Daily Post: 180 Degrees – the world has become a straight line

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

I am now too much of a golden oldie to do anything at 180, I am glad to be able to walk without tripping over a leaf or a blade of grass. You see things from a different perspective when you approach the years that begin with a 7, just one more to go. Everything harbours a danger somehow. I even now take photos of grass, just to be sure of the dangers that it might harbour.

Wild grass

You see this grass has seeds, might even be a wheat kind, but these seeds can be very dangerous. Imagine if you unexpectedly trip over a seed laying on the ground. You can break an arm or a leg, and breakages in golden oldies no longer heal by themselves. You have to have it all screwed together. Basically 180° would be a straight line, so if you reverse it you still have a straight line. I have a strange feeling this prompt is leading nowhere, so I think I will do something completely different.

It was two days ago when I ventured on my last walk which luckily remained at its 180° degree path, although now and again my straight walk had a slight bend in it. Anyhow Mr. Swiss was walking merrily along, he being a distance ahead which is normal and I saw them just waiting for a photo. They were smiling, waving their tails and flashing their sexy eyelids.


“Where are you going” said Mr. Swiss.

“Just want to take a few photos of those cows.”

“Ok, but be careful where you tread.” I think he was shaking his head a little as I branched off onto a narrow path leading to the field where the cows were waiting for their photo shoot, although he is gradually getting used to the fact that I might take another route on our walks. The cows were so excited when they realised that they would be featured on one of my prize winning daily prompts.

I managed to get them all positioned for the take and decided to join Mr. Swiss again. There was a small problem, Mr. Swiss had disappeared. He had walked on and left me alone with 20 cows. I was already reading the lines in the local newspaper “English tourist assassinated by 20 cows after taking a 180° turn. Photographic evidence available” and beneath the report the photo of a cow spitting out some human teeth. Suddently I saw him resting on a ledge, patiently waiting for me to join him. He walked on, me following at 180° until we found the next bench where we both sat down to recover for a few minutes.

I decided that this 180° walk was becoming exhausting, the sun beating down and my knees feeling the pressure from the rest of the body. I was still rubbing the teeth marks on my arm from the cows.  So we entered the home stretch, which was a 180° straight line downhill to home. Eventually we arrived safely . I stumbled onto a chair and decided these walks were not always as healthy as they were supposed to be.

I met a horse again, another stalllion. Now I know how to tell the difference. This one was busy munching away at some grass. I told him to change his position a little to oblige with a full view of the local Castle Waldegg in the background, which he did, although he was a little annoyed.

“Do you want to take my photo, or the castle?” he asked and stamped one of his four hooves and obligingly turned at a 180° angle.

I noticed he had very pretty blue socks on his legs, probably dressed especially for the photo. So without further ado, here it is.


Daily Post: 180 Degrees – the world has become a straight line

Daily Prompt: Do not disturb – especially if not invited to disturb

How do you manage your online privacy? Are there certain things you won’t post in certain places? Information you’ll never share online? Or do you assume information about you is accessible anyway?

I just read my first answer to this prompt on 08.06.2013 and I found I did it so exact that it is not necessary to do it all again. I am still in Facebook on my own community, as advised by WordPress a couple of years ago. Now and again I might make an excursion into the unknown Facebook pages, but not very often. I am a modest, quiet person and do not want to attract attention to myself as most of you know, or think you know.

Weltwoche for me

Talking of privacy and remaining in the Grim Reaper sense of the word, where your soul could be harvested for a mere publicity gag, last week I received a newspaper as shown in the photo. Nothing dangerous or suspicious, just the Swiss Newspaper Weltwoche (Weekly world) trying to reap some new customers.

I was impressed, they really want me. Not only do I receive a copy free of charge, but it is embossed with my name, I-me-myself for no-one else. Mr. Swiss saw it first of all and with green eyes he told me I am one of the chosen few probably. Of course, there are probably many of us receiving a personal edition of this special offer. Just feed a name into the entrails of your computer programme and the deed is done. Weltwoche love me and send me a personalized copy of their newspaper.

Not only this, but I get 25 copies (25 weeks) for only 99 Swiss francs – what a bargain. If I bite at the bait and tell them how pleased and honoured I am, and would prefer a years subscription, it would be a little more expensive of course, but what is 299 Swiss Francs for an annual subscription – a mere bagatelle. I would be amongst the honoured and always up to date with the latest news. There is a small disadvantage of course.

When I took this photo and posted it on my Flickr account, for usage on a blog, the first comment from a fellow Flickr member who happens to live in the same area as I do was “That is the last newspaper I would read”. You cannot blame him. This newspaper used to be OK, interesting and good. That was until it was taken over by a new editor who decided that the policy of this newspaper should be slightly changed. no not slightly but extreme.

