Daily Prompt: Teen Age Idol – Those were the days

Who did you idolize as a teenager? Did you go crazy for the Beatles? Ga-ga over Duran Duran? In love with Justin Bieber? Did you think Elvis was the livin’ end?

There are prompt you can bring twice and the second time around you can write it from a different angle and that can be fun. Teen Age Idols do not change, they remain, because after two years writing on this subject, you definitely cannot have a new idol so read this if you still want to know all about Mrs. Angloswiss idols.


It’s a grim dark sky, but you see all my idols are now dead, gone to the great idol happy hunting grounds. I am 69 years old, the same age as David Bowie who passed away today (and was not one of my idols), so it is not such an uplifting subject. I had my idols, but they are memories of a younger past when I was a teenager in the swinging sixties of London. My memories of this time are now fleeting and today I have no actual idols.

Perhaps as you grow older you realise that it is such a false world we live in, that everything is controlled in the name of profits and turnover and above all publicity. How many of those idols from earlier lived a genuine life. Their appearances and ideas were all planned to please the fans, steered by clever journalists and photographers who always happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Today I may watch a TV programme and read a book to satisfy my hero worshipping. We all like to escape from the realities of life some time and these are my hideaways. I am not such a TV person, but like a good film. I do not go out of my way to watch an idol, although I might be interested in one of those revived documentary films about how it was with those we followed in the years that have passed. This evening we are confronted with an hour of David Bowie on our TV. I will not be joining in, although it might be running in the background. I prefer to read. Even authors have their days counted.

I am now reading gradually through the Terry Pratchett novels, a sort of science fiction and there are about 24 based on the planet known as Discworld travelling though the universe by a giant turtle called A’Tuin with 4 elephants on its back supporting the flat disc world. There seem to be 46 books in this series, although he wrote on other subjects as well, and I have just finished No 4. I do not read the same author continuously, that would be boring. Unfortunately this author passed on last year suffering from Alzheimer. Again everything is transient.

One day my blogs will also no longer be written daily, not that I put myself on the level of being an idol, definitely not.  I am tempted to stop writing these daily prompts, but why should I? Just because they repeat themselves, I see no reason to desert the daily prompt pages and those of us that meet here.  Where there is a will there is a way.

Daily Prompt Teen Age Idol – Those were the days

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Teen Age Idol – Those were the days

  1. I agree with you. I idolised characters from books and movies, not actors and singers. You seem to be in a gloomy mood. what can I do to cheer you up?

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    • No, not gloomy, but just telling how it is. I am quite happy and satisfied at the moment, but can no longer take these prompts seriously. The first time round OK, but the second time you get down to the basics. Nice to see you around Olga, I missed you, but was probably not looking in the right places.


      • No. You’re right. I’have been missing. I was kind of busy with mom these past two weeks. Things get more and more complicated so I can’t be so constant as before.


  2. It’s been interesting over the years to read bits about those teen idol types and their struggles. You’re right: life wasn’t anywhere near normal for them. Many of them paid a severe price for their moment of glory and so many died young. Victims of fame one may say. Bursting into the limelight, then burning out like a falling star.

    Oh the delights of being ordinary and growing older and wiser as most normal people do! I hope you’re all through with that virus you battled last month?

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    • I realise today that the picture painted by the media of the idols was probably the one that we wanted to see. Funny I had my idols but they were more in the realistic world, a writer, a journalist and if it was an actor it was more the rôle he played than himself. They are all gone now, being many years old than me. Of course I like listening to the pop music of the day but that is not something that remains. We move on.
      Thanks for asking about the virus. It took a long while and only last week was I more or less as normal as I can be normal. I still have a tickle in my throat, but at least I am sleeping better.


  3. I just heard that Bowie died a few minutes ago. It was odd because we had been talking about him the other day. I’m always sad when another “iconic” member of our generation goes, though he wasn’t one of my idols, either. I don’t know that I really had any idols exactly. But I wasn’t “real” teenager, either.

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    • It was the first thing I saw this morning on a BBC report on Facebook. It was very sudden, not expected. I was never really a great fan of Bowie but my youngest was and knew all his records I had a couple of idols, but not the good looking guys, the intersting guys. In my eyes Mr. Swiss has both credits (I have to say it in case he reads my blog and the comments) LOL.
      Would just add that my youngest actually saw David Bowie sing live in Switzerland once. My other son reminded me.


  4. You know what I miss? Real movie star magazines like Photoplay. Not People and the Star, but the glossy prints about Elizabeth Taylor and all her divorces and affairs and scandals of Hellywood’s elite. Maybe because I was much younger, but it seems like they write about today’s celebrities like they were your neighbors next door. They just don’t seem “other worldly” anymore. God bless!

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    • I mostly rely on my memories and luckily I can have a good discussion about the old days of cinema with Mr. Swiss. We also have quite a few videos from the olden days, but mixed a lot with the old European films.


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