Daily Prompt: Press it – and strangle it

Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved in the past week, and tell us why they’re worth reading.


I was pressing it, hard work, but not really recognised as I am just a statistic, like the rest of us. The remaining few that still enjoy writing a daily prompt.

No is my answer to this prompt. I read most blogs most days time permitting, but I am here to have fun and not to take part in a favourite blog competition. Sometimes I wonder which direction this daily prompt is taking. Do they want to destroy it with stupid repeat ideas to say “it wasn’t our idea, but interest no longer exists”. If so you are doing your best, daily prompt people, to destroy any need to write a daily prompt. I wrote this on 11th  April 2013. Since the three bloggers I then highlighted, and in my eyes deserved the nomination, are no longer blogging here. They stopped some time ago, probably lost interest in the whole Daily Prompt idea and I cannot blame them.

Why am I still here? Yes I often wonder. Do I have nothing better to do? Yes and no, I discovered the Topic Generator which is a good option and it is where I can write and know it is appreciated by its inventor.

I have got to know people that write the daily prompt, not personally of course, but online. I recognise their style, like to read their thoughts and angle on the subject matter, but I do not do comparisons. There is for me no hit list of the best prompts of the week. We all spend time and energy and thought on what to write

There is no encouragement left from the Daily Prompt team if they serve up such an old theme. I am almost convinced the title is just words. We can all read what the others write and have our thoughts on the best blog posts, but I am sure that the Daily Prompt people do not spare a glance at what we write. We are statistics, a button to press to see what arrives today for a daily prompt entry. The hap-hazard way the prompt themes arrive prove to me that it is a random choice – no-one spends a thought on what the subject is.

Fellow bloggers I love your daily writings and I enjoy seeing the familiar (and sometimes not so familiar) names on the contributions. I am not here to compete, but to have fun, and I am sure you too have the same sentiments. See you around – the weary daily Angloswiss blogger that really deserves, as well as the rest of us, a little more respect.

Daily Prompt: Press it – and strangle it

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Press it – and strangle it

    • I wake up from my golden oldie midday sleep and grab my iPad. I see what the prompt is for today, utter a few profanities and rest another 15 minutes. By the time I arrive at the computer I have an idea, perhaps not the idea that the Daily Prompt people thrive on, but an idea and I write. I could write about something else, and I do now and again, but I am a lazy blogger. If they lay the table I usually join in.


    • Very much so, although I realise that I am one of the few still alive to remember the first time round and I did them all once before. They started the repeats about a year ago and I think there is another years prompts still waiting to be repeated. This was one that I really could not repeat.

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  1. It’s gotten pretty boring, actually, and I did this prompt and realized that the three prompts I mentioned are written by people who don’t write the daily prompt. One of the others I mentioned, well, Tabby is a very faithful blogger which Dusty appreciates because he’s a dog and so he’s faithful by definition. I decided that instead of “worth reading” I’d say why I enjoyed the blogs I wrote about.

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