Daily Prompt: Mad Libs – The Chocolate Box

Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title! Now write. – no, work, have no Facebook friends, just contacts and friends and family have shrunk over the years.


Mr. Swiss had a drum lesson this morning, the oldest golden oldie improving his jazz drumming skills. On the way home he dropped in at the special super market that has the stuff that the others do not have.

“Look what I bought” he exclaimed upon his return,  with a triumphant gleam in his eyes, although I am not so sure. I was not looking at him, just listening. I was putting the finishing touches to my spaghetti al sugo, the one with the tomato sauce.

He told me all the exciting details.

“I decided to buy some special chocolates as we have nothing at home.”

Actually I do have three bars of my special black chocolate, but that is qualified as “nothing”, he prefers milk chocolate. He continued:

“I selected a small box of special chocolates which were priced at approximately 10 Swiss Francs. The assistant then stopped me and told me to go to the another part of the store. They were selling the same chocolates in a major King Sized box, reduced from 29 Swiss Francs for only 9.95 Swiss Francs and there they are.”

I was impressed at the cunning Mr. Swiss showed, it was a real bargain and they were Swiss chocolates, of course.

“How am I going to put them in the fridge” I asked, as I had not planned on accommodating such a large box i. I prefer my chocolates from the fridge.

“We will have to unpack them and put them in a plastic bag to fit” was the answer. I was surprised because Mr. Swiss prefers his chocolates at room temperature. However, he followed up with the statement that he now also prefers them from the fridge. They remain fresher.

I opened the fridge and what did I see. A complete empty space to accommodate the box of chocolates, as if the fridge had been waiting for them. As we had an hour before finishing lunch, I decided it was now the time. I like something sweet after lunch, and so does Mr. Swiss.

It was perfect, the ideal surprise for after a meal of spaghetti al sugo.

Mr. Swiss has been under pressure lately with the shopping. Due to my surprising foot injury combined with a visit from the gardner and a doctor’s visit, I have not been available to accompany him on the various shopping expeditions to the supermarket. Actually he is quite good at shopping, about the same as me. We are both golden oldies and the articles that one of us would forget, the other remembers, so what could possibly go wrong? Actually a lot went wrong lately due to the fact that Mr. Swiss was solo, without me. Of course a shopping list was written, but if a few items are omitted, then you do not have them. Yesterday an extra shopping excursion was necessary due to the fact that we had no mincemeat for the spaghetti and for the second time the bird food was forgotten.

Our birds have been complaining loudly in the garden, it was amounting to a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s film “The Birds” where they were all sitting on the branches of the apple tree and just watching us. It was very eerie and frightening. My cat refused to go out in the garden, and he usually loves birds in all shapes and sizes. I also noticed that three crows had made theirself at home and were following every move we made with their eyes.

Today we were saved, we had a mega sized box of chocolates. Mr. Swiss also brought some bread as that was also somehow forgotten and a 5 kg packet of bird food had arrived.  We will now survive until tomorrow when the week-end shopping safari will be made together. In the meanwhile the birds are pecking away at their various seeds and the crows have moved on, each with a peanut in its beak.

Daily Prompt: Mad Libs – The Chocolate Box

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Mad Libs – The Chocolate Box

  1. I do envy your chocolate. I’m a dark chocolate fancier myself and Garry isn’t much interested in chocolate of any kind, so he buys flowers. Or cookies. Lately, dark chocolate wafer cookies that go amazingly well with tea. Still, I wouldn’t object to a little box of the real stuff. Something special. Maybe chocolate cherries. Now, I need something sweet to eat. You’ve got my brain wandering down the dessert section of my brain. Maybe I’ll bake brownies. Hmm.

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    • I very much like dark chocolate, and it also is not such a problem when you have diabetes. I cannot eat the chocolates with the cherries because the juice makes me cough. Mr. Swiss finds that great, because he can eat them all on his own. I don’t do so much baking these days, but I should.


    • It was quite good chocolate – unfortuantely not many left now. Mr. Swiss has been a jazz drummer since his teenage years and now and again still takes a lesson. Today he has a rehearsal session with some other golde oldies.

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  2. Those chocolates sound so good! Well, I love all kinds. ..haha I know how the birds can get. We feed the wild birds at the feeder, and have ran out of seeds a few times. They do sit on the fence and give us the stink eye, and mutter among themselves about how we are starving them! They definitely get used to a refill of the feeder at the same time every day.

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