Daily Prompt: Super Sensitive – I am Mrs. Super Sensitive in person, I think, or I was when I was younger

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose? Blackbird female closeup The lazy hot days of summer are with us again where the sardine feeling has arrived. Not packed in a tin, no, sitting on a chair not the porch your fingers sticking to the keys of the computer. The sense of touch is covered with an invisible layer of some sort of body liquid and so you might be repppeatttinggg some of the keys you think you touch between a layer of oily substance.

“You are probably sweating, due to the heat”

“Thankyou Mr. Swiss.”

“That’s a nice blackbird in that tree over there.”

“Where, what tree?” “Straight ahead sitting on a branch.”

“Ahh yes, has a lovely beak, but its tail and legs seem to have disappeared.”

“No, it is complete. Birds do not perch without legs otherwise.”

Mr. Swiss is so wise. Now where are my glasses. I put them down a few minutes ago to wipe the sweat off my nose which is promising to drip onto the keyboard of the computer.

“They cannot be far away, you were wearing them to see that blackbird on the tree. Have a look next to the computer.”

They are not there, then I remembered put them down somewhere in the kitchen when I wanted to get a glass of water. Perhaps they are on the kitchen table, but no, there is only a bowl of fruit on the table.

“I can see them Mrs. Angloswiss, they are laying between the peach and the banana in the fruit bowl.”

Once again Mr. Swiss to the rescue. I want to read a book on my iPad, now where did I put the iPad? Ah yes, I remember, I think I left it in the living room. No it is not there. I have found it.

“That is not your iPad, you have a black iPad, that is my iPad, the one with the green cover.”

“Of course, it was just a test to see if you recognised your own iPad.”

I then found my iPad resting on the sink in the bathroom, iPads develop legs after a while. “Its time for dinner. I decided to cook some cauliflower as a veg.”

“Great I love cauliflower.”

And so we sit together at the table, me enjoying my cauliflower and Mr. Swiss pouring salt over it (no Aromat) before eating.

“What’s wrong with that cauliflower?”

“It has no punch, did you cook it with salt?”

“Of course I did.” thinking the sprinkle of a spoonful would be enough for the normal taste buds. I was wrong. I cleared away the remains of the dinner and decided to relax on the patio.


“Don’t shout, I can hear perfectly well,”

“I called at least five times but got no answer.”

“I was reading the newspaper.”

“You need your eyes to read, not your ears.”

“OK I can now hear you, what’s the problem.”

“The telephone was ringing.” “Then why didn’t you answer it.”

“ I thought you would answer it as it is on the table next to you.”

“I did not ignore it, I did not hear it.”

“But you now have it set at the loudest ringing tone, even the blackbird that you could not see in the tree flew away because of the noise. And what is that smell, something is burning.”

“Where? I don’t smell anything.”

“You forgot to switch the heating plate off on the cooker after dinner. We are lucky not to have a fire.”

Oh dear, and you ask me which sense should be super sensitive. All my senses are good, with a few exceptions.

“What did you say Mr. Swiss, have them all replaced with super sensitivity.” I am thinking about it.

Daily Prompt: Super Sensitive – I am Mrs. Super Sensitive in person, I think, or I was when I was younger