Daily Prompt: Hind Sight -It’s only February

How is the year shaping up for you so far? Have your predictions come true, or did you have to face a curve ball or two?

Almost 2 months into 2016 and I should tell everyone about the fun I have had so far this year.


Shaping up is an understatement. I still have two feet, but the link is refusing to do what the right one does since my memorable accident where I had to hug a taxi driver to be lifted into his car. After my journey to the ER at the hospital and a visit to the X-Ray department I can now hobble around with my cane. There are no broken bones or torn ligaments, just a few twinges here and there and the bruising. Yes the bruising. From black and blue it has now progresed to purple, red and pink – it can only get better.

As you can see the left foot is surrounded by a special supporting contraption, especially designed by the mountain climbing doctors of Switzerland and prescribed by my doctor. The shop where you get them was just opposite the doctor’s surgery, so I did not have far to limp, with my arm enclosed in Mr. Swiss arm. I would say that such injuries bring you closer to your fellow humans.

When the lady fitted this strange appliance on my foot I discovered that it was a good opportunity to slip and slide over the floor. She added that the idea was to wear a sock with it as a prevention of sliding to a fall.  I informed her that I neither wear socks, not stockings, at home and prefer the natural look. She discovered a special over-sock with plastic stoppers on the bottom which I could easily slip over this special device for non-working feet. I could now hobble around at home with my new foot cover and special non-sliding socks. Actually I had socks with this special sole but I used them for my Tai Chi classes in the days gone by and they would not expand enough to put over my new foot case.

Yesterday my foot decided to resume normal size, almost and I manage to insert it in my normal Sketcher special comfortable indoor shoe. The special overshoe will be covered by my insurance. I have sent the receipt to the insurance and they will transfer the cost to my account, I hope. It was not cheap. I had to buy the special mini socks myself, but I suppose you cannot have everything.

Otherwise things are progressing as normal, although “normal” is not a word to be applied in daily life. Define “normal” and I am sure that most of you will now have a problem.

Today is Valentine’s Day. I did ask Mr. Swiss about my breakfast with a slice of bread in the shape of a heart and covered with strawberry jam. He was at first bewildered.

“It’s Valentine’s Day” I said.

“But we are married” was the answer and yes, I can always rely on the down to earth common sense of Mr. Swiss. We have been married 47 years and I have few romantic bones in my body. I do not like reading novels that are concerned with lovey-dovey stuff. After 47 years Mr. Swiss knows me and so he was being very considerate with his approach to Valentine’s Day. He also finds that we have flowers in the garden and an orchid that shows its blossoms. At the moment he is sitting at his computer. I don’t have a clue what he is doing with it, and I am sitting at my computer. That is true love, so who needs Valentine’s Day.

And now to read the new escapades of Detective Harry Bosch in “The Crossing” on Mr. Swiss iPad. Yes, we share everything and he  has already read it on his Kindle. I don’t know why we bother with speech, when you are surrounded by electronic devices it is superfluous.

Daily Prompt: Hind Sight – it’s only February