Daily Prompt: Generous Genies – use this gift well

Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes? Well, you’re one and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp. You can give your three wishes to whomever you want. Who do you give your three wishes to, and why?

I do remember those lovely genies who granted wishes, they were in my dreams and I made so many wishes, that I think they forgot to note most of them. Now I can do it again and again because I did it the last time only on 6th July 2014 for WordPress Generous Genies 6th July 2014 and now I can do it once more, but of course I now have to find something else to write, because I cannot post the same again.

I am not a Christmas person, do not even have a Christmas tree, and enjoy the season because the others enjoy it and why not. I just thought that perhaps, with one little ounce of respect and interest, WordPress might find something to do with the festive season on 25th December, but that is wishful thinking of course. So my answer to this prompt is that I give my three wishes to the Daily Prompt WordPress team in the hope that they find something new to prompt. I have been in this daily prompt game for a couple of years now and it is just over a year that they began to repeat them all again, so come on daily prompt, prompt yourselves for something original, conforming to the season. It’s Christmas, you know 24, 25, and 26th December when people give gifts to others and the season of goodwill to all men: use your wishes wisely Daily Prompt.

So now I have got that off my chest, but I am not really in a prompt mood at the moment. it began with a sneeze on 20th December and amounted to a complete health breakdown by 23rd December when I more or less spent the day in bed thinking about writing my last will and testimony. Thank goodness for a Mr. Swiss that braved his way into the supermarket on 23rd and dealt with the Christmas food shopping. In between coughs, sneezes and other symptoms I even mange to knock up and meal of some sorts for the family on that day before again retiring to my bed for the afternoon.


This was the only view I had for a day from my hospital/invalid/bedroom. I  took a nice strong knock out tablet in the evening between coughs and slept only to awake for a coughing session in the early morning in the WC as I did not want to wake my sleeping partner, although he could probably not overhear the noise but decided to ignore it. On Wednesday 24th December I awoke and realised that at last I was back pain free and could again arise as normal as I usually can and even walk, although the symptoms had now spread to my inner ears, which resulted in a Menière attack, causing giddiness by every movement which I still have and am now also taking my special tablets.

I decided to venture with Mr. Swiss to the supermarket to collect my meat order as our Christmas celebration begins on Christmas Eve in Switzerland. Somehow things were now on the upward curve and today I am almost a normal functioning body.

You may have noticed my absence from the daily prompt for the last two days, and now you know why. I did not even look at a computer for two days which is an all time record since the discovery of Windows 1.0. It was my Christmas wish perhaps to me, I leaned how to live without a computer, at least for two days.

So be warned daily prompt, use your wishes wisely. There are not many of us die hard golden oldies left in this deserted grid world of old prompts, and not many of us left to tell the the stories of how it used to be when we were all young and lovely and ready to go.

Oh and happy Christmas and all that jazz from me and keep healthy. Be careful of this blog, I hope it is not contangious.

Daily Prompt: Generous Genies – use this gift well

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Generous Genies – use this gift well

  1. I was wondering about that. It’s been about a year for me since I was last blogging and this wasn’t happening when I was last here. I wish they would come up with new ideas too. I’ve made suggestions, but nothing.

    I tried to put a christmas twist on mine at least.

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    • It’s difficult to find a second answer and still be in the theme. I was once criticised by a fellow blogger (although she tended to criticise everyone that didn’t suit her), because I did not answer the theme, so not wanting to annoy anyone I try to keep to the theme. I so wish they would be a little more helpful.

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      • Why do you try to not annoy anyone? I personally think your blog is lovely, even though there are some topics and things I haven’t thought of as my preference. I keep those opinions to myself, because this is YOUR blog. YOU take the time to make this work, for YOU! I think it’s lovely.

        To those who think your blog is annoying, their opinion is not desired nor required.:-)

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  2. It is not politically correct to acknowledge a Christian holiday… unless one acknowledges all possible religious tones and undertones of “the holiday season.” Apparently, WordPress folks 1 and 2 were not going to open that can of worms!

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    • I am an atheist, and so I do not really have a problem, at least it is not my problem, but I am tolerant of all religions. Grew up in a large jewish community, east london, where a third of my school were of the jewish faith. Lived two years with a muslim family in Zürich and am married to Swiss reform church (although I don’t really think he realises it) and was christened Church of England, so I am definitely not going to involve myself in wishing everyone what I should wish them. The “can of worms” never really existed in the years gone past, something which has appeared in recent years. Do all religions have such a can of worms? WordPress have a grid of everything. I don’t think they realised there is a real world and have probably never left silicon valley.

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    • The same to you – upstate New York – memories of a week spent in the Big Apple in 1993, before ground zero. I don’t know where upstate exactly is, but the furthest North I got was Harlem: an unforgettable week.

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  3. It’s going around. A LOT of people are sick right now. All over the world … and here too. Kaiti’s boyfriend couldn’t make it, too sick. Half the people in the supermarkee were hacking and coughing all over the food (yuck, ick). Feel better. I’m about to take a blogging break too because we are off to Arizona soon and while I’ll post pictures when I have time, it’s going to be erratic at best. But I’m ready to pack it in anyhow.

    Feel better soon. Rest. Plenty of liquids. Lots of sleep. Everything and everyone can wait until you are better.

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    • Everything always seems to come at once. I now seem to be functioning again more or less, but another problem is now on the horizon. Have fun in Arizona, as far as we golden oldies can have fun and take plenty of photos. Today is Boxing Day, but the superarket is open, so I can go on another contagious virum catching trip for a few bits and pieces.


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