Daily prompt: Home Turf – See you again in a week

Name five things in your house that make it a home.

light effects on the stone floor

All I can manage is a photo of our floor in the living room, with light reflections, which continues through the apartment including the hall and kitchen.

Today we had to have our little cat, Fluffy put to sleep at the vets. There was no more hope, his kidneys were no longer working properly and everything was going downwards. He had a very strong infection after his operation. I will explain more when I return. We will miss him.

I am actually now saying goodbye until next week and tomorrow I am flying off to London to see my dad. Today has been very hectic, sorting stuff in England and packing all I am taking with me. I will not have an opportunity to use a computer next week, so I will be totally offline for all.

Daily Prompt: Home Turf – See you again in a week

21 thoughts on “Daily prompt: Home Turf – See you again in a week

  1. I feared that much, Mrs. Angloswiss. No good sign when they do not eat. Have a good trip, might turn your attention to something less painful. I know I cried “wie ein Schlosshund” (cannot use the English phrase here, not in this case) when my Mashka died. And you had your Fluffy longer.

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    • It was a wonder that he lived so long, 12 years. There was an infection in the eye and despite all the treatment it was just his time. Apparently his kidneys were no longer working and the white cells in the blood had increased. I often have problems with english words, even although I am english and find myself looking up German words in “LEO” the online dictionary to see what would be suitable in english. This is the third cat we have lost. The first died at only months, she seemed to have had an “immuneschwäche”. We lost Nera last year and now we only have Tabby.

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      • I use dict.cc … Leo is good, too, but dict.cc works very well. Only Russian, Chinese and Japanese I have to look up elsewhere.
        I have lost one moggie due to a failure of kidneys when she was about 16 to 18 (we don’t know exactly), and another one suffering from Toxoplasmose (that was the one who stopped eating), which was only 5. Sat in the bus going to fetch my transport box from the vet clinic and all the people could see me crying …
        Just a few month after that I went to the vet with my two (the tom and a new female) and met a girl there crying with an empty box … So sad! Transported me back to my loss in January. It’s heartbreaking, but still – better this way round as if the cat is surviving the owner, as the cat of my great-aunt did. She (the cat) was a mean old wind-bag – 12 years old – and had to find a new home. Better then that we humans suffer. We are better suited to it.


  2. I am so sorry to hear about Fluffy. I know you gave him a good home and he had a good life with you and Mr. Swiss and Tabby. Please have a safe trip and I hope your father has a wonderful birthday celebration.


  3. I’m so sorry about Fluffy. Our Bruce had infections and kidney failure at 9; we had to put him to sleep a little over a year ago. I wish you were beginning your trip under better circumstances


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