Daily Prompt: Mix Tape – or adding insult to injury.

Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails.


No, definitely no. I have been fed with rehashed prompts for the past half a year which I already answered, although WordPress tell me there have been so many prompts there is no great possiblity of getting the same ones again and now this. I was annoyed when this prompt was new, and now I am insulted. I refuse to plaster my blog with YouTube videos which is just a matter of copy/paste and sorry to say I will not be watching your videos. I do have a little more self respect than just doing some sort of Facebook copy for WordPress. Shame yourselves WordPress and give yourself a push to bring something new perhaps. I am going for a walk with Mrs. Swiss and my camera to spend my afternoon doing something more worthwhile and rewarding.

Daily Prompt: Mix Tape – or adding insult to injury

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Mix Tape – or adding insult to injury.

    • I was glad for a day off actually. Mr. Swiss and I went for a walk, his first since the operation and I took some photos. This was really an insult. Anyone can plaster a few videos on a blog, just copy paste.


    • I enjoy writing, but just plastering Utube videos on a blog is not very creative. I don’t want to force my music taste on others and I don’t have the interest or time to listen to the videos that others choose. It is a personal thing. I enjoyed my walk.


  1. I came a cross this prompt during Blogging 101 and didn’t see the part about making a list to describe your life, so I told a story about a time a mix tape changed my life. But I’m happy with it and glad I missed the point! I did enjoy your rather bracing take on this subject too 🙂


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