Let’s tidy up the trees


Yesterday Mr. Swiss went for a walk and began with the long Avenue to the local castle, which is bordered by trees on each side. It was then that I saw this.

Cutting Leaves on the trees in Autumn

Can you see him? I mean the man in the tree. He had used a ladder to get where he wanted to go. If Frederico Fellini, the Italian film producer, was still alive I would have been convinced that a sequel was being made to the film “Amarcord” where one of the characters, somewhat unbalanced, had climbed a tree and was shouting at the top of his voice “Vogio una donna” meaning “I want a woman”. However as we were in the Swiss Kanton of Solothurn, I decided that the man was probably a Swiss lumberjack.

This man was cutting branches out of the tree and throwing them into neat piles between the trees, probably for a later collection. The Swiss are very well organised and do not just throw pieces of trees everywhere after all in German “Ordnung muss sein” – order must prevail. It could be that if these branches were all over the path, Mrs. Angloswiss might trip and fall, which is a very likely case.

Cutting Leaves on the trees in Autumn

We noticed that every tree in the avenue had been trimmed, ready for Winter and the snow. As we progressed I decided to take another shot of the lumberjack but this time an action photo. I quite admired how he balanced himself between the branches, with his safety rope.

Cutting Leaves on the trees in Autumn

12 thoughts on “Let’s tidy up the trees

  1. All I can say is the poor trees and when I read this, I thought Mr. AS was up in the trees cutting the branches. Later on, when I read it again, I understood it was someone doing his job. Mrs AS, how are you ?


        • Why prune a tree?

          Remove dead, damaged and diseased branches to help prevent insect & decay organisms from entering the tree.

          Thin a dense canopy on a tree to increase air and sunlight, resulting in fewer disease problems.

          Remove suckers & water sprouts to eliminate weak wood and provide more food and water for the tree.

          Eliminate crossing branches to prevent damage caused by their rubbing against each other.

          Weak or narrow crotches split apart as the tree grows older. Remove these crotches to eliminate breaking and tearing of wood.

          Remove co-dominant leaders. Co-dominant leaders are 2 branches growing near the top of a tree that grow straight up and become equally dominant. Cutting off one allows the other branch to grow & become the dominant branch. This prevents the branches from splitting and tearing wood that is often a problem in heavy winds.


          Correct pruning procedures create & maintain a strong tree structure, preventing safety hazards such as low growing branches and growth forms subject to storm damage near a sidewalk or driveway.

          Maintain natural tree form

          Often erratic or vigorous branches grow that change the growth habit of other branches, this results in a misshaped tree. Early removal of these vigorous branches maintains a natural tree form.

          Stimulate or restrict growth

          Pruning can stimulate growth in sparse areas of the tree. Pruning can also restrict growth where too much growth is undesirable.

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          • Wow, looks like I am now in the environment protection business. I am not so good with why and how, but one thing I do know here is that when it snows in Winter and snows heavily, the snow collects on the branches and the branches bow down with the weight, which does not make the tree happy. It can also happen that the snow melts and falls like a mini avalanche, and people like me are very accident prone and I do not want to be crushed by a tree avalanche. Anyhow thanks for the information, it is very interesting. I always pruned my trees in the garden myself and it really does improve their shape and health. Now I have the gardener to do it, as my golden oldie roots and branches are not as supple as they used to be. Someone should prune me perhaps once a year.

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  2. How I wish I had your imagination to see a blog in everyday things. I’ve just had my overlarge bay tree pruned and the middle taken out to allow more light to get to my underplanting. Three very nice young men did the job, two of them like nodding-head dogs as they jigged about to what they were receiving from their MP3s while wielding dangerous electric saws. The worked without harness, and climbed up and down, in and out the branches like a troop of monkeys and left via the hole in the middle, across my wall to their van parked in the street. What pictures these would have made!

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    • One of the reasons why I always have my two cameras and iPhone ready, you never know. I would definitely have taken a photo of the nice young men, emphasis on young of course. For me the world has become one large blog. One of the pleasures left for a golden oldie.


  3. I have just had the trees in my yard trimmed this summer. At first, they looked so sad…. but as the new leaves finished their growth… Presto! They are magnificent. I can’t wait to see the fall colors!

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