Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs – We are still breathing?

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Old computers

Of course there is a life without a computer and here is the proof. These computers are all in the computer cemetery, buried in the hobby room, forgotten until one day they might arise anew, you never know. There are days during the year, marked with a large red cross on the calendar, when I am separated  from my computer. No connection, isolated from an online existence, but of course it is no problem. These are my annual journeys to London to visit my father.

Needless to say the dead computers in the photo have been replaced. One of them is mine and the other two Mr. Swiss. He has replaced his dead connections with two living computers, as well as an Apple computer which was a special offer. I replaced mine with an Apple and a Windows 10. In for a penny in for a pound, as we english people say.

Of course there was the black day when our connection did not exist. No problem. I chewed on my finger nails and read a book, checking every five minutes to see if something was happening in the online world. Of course we can live without the computer. I proved it then for half a day and thank goodness the problem was solved by our providers and it was resuscitated.

Without a computer I take a walk in the fresh air usually with my camera, taking photos of nature. I also take photos with my iPhone, for my blog. As soon as I return I upload them on my computer of course. Today I had a problem. I took my photos, wanted to transfer them to my online photo site and noticed that I had forgotten to switch my phone from flight modus to online modus. It was after my golden oldie midday sleep when I close down my telephone to avoid interruptions. I had organised the photos and had the message, in red letters, no online connection. This was a human tragedy.

If I did not have the computer, I would not be able to write my daily prompt. Not that I am addicted. A computer is a machine not a stimulant. You cannot smoke it, drink it, inhale it. You can only sit and type on the keyboard, which is soothing for the nerves. Withdrawal symptoms are never a positive aspect. Of course without a computer you can use your iPad or tablet it you have one. It is a good substitute when you are on the local train, travelling into town by tram, or sitting in a park absorbing the wonderful fresh air and the surroundings. There is nothing better than relaxing, surrounded by treess, flowers and wild life and checking if you have received a mail, a like, or even a comment on your blog. Perhaps you have no outside connection with your pads and tablets, but you have a mobile phone. There might be an important notification from one of your 800 friends on Facebook, so check and see. Write an answer on your keypad on the phone. This is no problem.

I believe there are now special exercises for training your fingers on the miniature mobile phone keys. Practice makes the master, so when at home make a point of training your fingers . You can set your mobile alarm clock and when it rings write on your phone. I would say five minutes per hour should do the trick. At the beginning you may have sore muscles in the fingers, but with time it will disappear. At the first signs of arthritis I would however, consult your physician.

I wonder if there is a connection on a desert island: must check in case the worst case scene arises.

Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs – We are still breathing?

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs – We are still breathing?

  1. Oh dear Lord how I can relate to this post. We live by our computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones and such. What is life without these items? I wouldn’t know. “Ding” – oops got go… I have an email coming in.. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

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    • I often wonder how I managed to reach my 69 years, spening at least thirty of them computerless. I met my husband without a computer, I cooked meals without a computer, I did my cleaning without a computer, oh what a boring life it was. Now I have a computer: am still married, still cook and still clean but I have something to look forward to afterwards. 🙂

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      • Exactly! And you would not meet such new and interesting peeps and anipals without a computer. We explore and have fun laughing and at the end of the day – we still have our lives and memories of the day. It’s awesome! XOXO – Bacon


  2. Shiver. A bleak concept. Not for me. What will I do instead? Ski? Run? Those things either were never ON my agenda or I’m past them now. Regardless. it’s a grim world concept, is all I can say. Grim, dull, and lovely!

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    • Doomesday, a shiver goes through my body. The Black Death, Plague, and The Day of the Triffids all in one. On the other hand we could perhaps learn to play an instrument, or take classes in Ikebana, there are so many possiblities. No, I will take a trip to Blackstone Valley and consult my guru on what steps to take.


  3. What would I do without a computer? Read? Bingeread? Read some more? There are over 150 unread books at my place.
    Nah – I’d probably watch TV … I have weaned myself off it and I suppose that would become my new addiction.

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    • I don’t even read books any more. Give me a Kindle any time. Actually I like to switch off the computer 8-9 p.m. to catch up on live, and read a book of course. I am also not a TV person. Mr. Swiss likes to watch all those various german Krimi series, but it seems to me all the same, and even the actors are the same, just in different roles. The good old days of Derrick and Harry have now gone.

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  4. I love using my computer, kindle and mobile phone, but I’m not addicted to the point of bypassing other fun activities. I just limit my time so I get other things done.I would say I feel a little more lost without my mobile phone.

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    • I also have a sort of time table. Generally just 30 minutes on the computer mornings and the afternoon perhaps an hour or two. Sometimes in the evening. I put housework and walks in front of computer time. TV does not really interest me, I like to read.


    • I couldn’t be without it, but sometimes have problems returning to the normal awake world afterwards. I turn off my mobile phone and peace reigns. Usually Tabby, my cat, accompanies on the bed cover.


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