Daily Prompt: Do you believe in magic? – NO

You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?

No – I do it all by hard work, planning and the female gift of logistic. If there was such a thing as magic I would not sit at my computer every day and look forward to a new daily prompt, because there is no such thing as a new daily prompt.

If there was such a thing called magic I would not clean my apartment daily. Or even do the cooking.

Washing up

This is not magic, it is the daily life of a golden oldie, we help each other. I asked Mr. Swiss if he minded me showing this photo, and he said why ask, you will do it all the same. You see we are partners, perhaps even a bit magical, we know what the other will do before they know it themselves.

I don’t like this daily prompt, it does not inspire me, I find it boring. Mr. Swiss spent today emptying our two hoses in the garden as they had a residue of water, and Winter is around the corner, so they have now gone to the cellar.

Clearing up the garden

Now we have done it all, more or less. The chairs are already in the cellar and so are my metal frog and 2 metal  with birds. The elf is also there and my overgrown snail, together with the oversized caterpillar. There is also an owl. I have to bring them to warmer quarters in Winter otherwise they freeze and crack. We now have to cover the table and we can forget the porch until next Spring. We have just left two plastic chairs with cushions in case we want to have five minutes outside.

I hope you can find something more interesting to write today, I cannot, I am bored, the sun is shining and I might even risk a walk with my camera.

Daily Prompt: Do you believe in magic? – NO

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Do you believe in magic? – NO

  1. I think we are ALL magical! How else could we do what we do and keep doing it when we are sick, tired, and cranky? It may not involve spells and strange substances, but it’s our own female magic. I believe in YOUR magic.

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    • It’s more survival, although perhaps we have a sort of golden oldie magical spell that keeps us in motion. Today we went for an Autumn walk and I survived. Another one of those wonders of nature I suppose.


  2. I liked your ‘reality’ blog, and like you I do not find the daily prompt inspiring. In fact I’ve never done any of them as I can’t think who would be interested in the minutiaei of my life to such an extent, nor would I want to risk boring them if such people did exist. Mind you, my blogs might bore them anyway, but at least I enoyed writing them! Enjoy your walk – I’ve just come back from mine, kicking the fallen leaves into little piles and wondering if I really, really, have to pack my summer sandals away.

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    • As a golden oldie, I have seen it all and done it. the problem with the prompts for me is that I have written them all when they originally appeared and it is difficult to invent something completely different. My sandals are now in the cellar with the shorter trousers and all the other stuff. The cold weather is gradually arriving. It was a very refreshing walk and now to work on the photos.


      • Incidentally, although I live in the Isle of Wight, I was married to a real cockney (born in Lamb’s Conduit Street, Holborn) for 49 years until his death a few years ago. You will never beat the cockney sense of humour – especially from the football crowds and the once-proud dockers. I still support Arsenal and occasionally go to a home match and I still get a laugh from the comments, ribald and otherwise, from the fans.

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        • And how lucky you are being from IOW. I spent many happy holidays there with my family, around Freshwater, Totland Bay and I love it. Tennyson Downs were such a wonderful walk. I could go on for ages about IOW. Holborn is a little bit more upper class than Bethnal Green, but cockney is cockney. Oh yes we have a great sense of humour, very black but even that has a funny side. I don’t think I would have the courage to go to a football match today in the area, especially West Ham which was our club – too dangerous.


          • Nah! I’m sure you could hold your own!

            Holborn wasn’t at all upper-class when my husband was born there (next door to the pub in Lamb’s Conduit Street). It may have become gentrified after the war but before that it was anything but. Still ‘within sound of the bells’ as they say ………………..

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          • Probably more within the sound then when I was born after the war. All the expecting mums had to have their kids elsewhere as there was no room in the London hospitals, so I was actually born in Hitchin in Hertfordshire – oh the shame of it.

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