Colour Your World: Chestnut

Birds in garden house

A home for the birds in Winter. They love it. At the moment bird food is costing me a fortune, especially when the sparrows arrive. The tits are well mannered, peck and leave and then the sparrows arrive and take over, at least 20 at a time. When I want to take a memorable photos of the mass eating orgy they fly away. Yesterday there were two blackbirds balancing on the bird house. They prefer to peck around on the ground, but no problem. They sweep the seeds with their claws off the platform and then have their dinner at ground level.


And here are some real chestnuts, although about 2-3 years old. I once planted a chestnut about 20 years ago in a pot. The pot is now the largest I could find to accommodated the tree which would also have grown but I cut it back every year. I am still waiting for the first flowers, but the gardener told me if I keep cutting it, it probably will not flower. On the other hand I do not really want a monster chestnut tree putting everything in the shade in my garden.

Colour Your World: Chestnut

7 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Chestnut

    • But not in my garden. I left it the second year and realised it already reached the second floor in our appartment building. We have only three and so it was bordering on planning permission. the mother tree is outside my sister-in-laws house, so I can always admire that when I walk past.


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