It was a liberal newspaper, something for everyone. Of course, we do not have to agree to everything in a newspaper, we can form our own opinions, but it is now in the hands of the extreme right wing party, whose name will not be mentioned. I do not want to tell everyone what my political views are, but liberal, neutral is OK by me. I have no longing to discriminate others for their beliefs or nationality, I believe in tolerance. It seems that not everyone is happy with the new guidelines of this newspaper and I suspect that their membership numbers might be on a downward curve and so they have discovered Mrs. Angloswiss who has been honoured with a newspaper invitation showing her personal name (no secret here, most of you know who I am, otherwise just visit me in Facebook – in Facebook you see everything).

What shall I do? They love me, they want me, they have reserved a place on their computer files for me, everything is prepared. It says (in German) free example for Pat Gerber, yes that’s me. How did they find me? Probably where everyone else finds you today. Just a glimpse in a bought name and address file. You can get them everywhere. I am sure that guy that called me from Microsoft in China about going to my computer might have something to do with it, just because I insulted him on the phone. Or perhaps it was the bloke that wanted me to change my medical insurance who calls at least once a day. On the other hand Weltwoche might really be interested in my opinions, in my views. I am sure they have been reading my daily blogs in WordPress.

I will have to think it over, in the meanwhile my opinion is similar to my photo Flickr colleague – that is the last newspaper I would read.

Daily Prompt: Do not disturb – especially if not invited to disturb

Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited – Forget it, I went for a walk

Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?

Oooh No, if I have done this prompt once, I have done it 10 times, so let’s leave it to the newbies to tell us all about their childhoods. I would just add that next Monday my son No. 2 is getting married (for the first time). It will be the first wedding in the family so I will ask him in twenty years to perhaps write this prompt and let’s see what he has to say. In the meanwhile I rest my case, I have other things to do.


In the meanwhile the weather has brightened up in our country and it seems that the monsoon season has passed onto somewhere else (India?). T-shirts with short sleeves, and perhaps even sleeveless are now sufficient and even the sweat pours from my brow as I cut my path through nature, using my machete. The grass is high and all sorts of different flowers are now showing.The grass is being mowed down or the cows have been turned into the fields to eat what they can find.

“Makes a change from that dry hay stuff” Bluebell told me as she was munching away in the field.

Even the milk now tastes different, but I didn’t tell her. She never did forgive the humans for drinking the milk actually reserved for her babies.

I saw that the opium harvest is progressing. Yes, the poppies are showing their luminous flowers in the gardens and the local population will be looking forward to a nice opium harvest in Autumn. “What did you say” it is not allowed, it would be dealing?. I naturally meant this in a figurative sense of the word, we Swiss have enough to do with laundering our money. No, of course not. The poppy heads are dried and used for decoration. In the meanwhile the flowers in the gardens can be admired and photographed. I think I might plant some poppies myself this year, although I first of all have to harvest my hemp plants which take up quite a lot of space when they grow tall and strong. Yes, there is nothing like having your own herbs in the garden.

Horse in Feldbrunnen

I noticed a new horse in the meadow that I had never seen before. Mr. Swiss told me it was a stallion. What a clever man he is, for me it was just a horse. Even the horse was participating in devouring the grass. Yes it is a combined effort in the Swiss countryside, all the animals and doing their best to help the farmer keep the meadows tidy.

It also seems that the Swiss Alps are creeping closer. I, of course, took a few pictures of these Alps, you never know if they might disappear one day. Most of them are already hollow, being used by the Swiss army as storage places for ammunition and tanks etc. If Switzerland is attacked by the others (for example Liechtenstein) we have places to hide. After all the mountains are there for something. It was only a few years ago when the Swiss army were having a practice to see if their weapons were still in working order and by mistake set fire to a few fields over the Swiss border in Liechtenstein, so who knows they might be working out a plan of revenge.

Anyhow here is my prize suspicious photo of the Swiss Alps taken on my walk from a field somewhere in the state of Solothurn. As the crow flies they would be about 150-200 Kilometers away, not counting climbing up and down.

Bernese Alps from Feldbrunnen

Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited – Forget it, I went for a walk

Daily Prompt: A Mystery wrapped in an Enigma – Yes, I am enigmatic


Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

The last time I was asked this question in 2013, things have not changed very much. I still visit the cemetery in the depth of night, mainly on full moon nights. A few more have joined me in the meanwhile, all sporting the badge “Daily Prompt vampires” and we have now absorb the facts of writing daily all about it. Thinking about it, this would be the time for you all to pose a question, just to help along with the prompt and of course to discover more about me and my darkest secrets.

1. Do you write these blogs yourself?
2. Where do you get your fantastic ideas from?
3. What is your favourite subject to write about?
4. What is your favourite blood group?
5. Haven’t you got anything better to do with your time?


In the meanwhile my peonies are flowering in the garden, just at the right time. The German word for this flower is “Pfingstrose” which literally translated would be “Whitsun rose”. Yes the Germans are very exact with their descriptions, and if the peonies did what they should, they would all be flowering at Whitsun. I took this photo on Whit Monday, so again my influence prevailed.

“Stop showing off Angloswiss, we always flower at Whitsun since the past ten years.”

