Violet Pop


“What is all the noise? I am a decorative gourd and need my beauty sleep to grow big and strong.”

“Oh, hello gourd, it’s just us. We have arrived and today is the day when we open up with a violet pop to show how good we are. It was worth waiting for.”

“Great, and how am I suppose to develop my talents with a noisy bunch like you. I was here first.”

“Yes, now that is true. Someone as big and ugly as you are needs time to develop. We are born beautiful, just look at our wonderful colours. We really pop. I am sure I saw a human taking photos of us.”

“She also took some photos of me when I arrived. I am already famous.”

“Yes, well I suppose you would be with your size and warts on your skin. Really something to be remembered. So what is your purpose in plant devepment?”

“Not only noisy but cheeky. I am a gourd, I grow and develop.”

“What about the birds and bees sort of stuff. I bet they don’t bother to visit you, You probably frighten them away.”

“Excuse me you violet wonders, but that is in my past, otherwise I wouln’t be here. I was once a wonderful big yellow flower, Just look over there, you can see some of my flowering brothers and sisters. They are waiting for the great event. Unfortunately we are so big and majestic, that only a few of us manage to hit the jackpot. I was one of the lucky ones.”

“Oh I see, so you have already been pollinated and you are the result. What happens next?”

“I just hang around and wait. My body is full of seeds and eventually my children will grow as big and strong and I am. Not like you puny flower wonders.”

“What do you mean. We are beautiful with striking colours. Without us this wall would be drab and boring.”

“Let’s just wait and see. I give you another hour of flowering time.”

“For what?”

“Just wait and see, you will soon stop bragging.”

“You are just jealous”

“Of what?”

“Of us …… of us… of us. What is happening?”

“I think your time is slowly coming to an end violet pop flowers. Here today and gone in an hour as they say. I am something that lasts, You will still see me in a month hanging here, if I haven’t been picked and polished and placed in a bowl with my sisters for all to see. Look, you are already shrivelling at the edges and you wonderful violet popping colour is turning a little pale at the edges. You are even shrivelling. So what do you say now violet popping flower. Nothing??? and now to return to catch up on my sleep. We decorative gourds take it easy and watch the others wilt and shrivel. Our time will come when you are just a bunch of seeds. So is plant life, but next year we will be back, perhaps, if we survive.”

“So will we. We were just a seed that was left from last year. And we will arrive again with a pop, a bang and a blue explosion next year. We might only be here for a few minutes, but we will definitely return and climb back to fame.. fame.. fame..”

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