Daily Prompt: History of Language: it is all a matter of understanding

Write a piece of fiction describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.”

Sorry Americans, we say “third time lucky” in my language. I had to look this one up in the computer dictionary to see what it was all about. Yes the history of the english language often goes in different directions, one on the left of the pond and one on the right and whether this is fiction I will leave you to judge for yourself, but the phrase much have originated somewhere.

“I think I will move to the front garden where it is cooler. Here the sun shines on the patio all day and even if the sun shade is down, it is still too warm.”

“No problem, you have enough energy on the computer for at least ten hours.”

And so Mrs. Angloswiss moved to the front garden where it was cooler. There was even a table and two chairs and everything was in the shade.

2015-07-16 18.52.28

Mrs. Angloswiss made herself comfortable with her computer and switched on.

“What’s that, no signal available. Mrs. Swiiiisss there is no signal here.”

“Of course there must be, let me have a look. No, you are right, but that is because the walls are thick and we have so many other electronic apparatus.”

“So what do I do.?”

“You will have to go back to the back garden.”

So Mrs. Angloswiss carried her computer back to the back garden placed it on the table which was not actually in the sun, but hot enough to fry an egg on the tiles on the floor. In the background Mowey, the automatic lawn mower, was moving back and forth on the lawn, the sweat dripping from his chassis.

“Can’t we do something about that weak signal?”

No, we could not, it was too weak and my days of summer prompts were accompanied by heat until, yes, Mr. Swiss had an idea. We have a contact, one of those people that do things with the computer to improve computer life if you have a problem. We had a problem and an appointment was made.

“No problem” said computer man “there is a simple solution, I will come along and sort it.”

An appointment was made, and there was a further telephone call from the computer doctor to say that something had cropped up, but he would come the next day. In the meanwhile my sweaty fingers were still sliding over the keyboard due to the heat.

Eventually Mr. Computerman arrived with his “No problem” he got to work. Do not ask me what the problem was, but we now have two boxes attached to our electric system: one plugged in the living room and one in the room near to the front garden. During the time that the great adjustment was being made I lost contact with my computer now and again. Eventually the work was completed with the result that we now have two WLAN signals, one at the front of the apartment and one at the back of the apartment. They should adapt automatically on the computer, which they think about, but in the meanwhile, being a computer semi-freak, I change them myself. My iPad refuses to recognise the different signals, but he is still learning probably.

I lost count of times it was changed, but eventually we were lucky. Actually we had been meaning to have this organised for some time. A small problem has now arisen with connection to the printer, but I am convinced that Mr. Swiss can do it. In the meanwhile I am now sitting in the front garden admiring my flowering buddlea and thinking, yes, it is really pleasant here. I even found a nice comfortable cushion for the wooden chairs. I bought two cushions for our sunbed chairs, but discovered they were the wrong size. I was going to return them, but now I am glad I did not as they fit perfectly. Yes, life is great.

Daily Prompt: Histroy of Language: it is all a matter of understanding