Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests – again

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.


“Don’t tell me, you are the WordPress delegation helping yourselves to my special biscuits. You are early, it is not even two years since I wrote all about your last visit. Take your fingers off my biscuits and leave, I have better things to do.”

“But we just wanted to look in to see how you are satisfied with our daily prompts.”

“Daily prompts? They are becoming regular annual prompts. How long do you want to continue with this repeated stuff. I think I will put the remaining biscuits away in a cupboard for the next time you come.”

“But they will be stale.”

“Exactly, and now disappear I have better things to do with my time than feed two refugees from WordPress that take over my biscuits and living room without being invited.”



So now that interruption is out of the way I can carry on with my daily life, like writing a daily prompt, although I am now expecting another visitor. Mr. Computerman will be arriving with my new computer all fixed up and ready to go: how exciting. We have been busy preparing a nice comfortable place on the shelf next to my old Acer, so that the new Acer will not feel so lonely. It must be a shock to be unpacked from a box and carried to a place that you do not know.

In the meanwhile everything has been cleaned. Unfortunately there was a small accident last week and I emptied a glass of cranberry sauce all over the book case where I keep my computers. Luckily no computers were harmed  during the accident. It seems that not all everything was cleaned and there were still some sticky remains from the accident. These things happen if you are a golden oldie, shaking hands etc. but now everything is ready to go.

Our computer centre is now ready and waiting, although I discovered that one of our signals from the internal network was showing a weak signal. The main signal was working, but a second signal is helpful if I work on my computer in my special AngloSwiss computer action office. When Mr. Computerman arrives he will also deal with this small problem and then I will be ready to go on the start line.

If I go missing for the next couple of days it is because I am still busy with organising my new computer and probably uttering a few profanities over things that will not work as I want them to work, but being a cyber golden oldie, this will be no problem.

Many may think why does she need two computers, she has only one pair of hands. That is a signal for modern life. At the beginning there was a Commodore, then there was an Amiga and afterwards Windows arrived. Windows are still here and after cleaning 7 sets of windows I am now ready for 10th set. I have an Apple computer for my writings, but decided that I would need a computer for my photographs. I really do not know how this is going to work, but at the moment I have everything under control. Just a minute I hear a knock at the door.

“What do you want again?”

*We thought you might have time for us now, WordPress said not to come back yet. They want some photos of your living room and perhaps a group photo with yourself and my friend and I eating biscuits. What are you doing with that rifle?”

“Go, and do not come back next year or the year after. Oh, how I hate repeat prompts.”

Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests – Again

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests – again

  1. I don’t know if you have read PG Wodehouse, but there is a story in it of Pongo and Uncle Fred “visiting” and making themselves at home in a suburban house, as though it was their own. When I read this prompt I was so reminded of the funny incidents that followed. Uncle Fred asked Pongo to pretend as though he was the vet having come to clip the parrot’s toe nails ( this to the house owners, when they returned) .
    Yes, Mrs.AS, WP needs to be more original and get their act together- we need new prompts.

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      • He is one of my favourite authors and I love his books- I think his books influence my writing because I am not a native English speaker and seem to have a tendency to write( maybe subconsciously copy) much of their writing styles and even language.

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        • Not being a native english speaker certainly does not notice. I am gradually becoming one as I speak Swiss German most of the time. Not wanting to flatter myself, but I noticed that Terry Pratchett has a little in common with my writing. I enjoy his books and his humour.

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          • He had Alzheimer and died some time last year unfortunately, but wrote mainly fastasy, his main theme being the Disc World which was carried on the back of a large turtle that travelled the galaxies with four elefants on its back supporting the Disc World. There are about 25 books altogether.


  2. If the cakes were the ones pictured, I’m afraid I’d eat them, too. I loved this prompt! Like the “old days.” Ha. Oops… but I see that it seems like it was a repeat, too. One I hadn’t written on, though. Your piece is hilarious, so it served a good purpose, even if unwelcome to you. Where did you get those biscuits and can I get some???Worth breaking a diet for. They are gorgeous. Judy

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    • Success, computer fixed up and ready to go. Mr. Computerman was here and did a great job with everything. I am now fitting up all my necessaries. Already have my Google Chrome installed, did not want Edge and I have the alternative between the classic shell and the tiles. No problem, I am loving Windows 10 up to now. He also fitted up an amplifier for our signals and now I can computer to the end of the garden.


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