Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster (again) – Revenge is sweet

Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.


Dear authors, photographers, millionaires (including a few kings, queens and presidents),

In am not actually jealous of you all. There are people in life that are successful, have it all, and receive prizes for their talents. Just because I have not yet been recognised it does not mean that I am jealous or annoyed. Of course not. I can wait for my Pulitzer Prize and author of the year title. I have just been ignored somewhere along the line. as usual.

When my mum found me in front of the door in a little golden basket with a crown hanging from the handle, she realised that her little girl had arrived. The basket was melted down and the crown was sold at an auction, so the financial problems of an extra mouth to feed were solved. It seems that the stork dropped the cargo at the wrong door. We were only a few flying miles away from Buckingham Palace, but it seems that a boy was more welcome at that place, so the storks swopped the results.

As life went on I realised my talents as an author, although others did not. My class teacher constantly gave me minus points in the school telling me to do better the next time. Life continued and despite my photographic talents I was still in the shadow of Ansel Adams. I had to take second place to everything. I found my photos artistically challenging, but others laughed ignored my talent.


I was sure this photographic study of a cow in the field waiting for milking time was brilliant when I entered the competition, but again my Pulitzer prize was given to someone else.I decided to become a blogging sensation, telling everyone about it all, sometimes the same thing twice was required to leave an impression, but even that was not a success. And now my inspiration is waning, my computer is tired of the daily exercise about nothing important.

The time has now come for a change in this wasted life. I will conquer this feeling of insufficiency and hopelessness. I have decided to leave this world of unrequited recognition, to end it all forever. There will be no more letters. Tonight will be the end of it all, yes. There are many disappointed unrecognised talents in the blogging world and we are combining our strength to conquer these misdoings.

As you upload this letter onto your computer, which I am sending per e-mail, the dreaded Anonymous Anti word virus will be inserted into your computer. All your files containing new ideas for novels will automatically transfer themselves to my computer, your wealth will disappear and re-appear in my bank account. Beware of the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes you have. They will be possessed by the ghost of the blogger past and enter my realm of success.

Ha, ha, ha (ghostly laugh) your time has come, and mine has arrived.

Yours Anon

Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster (again) – revenge is sweet