Daily Prompt: Turn, Turn, Turn – The Wet Season

Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?


“No Annabelle, that one a little more to the right arrange the others around it. Yes, pefect.”

“But Casper, don’t you think it would look better with that tall one a little more in the center.”

“No, definitely not. Annabelle you are new to the game and need some more experience. Listen to well trained fairy who has many mushroom seasons behind me.

I was up early this morning, it had rained nonstop through the night. Actually it seemed that the Swiss monsoon season was upon us, as it had been raining for at least two days and nights. There was noise in the garden and I was worried that someone was trying to steal Mowey, my automatic lawn mowing machine. I was surprised to see something looking like a neon bulb with feet and wings hopping around in my lawn. Even more surprised to see a larger figure, dropped in a shiny leather cloak in silver, standing on my Mowey who seemed to be giving orders.

“Excuse me, but what are you doing in my garden.”

“Are you talking to me human.”

“Yes I am, and what are those mushrooms doing on my lawn.”

“I am Casper, chief mushroom planter in the Fairy Mushroom circle production team and we are organising our magic circle of mushrooms. How comes you can see me human, we are usually not seen, only by the chosen few.”

“I have a WordPress blog and wanted to take some photos of after the rain for it.”

“I see, then all is explained. Today we are giving a free sightseeing experience to WordPress Bloggers. Annabelle, come here. Look that is a human of the female kind.”

“Good morning human, how do you like my mushroom arrangement?”

“To be quite honest I did not really want mushrooms in my lawn, they spoil its appearance. Oh dear she is crying.”

“Of course she is crying human. It’s her first day on the job, she is full of ambition and now you have destroyed her illusions of the fairy world by telling her that you don’t want mushrooms. Typical, no sense of romantic and design. Annabelle ignore this human, she is one of the perfect lawn humans that do not like mushrooms in the lawn.”

“But if I cannot finished my magic mushroom circle, then we won’t be able to have our fairy disco this evening. Where shall we sit, the grass is still damp and Oberon promised to take me places this evening on a mushroom stalk.”

“Annabelle, there will be no going places with Oberon. I know him, he is not to be trusted. Breaks fairy hearts every time the mushrooms appear.”

I was gradually getting a guity feeling about my complaints regarding the mushrooms, after all I suppose they do belong when the lawn is completely soaked.”

“Ok Annabelle and Casper I will leave you to it. I don’t want to spoil a fairy party, but please don’t make too much noise, my felines will not be able to sleep.”

“You have felines? Annabelle sprinkle some feline LSD on the mushrooms to send the felines into another place and another time. The last time felines arrived at the mushroom party, the fairies would not sit on the mushrooms but fled to the nectar bar where they were quit drunk eventually.”

“OK I will keep the felines indoors.”

And with that I left the fairy population to finish their job.

Do I have a favourite season. Oh, the seasons all have their gimmicks. I am glad it has stopped raining. did I hear a knock at the door.

“Good morning madam”

“Good morning, why it’s Russell Crowe, oh I loved your film when you were dressed as a Gladiator. How come you are paying me a visit?”

“Well actually my name is Noah and I am collecting reservations for my my Ark. There has been quite a bit of rain lately and the boss said to see who was interested in a place in the Ark.”

“Don’t be silly, you are Russell Crowe, although I remember the last film you made called Noah.”

“No, I am Noah. The boss decided to choose Russell Crowe to take the leading part in the film. We now go for realism in the job. Did you enjoy the film.”

“Yes, I love fantasy films. Are you sure you are not Russell Crowe.”

“Definitely, the guy in the film was just a lookalike Noah. So do you want to join or not.”

“No, I don’t think so, although my felines would be interested, there are two of them.”

“Sorry no felines, we only take fantasy animals. Do you have a gremlin or a sphinx? A dragon would also suit the bill.”

“Mr. Noah Russell Crowe lookalike, I think you have knocked at the wrong door, although go to my garden. I have a couple of fairies out there looking after my mushrooms that I am sure would love a trip in an ark.”

“No fairies, but if the mushrooms can walk and talk we will take them. Here is my card in case you change your mind.”

“He left and I looked at the card. It was printed with the words “By compliments of WordPress Magical Mystery tours – Manager  Noah Crowe.”

Daily Prompt: Turn, Turn, Turn – The Wet Season