Daily Prompt: Ingredients – the spice of a Swiss life

What’s the one item in your kitchen you can’t possibly cook without? A spice, your grandma’s measuring cup, instant ramen — what’s your magic ingredient, and why?

i do not really have much to add to the last time I did this prompt which was in 2014. Here is a link to this masterpiece for those who are interested: Ingredients


I was talking to Bluebell, the cow that likes to take meals outside in the fresh air, if there was anything she could do without when eating and she assured me that her needs were important, but reduced. Just a field of grass was enough, although she likes her grass in various shapes and sizes. sometimes she takes it freshly grown, very tasty she found and in Winter dehydrated which lacks in juices. . This has its disadvantages it seems. When you relase 20 cows from the barn after a winter of hay, it is like eating fresh peaches from the tree instead of from a tin (human comparison). The fresh grass is tasty, juicy and packed with vitamins together with roughage and fibre to encourage the digestive system. Bluebell said that the problem with the dried grass, known as hay, during the Winter is that it does not encourage the recycling process so well, but fresh grass is really something to be digested and savoured.

No respectable fly wants to make a nest in hay refuse, one of the reasons why you rarely see a fly in Winter, but come Summer the flies are swarming, each one fighting for its own maternity ward in the bovine recycled matter. Oh yes, do not underestimate grass. Of course Bluebell said that some cows have no manners and eat so much grass that the meadow becomes a flat mass of earth with a few remaining stalks. If you do not fight for your place on the meadow you will have to do with the feeding trough. Luckily Farmer Hans has now installed a portable feeding trough on the meadow meaning that the cows can remain outside and munch to their undder’s content.

And now to the human point of view. Of course there are spices and additions that would be necessary when cooking (see my last blog on the subject), but above all it is the love of cooking that counts. This sounds devoted and sacrificial, but without a portion of love in the soup it is not soup but just a plain plate of liquid.

“The soup if far too salty.”

“That must be because I am in love.”

This excuse often works and you will have peace and quiet for the remainder of the meal.

“I think this cow committed kamikaze, the meat is so tough.”

“Think of the people in other countries that never have meat on the table.”

This also works, although if your partner is vegan or vegetarian it will not.

“I have decided that I will no longer eat meat.” This could become a problem. Perhaps you can convince your partner at the table that if we all stopped eating meat, the world would be overrun with chickens, cows, sheep and pigs. Now who wants to share their bedroom with a pig? On the other hand vegetarian meals also have their place on the table, and eating potatoes, carrots and beans means that room is left for the animals on the fields. Life can be so complicated sometimes. Are you with me? Probably not, but I think I lost the thread myself somewhere.

Today’s lunch was served in the local supermarket restaurant. Mrs. Angloswiss deicided she would prefer to dine out than cook a meal today and Mr. Swiss agreed. This evening we will have a cervelat salad which is the national Swiss sausage (contained in skins imported from Brazil because they are the best for the sausage – yes, we Swiss are gourmets when it comes to sausage). Mr. Swiss will prepare this national Swiss dish as he is Swiss and knows how to do it properly. I noticed he bought some radishes, made sure there were eggs in the fridge and checked on the various herbs in the garden. Aromat is always available in our Swiss home, so what could possibly go wrong. And yes, I noticed there were fresh Swiss strawberries available in the supermarket (special price) so I will prepare a dessert of strawberries with whipped cream. The strawberries are now soaking in a sugar syrup in the fridge.

Daily Prompt: Ingredients – the spice of a Swiss life