Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection – Vote for Mrs. Angloswiss

Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

Fried Eggs

I was once freshly pressed. Just like that, no word of warning, they did it without asking me first. I felt like a fried egg in a pan, just laying there and waiting for the acknowledgements. Of course I got them, just like the fried eggs that were giving some seasoning and afterwards devoured with enjoyment. I alway fry my eggs in butter – just saying. But why a photo of fried eggs. Why not? The P.R. men said do something different to attract the attention of your public. Perhaps there are fried egg addicts amongst your fans.

This was way back in 2013, and since there have been no great miracles in my WordPress world. I was waiting for that knock on the door from the talent seekers, the letters of appreciation from the Pulitzer Prize people, even a mention for a Nobel prize would have been something completely different, but it did not happen. I did not even received my WordPress t-shirt size XXL and am still forced to buy my own, which is not the same thing. Mr. Swiss finds that a t-shirt with a smiley on the front is not exactly something for a golden oldie.

Of course, since this great event, the machine used for pressing the successful writers has broken. Its hinges have rusted through, and the mechanisms are no longer working. In a way it is perhaps a good thing, being freshly pressed can be unpleasant. I remember my lungs took some time to recover after having the air squashed out of them.

We now have something called “Discover”, but I have not yet been discovered. I am not sure what I will have to do to bring about this state of affairs. Perhaps I could write about the development of the WordPress daily prompt system and how it has progressed over the years, inventing a system of pressing a button in the right place and “discovering” something knew to tell us all about. I was thinking of taking a selfie of myself full length in a bikini, I was convinced people would flock to see me. Unfortunately the search for a suitable size has been unsuccessful: like the t-shirts, they do not seem to make them in XXL size.

I have, of course, engaged a public relations man to look after my stats. At the moment he is taking a walk in town with a board strapped to his back and front and holding a poster saying “Read all about it, Mr. Angloswiss and her blogs write the sordid truth. Just click on her blogs with a like, not just once, but every day, and she will be eternally grateful. He is also distributing paper napkins with the imprint “before disposal, like the newest blog by Mrs. Angloswiss”, just to keep people aware. Up to now I have had to bail him out of jail at least three times for soliciting likes. Perhaps I could try another system, like sending leaflets to all the houses “Vote for Mrs. Angloswiss, her blogs tell it all”.

It is strange that I have over 4,000 disciples in this wold of blog but my likes have never reached that daily amount. Perhaps WordPress have designed this prompt to encourage likes for everyone. If so, think about it before you put your computer to bed this evening.

“Did I like Mrs. Angloswiss today, did I read her unique, fantastic, wonderful, perfect blog today and give it its deserved recognition. Have I helped to increase her chances to be discovered and above all did I made a contribution to her credit card.”

Ok, Mr. Swiss, I know, I am overdoing it, but you never know. There might be a blog talent scout who stumbles on my words of wisdom. Basically I am a modest person.

Daily Prompt: The State Connection – Vote for Mrs. Angloswiss

18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection – Vote for Mrs. Angloswiss

  1. LOL! I didn’t know you had indeed been Pressed, and I didn’t know WP had done away with it! Well, congrats! I hope you’re Discovered, too! I have actually browsed around in that click — fairly interesting, really.

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  2. The word in show biz is that all publicity is good publicity, as long as the can spell you name right and sometimes, even if the don’t. I got Freshly Pressed too … but I so disliked the piece they selected, I have carefully avoided ever showing it again. I am not expecting a second shot at The Big Prize … if there is one. Garry was upset that it didn’t come with hardware. All HIS prized came with a plaque or a statuette, so he felt that it wasn’t much of a prize without something solid to take home. I’m inclined to agree. But I’ll keep liking you and reading you and I hope that counts for something!

    The eggs look yummy.

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    • No hardware could reward us for the time and effort and grey hairs we have invested in our blogs. I am sure if WP gave us something solid, it would be made of plastic. There will no longer be a freshly pressed, we now have to be discovered. Yes, we found each other in this world of blog. Mr. Swiss often asks if we are related or share something. He is still working out how to cook potatoes without peeling them. He said I only do it to the small potatoes, although to be quite honest I only peel them for the others. The best part of the potato is beneath the skin apparently. With these wise words I will leave you. Oh, and Mr. Swiss smothers his fried egg with aromat, pepper and maggi, completely hiding the real taste – men are funny sometimes.

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  3. Wishing you all the best at being Discovered. (But do you really want to make the rest of us jealous?) Also, you’d best read the fine print and uncover what this honor actually entails. Sometimes with these things “certain conditions apply” — like sewing Word Press T-shirts in a sweat shop two days a week. Just a warning…

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