Daily Promt: New Internet Order – Chaos reigns

All the world’s countries have decided that the Internet itself needs a government. Your country asks you to run for Prime Minister of the ‘Net — do you accept? If so, what will your platform be?

Wild Garlic

And the Wild Garlic prize goes to …… WordPress. Why? because it often has a strong smell, daily, annually. It scares regular customers away with its re-occurring subjects which sometimes are not an invite to partake. Perhaps it is because there are regular customers, like myself, that used to look forward to new suggestions for writing a blog, but why invent something new when old is just as good. Let us do it the cheap way.

I took the shot on a walk along the river bank. You know what it is immediately, it just stinks. There is a forest up on a nearby mountain known as Balmberg, and every Spring there is a garlic cloud hovering over the forest. We call it “Bärlauch” and in Spring you can cut the leaves, cook them and mix them in food, something like garlic. There is only a certain time of the year you can do this, they turn poisonous afterwards. They even produce a sausage containing wild garlic from local growth.

On the other hand who needs an internet government, why should we again make laws and do’s and don’ts to organise everything. Chaos is King on the Internet and so it should be. There are many little worlds existing side by side, each of its leaders striving for power. All the world’s countries do not even allow Internet in some cases. This has something to do with free speech, which can still be a foreign word in various languages.

So that will do. I do not want to become King of the Iternet, President or Prime Minister I do not have the time, I prefer to do my blooggy thing daily and if I get no satisfaction from the Daily Prompt (sorry for the copyright infringement Rolling Stones) I go elsewhere.

A wonder has just occurred next to my computer outside on the patio. A green flower chafer, sort of large flying beetle with shiny green wings, visited one of the tulips I have on the table in a vase. Yes someone loved me on mother’s day and No. 2 son and future daughter-in-law paid a visit. The tulips were hand picked. I broke up my blog writing to take a closer look and a few photos. Photos follow I have to upload them but, to my astonishment the red tulip contained not just one chafer but two of a its kind.

“What do you think, of course there are two of us, it is Spring, time to maintain the species.”

“Who said that?”

“The green flower chafer you were chasing with your DSLR camera to get your shot of the month. Move over Mavis, we are going to have our photo taken together.”

“Oh, how lovely Fred. Make sure your wings are nice and shiny.”

“Just a moment, there are two of you in the tulip.”

“Of course, where Mavis goes, I go as well, at least this year. Next year who knows. Mavis will soon be busy depositing our babies in the ground. Oh yes, we have lovely babies, nice and white and curly.”

And then the two flower chafers (we call them Rose beetles) posed for their photo, although Mavis seemed to be busy doing something in the tulip.

“Finished Mrs Angloswiss? We should go. After all we are on our honeymoon.”

And they both flew off, wing in wing waving with their legs. That is Internet, reporting the things that are happening now and not what happened 2-3 years ago – listening daily prompt? Of course not, they are busy choosing what to repeat tomorrow.

Daily Prompt: New Internet Order – Chaos Reigns

18 thoughts on “Daily Promt: New Internet Order – Chaos reigns

  1. I would be a bad choice as president. I would ban so much stuff that pollutes young minds. I would love the job as president of mobile phones. All apps and games would get banned and usage restricted to 20 minutes a day. The rest of the day the people could go back to being human again and talk to each other without electronic ring tones and endless interruptions. I bet you think I am joking ……..

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    • It is not only the youngsters Dai and it is just a symptom of life today. I must admit I like a game of Candy Crush now and again. Yesterday I forgot where I put my iPad – big catastrophe. After 46 years of family life, bringing up 4 kids and work for 30 of the years I like a bit of peace and quiet and doing my own thing. Mr. Swiss was away in the clinic for 4 days and I really only switched on the TV for half an hour to watch one programme. Otherwise in the evening I read a book.


        • I have an iPhone, but it is more being available if necessary or if they let me out and I get into dire straits I can contact the others. Waiting at the bus stop it is handy, I like to play with it like all the teenies sitting next to me. The Golden Oldie with the mobile.

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          • I’m the same, Pat. I keep a mobile for essential use only. I have no apps and have never taken a mobile photo. I hate carrying a mobile around with me but I think at my age it is wise to do in case I need to make sudden contact.


  2. At the beginning I found your daily rant against WordPress funny, now this too is getting old. Actually it makes me think why you are still here? I don’t like the daily reruns either, tried to make suggestions, spoke up loud and clearly…nobody cared. Have made up my mind, there is nothing I can do, so I accept it. As for the internet, free speech ends when people get bullied, hurt and offended…at least in my books.


    • 1. No more daily rants, they annoy me as well
      2. I am still here because I have been here for the past 2-3 years and I have met a lot of very nice people here, doing daily blogs and now and again having contact. I like the people here and I also read their blogs as they read mine. I sometimes pass a comment and they also sometimes pass comments. It is a small community and no-one will drive me away. If daily prompt want to repeat prompts ok, but I no longer talk about it. I just write my own prompt. If people would prefer that I leave, then no problem, although I would miss a lot of colleagues.
      3. I have also now accepted it with the re-runs for as long as daily prompt will exist.
      4. I just ignore the stupid comments I sometimes read. One of the reasons why my Facebook page is not really open. I go under the name of Angloswiss and if anyone wants to like my crosspostings from WP OK. Now and again I make a comment. I don’t really get hurt or offended. The people that do such things are to be pitied and should keep their opinions to theirselves. Otherise facebook is a way of making contact to far flung relations and my school site, as well as the area where I grew up. Just look on the sunny side of social sites I would say.

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      • I just mentioned it because I like your blog and your posts. Hope you didn’t misunderstand what i was trying to say. I don’t do facebook, have no clue about it. WordPress is the only “public place” where I post. I got the hint and won’t post a comment on your page anymore. Sorry if I offended you. Just thought you would like to know what a longtime reader might think.


        • I even mentioned myself on a blog last week that I am probably repeating myself with my continuous rant about the daily prompt. Today I happened to mention it again, sorry. I have been hopping around in Internet for many years. My main place was Multiply which unforotunately collapsed due to the greed of the people running it, they went into marketing. Luckily a lot of my friends there emigrated to Facebook where we still meet and a couple are in wordPress. I am not offended, and realise myself how it could nerve people, so no more rants (I will do my best). Ich werde deine Kommentare vermissen, und das wäre kein Hinweis, Wir sind vielleicht jetzt beide etwas geärgert, so Schwamm darüber. Morgen ist ein neue Tag.

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  3. Please, don’t go anywhere. We need you. I enjoy your blog so much. And I like to be in contact with you every day. Besides you’re right to complain. I’m having family duties these days and no time to spend on my blog. today I began to write a post, saying that I feel like a fly, crashing against a glass window over and over again trying to go out from a dark room towards the open air of inspiration, only to get abruptly stopped by the barrier of the repeated prompt. About the Internet I agree with you.

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    • With Mr. Swiss away for a couple of days in the clinic I was doing it all on my own and I realised how much more there was to do. I was just fixing in my blog in a spare half hour, usually in the evening. I am not going anywhere, I must say my inspiration does lack more lately and having already done all the prompts I really now have to ignore the subject matter (as many others are also doing now) and write what I want to write. basically I no longer need a prompt, but I have belonged for so many years it is hard to break old habits, and I like to read what the others write time permitting.

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      • I missed several days your posts. I didn’t know Mr Swiss was in the clinic I hope he is doing well. I’m glad to know you want to stay. I like being in contact with you every day, and love your blog.


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