Daily Prompt: Three Coins in the fountain – Me as Anita Ekberg?

Have you ever tossed a coin or two into a fountain and made a wish? Did it come true?

Fountain at Cemetery St. Kathrinen

I was not even thinking about tossing a coin in this fountain. It was at the local cemetery and so I decided that it would only benefit the cemetery gardener and I found it quite a nice little fountain with its green moss and slime deposits.

Of course when I was younger, after my visit to the Fontana di Trevi in Rome, I joined in with everyone else throwing my lira into the water. I did not resemble Anita Ekberg when she did her alluring poses for Frederico Felini’s film La Dolce Vita, but I was too young to have inviting curves at the time.

I toss coins regularly in the cash register at the local supermarket, but even that pleasure has disappeared. Everything is paid for with a plastic card. The waterproof credit card for coin throwing has not yet been invented for throwing into fountains. It would definitely simplify life for the workers that have to rake the coins together after the tourist visits.

Just yesterday Mr. Swiss and I decided to take a walk. The sun was taking a break from beating down on us, there was even a little rain in between, but the ideal weather to put on your special Sketcher walking shoes with memory foam to overcome all obstacles. I am not getting a special reward for advertising for Sketcher shoes, but at last I have found shoes that fit themselves to your lumps and bumps on the foot and not vice versa where the feet have to force themselves to fit the shoes. I cast myself into my special walking pants, together with my t-shirt and I was ready to go.

Image 10.08.15 at 15.31Note the elegant shoes, they are perfect. I even managed to climb the 50 steps to the top of the hill without resting in between. I have now ordered a pair of these fantastic walking shoes with a blue design, for special walks where I might be seen by others, so that they can admire my feet and walking style. I would note that my feet never left my legs once during our marathon.

Our walk was along the river bank, but during a recovery pause I took the opportunity to see if there had been any important messages left on my iPhone. This is a WordPress action photo, as I had uploaded my prompt before leaving home and I was reading the thousands of comments and checking the millions of likes I had received. You might notice the camera hanging round my neck, all part of the walking uniform, ready to take a Pulitzer Prize suspicious shot. Of course I revenged myself on Mr. Swiss by taking a couple of sly pictures whilst he was resting. I have not yet received permission to show them here.

It was a nice easy walk and five swans decided to show themselves for a photo. Unfortunately they were on the other side of the river, so it was not such a clear picture, but you can get a feeling of atmosphere.

River Aar

Daily Prompt: Three Coins in the Fountain – Me as Anita Ekberg?

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Three Coins in the fountain – Me as Anita Ekberg?

  1. You are looking GOOD lady!

    Ever since I learned that they have to clean the fountains out from all those tossed coins, I have never again thrown anything in a fountain. And who has coins anymore anyhow? We pay with plastic so we don’t have change. When I have it, I give it to Garry because he doesn’t mind all those heavy coins in his pocket.

    We’ll have to wish on stars or something else.

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  2. I have to scrape my change together for a local train ride – their machines never accept my plastic money, although they are supposed to. I was thinking it might be a good holiday job for golden oldies, removing coins from the fountains and being allowed to keep them? We have 11 fountains in our local town (magic Solothurn No. 11) but no-one throws coins into them. You would probably be fined by the police for littering.

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  3. I’m with Marilyn. You’re looking really good. Those walks are keeping you in great shape. Reading Marilyn’s comment, I began to sing the old song I have recorded in my memory in the unique peculiar voice of Louis Armstrong:
    When you wish upon a star
    Makes no difference who you are
    Anything your heart desires
    Will come to you…
    If your heart is in your dream
    No request is too extreme
    When you wish upon a star
    As dreamers do…


  4. So very color coordinated you are! And, yes, I love the action in this photo. Tell Mr Swiss to be sure to catch the swish of your fingers as they fly across that keypad.


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