Daily Prompt: Seven Wonders – it happens all the time

Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?

Reflecting on my last blog with this title in October 2013 I realise that I then had no idea of what to nominate for the seven, reduced words of language, and today I am not further. Just two years older, although my daily prompt system has made progress. I no longer rush to the computer after savouring my golden oldie midday after lunch sleep to discover what surprises the daily prompt has in store. I now take it slowly, no rush, because most of the time I have been there and done it all before.

computer and cake

As you can see I now take it easy with a piece of cake and the computer. Mr. Swiss was in town this morning for a drum lesson and purchased two pieces of truffle cake from one of our confectionary shops. So there we already have a few necessary words: golden oldie, sleep, computer and cake, Note I put the cake in a small dish to stop the crumbs disturbing my computer keys. I have it “The golden-oldie sleeps, computerises and eats cake”.

Some people (not to mention names) would probably be very happy to realise that my language would be reduced to only seven words. I find that Khali Gibran must have lived in an isolated world, only speaking seven words. What could they have been, what did he mean by his mind breaking sentence? His words, whatever they were, have now influenced our daily prompt for two years, have been hanging over our heads like a damocles sword. We awaken every day, since two years, with the unanswered question, what were the words? We need them, we must have them, otherwise we will never be able to understand each other and write this daily prompt.

And now I have run out of something to say on this topic. My words were limited to only seven and they have been said, but one thing is sure. Everyone here reading my contribution now understand me much better. I have my seven words describing the meaning of life, the essence of internal communication, what it is all about. No, I have not just scratched the surface with this memorable statement, these words will enter the daily prompt archives, to be preserved for future generations of bloggers. I can see it now on my computer in perhaps ten years time (when I will then be 89 years old)

Angloswiss once said “The golden-oldie sleeps, computerises and eats cake”. What was the hidden meaning in these words, what bolt of transcendental lightening struck her as she was sitting at the computer, after her golden-oldie sleep, eating cake. Was it a message from another dimension, did she find her inspiration, the meaning of life, by discovering this unique expression with these unparalleled words of wisdom. We will never know, these things just happen, it is fate. And now to finish my cake.

Daily Prompt: Seven Wonders – it happens all the time

18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Seven Wonders – it happens all the time

    • The cake was a bit dry, but OK. Must tell Mr. Swiss I prefer something with whipped cream. I am too old for week events of any kind, I have enough problems doing my shopping during the week. I have been hostess to a few web sites in my computer life, but it is hard work keeping everyone’s ineterests, and at my golden oldie stage of life I like to do my own thing at my own pace. Another problem being that you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time and from my own exprience I once got into a kettle of fish without intending to. I still avoid certain blogs from the person concerned. I am quite happy with the daily prompt, even if it does repeat all the time, and since discovering the topic generator, I am happy to blog alone at my own pace.


  1. Ah, hidden meanings in things. When I was in high school, college, and grad school that was what I did and then I wrote long papers on the hidden meanings with sources and quotations to prove that my perception of the hidden meaning was accurate. Now I know this was nothing more than a way of teaching people to think, evaluate, scrutinize and present evidence. I didn’t know that life was likely to be one polemical exercise after another (Facebook has “enhanced” that trait of humans) and I was getting good practice. Now I don’t do that very much. I’m just pretty happy recognizing cake as cake (and that cake looks good!!!)

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    • It was a bit dry, would have preferred some cream. I discovered quite soon that what I wrote at school, was not what the powers in charge wanted and was discouraged. It is only since I discovered the world of blog that I have hope that I can write but in my own style and my own way. And who is this Khalil Gibran bloke that seems to have a lot of wise sayings on Internet?

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      • Gibran was really popular back in the day for his book The Prophet — every peace-loving hippy type I knew in my high school days loved him. I liked him, too, and gave my mom a copy of The Prophet for Christmas one year… I hadn’t heard or thought of him in ages…


  2. And JUST as she was about to unlock the secrets of the universe, a fly buzzed by and tried to land on her chocolate cake. Infuriated by Fred, that damned fly, she rose in a fury to smite him once and for all, upsetting the cake, computer, mouse … and the secrets of the universe were again lost, oh lost … forever and a day.

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  3. At least you made a clear and understandable statement with your seven words. I guess Gibran used many more to write his book and make it understandable.

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