Maybe I’m color blind?

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    • Completely agree Marilyn, our melons are also as you describe. However the prompt is based on the Crayola colours and names as this link Crayola which differ in the shades and names as we know them – all in the name of public relations probably.
      The lady that took the work on to organise the prompts followed their patterns and each time when she posts a new colour name she shows a picture of the colour Crayola had in mind. Here is the link to Melon and as you can side Crayola differ to our ideas of colour. Jennifer Nicholl Wells has planned the prompts for 3 months, quite a lot of work, and we know in advance the colour required. I also sometimes have other ideas of a colour when the prompt arrives, although my colour sense is not so good, especially as I am a carrier of colour blindness (father colour blind and son also).


  3. The apples look a bit like Pink Lady – are they marbled with pink (sorry, melon) inside? H picked some up from the cemetery near my London house. They were tiny but delicious.


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