Daily Prompt: Quote Me – who?

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

I don’t do quotes, for the plain and honest reason that I have none to guide me through life, although I had my own favourite quote “Follow Your nose” or perhaps “It can only get better”. One of life’s guides to wisdom, at least one of mine. I have a rather large nose, something to make an impact that you will never forget, so following it has never been difficult.


This morning I was on one of my safaris in the local supermarket searching for the the wisdom of supplying lunch to feed the family. We were finished and left the temple of spending, Mr. Swiss leading the way. It was then I saw something interesting. They had one of those advertising panels with sliding photos and I saw this sheep. I decided, yes, that was my photo of the day. Actually I took many photos today, but this one was an inspiration. I do not even remember what it was advertising, but probably some sort of farming produce, like ”if you kill me and cook me you will have a meal to remember” or “quality sheep come from the Swiss farming nation”, although the Swiss do not really farm sheep. It might be that a farmer has a piece of land on an alp and not enough cows to fill it, so he will give it to a few homeless sheep to fatten them up for Easter. Personally I buy New Zealand lamb, the sheep then remain anonymous. We have a few, and the New Zealanders have more than the population of New Zealand.

I remember on one of my walks encountering a herd of sheep on a slope so I decided to say hello to them. As is usual with sheep, they followed each other and approached, especially as I had my camera ready. Sheep love cameras, they love to have their photo shown on blogs. The one in the middle at the front was definitely the leader as the were following him.

Sheep along the river Aar

In the meanwhile, to keep in to the context of this unforgettable prompt, which did not prompt me because I have no quotes that I return to, I discovered a quote. At the moment I am reading a book “Target Patton” about the American General George S. Patton. They made a film about the mystery behind his death (if it was a mystery) and a large part was filmed in our local town of Solothurn – see my blog about it The Day MGM Came to Solothurn and I decided to read a book about General Patton. I am now a third through. It seems that General Patton was not popular with the American government, with other officers, the Russians and Lord Montgomery, an english officer at the time of WW2. Anyhow I searched in Internet for a sheep quote and found “We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way” which was probably one of the reasons why General Patton was disliked by all, but he did not hide behind words.

I do not do quotes, but found one for me “Sometimes I wonder if I’m a character being written, or if I’m writing myself” – Marilyn Manson, how else could it be? A rock musician.

Daily Prompt: Quote Me – Who?

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Quote Me – who?

  1. Sheep are used around here for a lot of things, including food, but for wool and for finishing off the fields at the end of the harvest. It’s pretty amazing to see hundreds of sheep in an empty barley field doing their job cared for by a couple of big white dogs and driven around by a couple of black and white ones. Personally, I prefer goats. 🙂

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    • England is also sheep country. Switzerland not so much although I believe in the Tessin they raise them for their wool. We have shepheards that lead the sheep from place to place, but more in other parts of Europe. Most of the lamb offered in the supermarket is foreign produce. At East you can buy Swiss lamb, but I don’t. It is very expensive and I just feel sorry for the poor little lambs. It is not such an industry in Switzerland.

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