Colour Your world: Cornflower


I could not resist this one. It was on one of those advertising screens in the local supermarket, to advertise farmer’s produce. The shirt is typical Swiss material, strong and resistant to survive the rough farm work. Needless to say this is not a typical Swiss farmer, just one of the farm population posing for the photo. I was leaving the supermarket and saw this picture. I knew I must take a photo, but unfortunately it changed all the time, so I had to wait until this sheep’s head appeared again. In the meanwhile I lost Mr. Swiss, but I found him again waiting patiently outside the supermarket. He said the last time he saw me I was standing in front of an advertising screen.

The field is ready, Feldbrunnen

And now for something more normal. Taking a walk I found the light refelctions of the tree on the freshly mowed field interesting, In the distance the Jura Mountains and a cornflower blue sky

Colour Your World: Cornflower

6 thoughts on “Colour Your world: Cornflower

  1. Your supermarket is full of surprises. Nice landscape. I like your photos. I have trouble keeping up pace with the challenges lately. I admire you.

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    • The supermarket is about the only place I visit during the Winter months. Too cold for walks to other places. I often think today, no challenge, but then I have an idea and begin to write. I only began my feline challenge as a side line, but that one also seems to be getting very popular.


    • It is a sort of psudo Times Square screen, where the ads constantly change. That is why there are some strange lines at the top from the reflection of the lighting system in the supermarket.


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