Daily Prompt: Break the Silence – The End

When was the last time you really wanted (or needed) to say something, but kept quiet? Write a post about what you should’ve said.

River Aar

Actually this theme for the daily prompt is quite opportune. Not that I am a silent person, I have a loud voice. Over the past couple of weeks I wanted to say a lot but I kept quite, just now and again an outbreak.

Now I have come to the point that I have no longer interest in writing a daily prompt. I have been writing these prompts for at least 3-4 years I think (hope I am not exaggerating, I must be careful what I say, might be misunderstood). Daily prompts are no longer what they were. It used to be fun to write something, and now I have written it all. Running the risk of repeating myself, I began to compose my own theme on the daily prompt. Some like it, some do not, and some classify it as rubbish. I do not really care, but now the time has come to write my own thing.

I am too old for fiddling around with finding the right words to write a prompt, you can please some of the people some of the time but definitely not all of the people all of the time. I will look in on your blogs, I will not totally ignore you, but I now want to do my own thing. If you find my writings in this jungle of WordPress you are welcome, but I am neither hunting for likes or seeking self promotion, I survive quite nicely without that and just want to do my own thing.

Many have tried to build up their own prompts, but up to now they were a success at the beginning and a failure after the first three or four attempts. I even joined in myself in these independent prompts and suddenly they disappeared: here today gone tomorrow.

I also have a life outside of the daily prompt, like housework, cooking, ironing and all those housewife hobbies we have. I look after my garden, bones and joints permitting and I like to take walks with my camera in the countryside and town. I even read books.

I have made some good friends here and definitely do not want to lose contact, but I will no longer be interrupting the flow of the WordPress Daily prompt people who find that the prompts are useful for beginners to practice their writing.

Thank you for following me over the years, but it is unfortunately no longer fun.

I will continue with my Daily Feline Prompt. My felines enjoying their contact with their feline fans and have not yet responded to all the prompts that arrive, but one day they will probably also begin to write their own thing.

Daily Prompt: Break the Silence – The End

20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Break the Silence – The End

  1. I’ve reached the same point. I didn’t want to, but I just can’t keep doing those silly prompts anymore. I have so little time to write at all … too little. I barely have time to write something I WANT to write and a bit of time remaining to visit you and other friends on the net. I do miss the community, but so many people have dropped out, it isn’t as much of a loss as it would have been a year ago. WordPress killed it and we’ve kept at it, hoping they’ll do some CPR, give it a bit of oxygen and maybe a shot of adrenaline … but they haven’t. I started my own little prompt which is not exactly a major hit in cyberspace, but at least helps keep me in touch with people I don’t want to lose.

    I certainly don’t want to lose you! I follow you, so I get reminders to visit every time you post something. I hope you will not stop posting! You brighten my days, make me laugh, make me think. And your photography just keeps getting better! Say hi to your super smart felines for me. Tell them I’m keeping my eye (paw?) on them!

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    • Thankyou Marilyn. I often wonder why I continue, it is not always easy. I always look in on your prompts. I will be reporting on your fantastic blog about Windows 10 etc. and probably do one of my own – that is really food for thought and the responses you got were great.I don’t even think a CPR would help the prompt. I even know how the machine works and I would love to apply one on the daily prompt. If you connect the wrong leads to the wrong place it could even explode. I think I am too tired to begin something new and I definitely do not want to lose contact with Marilyn. Mr. Swiss always asks “What is Marilyn doing?” – you see you have become part of the family.
      I asked my felines if they also wanted to stop with their feline prompt, but the answer was a hiss and a paw swipe, so I let it be.

      Marilyn you are great, a ray of sunshine and good writing on my Swiss day.


    • I sometimes have too much to say. There comes a point when you just give up and want to do something completely different. I enjoy writing, it is fun. I saw you have started your own prompt – good luck, but I have no intentions of starting again. Although I had a little chuckle, I wondered what would happen if I said hello to five strangers in Switzerland – food for thought :-).

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      • I would love for you to try the challenge and let me know how it goes. Even if you didn’t want to write or comment on it you could share it with me via email. I’m interested to know how the strangers would respond in Switzerland.

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        • There was a post recently in Facebook about giving everyone you meet a like sign and a hug and a comment, just like in Facebook. It seems you would then be followed by two policemen and a psychiatrist, which would just about sum up the Swiss result. Do not speak to strangers, above all do not touch them and do not laugh, they might find it insulting. Otherwise if you leave them alone, they are quite nice people.

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  2. I don’t know if I like this because I’ll miss you so much. I’ll follow you anyway because I guess you’ll continue posting every day. I just have seen the subject of the prompt and I’m also very much disappointed, because is not inspiring at all, and I need inspiration to write. I’m tired of all this nonsense. Today is not a good day for me. Keep posting in a way we can find you easily. Your posts are one of my daily readings. You make me smile with your sense of humour and your way of understand the world. Thanks for all, my friend.

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  3. I follow you as well – and will continue to do so (wow, context could totally change the meaning of this…) I am thinking that I will continue my blatant self-promotion of prompt-avoidance on the Daily Post feed, at least until I get bored with it.

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  4. You, Marilyn, and others in your little circle of bloggers are who I really enjoy following and reading your great writing – but not as often as I would like, due to still being a peon of the 40-50 hour a week workforce… *sigh* Hopefully I’ll get a blog or two posted this weekend to garner some “likes”! lol

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    • Thanks for your faith in my attempts at the Pulitzer prize for literature. I remember that work force, it was then that they banned facebook from the office computers – now they have their own page to advertise in Facebook. Funny how things change. Thankyou for following me, even if I sometimes do not know where I am going.


        • Marilyn I will be quite honest. I was deeply disappointed and hurt by a reaction I got on the daily prompt. I know it was just one bad fish in the sea, but I decided I am not a fool and do not have it necessary. So it got me thinking. I like to have fun writing and it was not longer fun. I do not know where I am going, but am still searching for something completely different. I will have to find my niche in this world of blog and am still searching. I want to write even if it is rubbish.


          • I saw that comment. It proved to me only that whoever wrote it has not been reading you. Don’t let the trolls get you. I delete those comments. I don’t have to take crap from anyone and neither do you.

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          • It was not written on my blog, but on hers for all to see and read – one of those sneaky commnents not mentioning directly my name, but obvious it was meant for me. I could not delete it, it was for all to see, to make their own conclusions. It hurt, it was spiteful and yes, it was crap. There is no point that I sink to the same level. I really now want to try those spontaneous two words for a daily prompt, the advantage being that I can already sort it in the morning and think about it.


          • I’m really sorry about that. It’s mean. People are so thoughtless. And they don’t seem to know how much the things they write can hurt, like mental poison darts.

            I’m going to try them too, probably next week. I’ve got stuff more or less ready for tomorrow, but by Tuesday, I’ll be looking for inspiration. I’m also cutting back to one “wordy” and one picture post per day, as long as I have enough material. I may be eventually to one a day … and that’s truly because I’m just wearing out. And getting a bit restless to just do something else sometimes. I hardly ever get out of the house because I’m so locked in to the computer. In the winter, there’s nowhere to go … but this time of year, it’s beautiful out there and I start to wonder why I’m in here and not out in the world!

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    • There is no need to say anything, and I very much appreciate your visits. I discovered the daily prompt some years ago (I have been in WordPress for now about 8 years) and I did them regularly. They began to repeat them and I continued, but it is difficult to write twice about the same thing, so I adapted them to my taste. But now is the time to go. I still look in and read the contributions. I have now found something known as a prompt generator. something like Forest Gump getting the box of chocolates and not knowing what is in it. thankyou for your kind comment.


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