“Shh, don’t tell everyone. I want them to know what a perfect gifted gardner I am.”

“Actually we are a special sort of peony. We are not the show off filled flowers, but the plain perfect flower and in pink.”

First peony in spring in the garden 2

“We were here first, the original filled flower. Mrs. Angloswiss bought you pink lot on a special offer.”

“Now, now, stop arguing peonies. I like you all. The pink peonies were something special and I paid twice as much for them. They are really something completely different.”

“But we red ones were here first. I remember when you planted us.”

“I know, they were given to me by a friend of mine. The main thing is you arrive regularly every year at the right time and you even spread your seeds in the garden increasing the amount of peonies. It is a shame that you only last a couple of weeks.”

“Mrs. Angloswiss it is hard work preparing those flowers and two weeks is long enough. We need the rest of the year to recover. Imagine producing human babies constantly, it would tire you out and you would need a rest.”

“I suppose you are right. Pink peony, stop glaring at the red peony, all peonies are equal in my garden.”

And so another hike awaits me with Mr. Swiss. Who knows where the path will take us this time. I heard something about cemetery so I will have to dress for the occasion. Now where did I put my black trousers and t-shirt?

“Yes, yes pink peony, you can have a photo appearance all to yourself. See you all tomorrow, same time and same place with a new fantastic original blog.


Daily Prompt: A Mystery wrapped in an Enigma

Daily Prompt: Baggage Check – I have packed a forum site in my baggage

We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision you’ve made?


Once upon a time I discovered the computer. To be quite honest it was a Mr. Swiss discovery combined with e-mails, but suffice it to be said Mr. Swiss got a computer. I joined in and as time passed I decided that one computer was not enough. I am not the type to share, it has to be mine so I got my own computer. That is the history, not really complicated, but a fact.

I then began to disocover the world of blog, and forum sites. What is a forum site? It’s a place where you meet with people of similar interests. One of my hobbies is and always has been reading a good book and so I found a good site where others enjoyed reading. I met many other people there sharing my interests, some of which are also in Facebook (of course, aren’t most of us in Facebook?). It was combined with a few good games to join in. This was about ten years ago I suppose and now this site, Bestsellers and Literature, are celebrating their 12th anniversary this week and so the lady that founded the site, together with a few others, invited me to celebrate.

I must admit my participation has waned over the last few years, but I decided to revisit. I have always had the site as a complimentary link on my WordPress page, so it was not too far away. I had often partaken in discussions about literature, started a few threads of my own. I remember one memorable occasion when we all discovered the Swedish criminal author Henning Mankell’s police inspector Kurt Wallender. Many of us began our search for more about this character, various television series and of course we compared notes on the various books.

Harry Bosh was another detective we talked about, from the works of Michael Connolly. There is also a section for classics which are often discussed. Even the Pickwick Papers was once an item. So I got an invite to partake in the celebrations, paid my respects and immediately was drawn into the newest discussion on the book, “The Girl on a Train” by Paula Hawkins, a best seller. I read this book last year. In the meanwhile a posting has gone up about the Pulitzer Prize winning book by Anthony Duerr, “All the Light We Cannot See”, which aroused my interest. A few of us have read it and there will be a discussion about it. I have also downloaded it on my Kindle/iPad, although I am still doing my reread of “The Girl on the Train” to refreshen my memory. I have also introduced the forum site to the Felix Castor books by Mike Carey which were passed onto me by my good online colleague and friend Marilyn Armstrong in WordPress. I already know of one person at Bestesellers who has reserved a Felix Castor at her local library. Most of the members of this site rely on the local library for their books, why not. I have a problem, as my local library mainly deals with books in German translations (with a few exceptions) and I prefer to read the original version in english.

This is just a skeletal outline what happens on this site. There are many sites on literature, but this one for me is really one where I can participate, joint in, and share. The site is based in the States and the lady that runs it, Saundra Kane, really invests a lot of work and interest in keeping the site alive together with her moderators. For some reason I neglected this site over the past couple of years, but after receiving the invite to celebrate the anniversary I have returned.

There is a Horror Forum, a poetry forum and also some stuff not so literature related. Perhaps you have some photos you want to share or you have tried your own hand at writing. As with most forums, some aspects are neglected and others are popular. You are free to find your own way around.

We are from all over the world. Some from Europe, others from the States. We all have our own favourites in the world of literature and this is what makes the whole thing interesting. You do not have to do anything, but if you want to, why not.

So, my blog today is something with a difference, but a pleasant difference I find. If you click on the photo at the top, it is a link to direct you to the site, if I can still do it with picture links. If you are a reader, or just want to go along for the ride, then have a look.

Daily Prompt: Baggage Check – I have packed a forum site in my baggage

Daily Prompt: Nightmares – Sorry for the repetition, but I had to do it again

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

The Long path home in Feldbrunnen

This was not a nightmare, it was the walk home after and hour and it all went upwards. If you look carefully you can see a sort of speck in the distance at the end of the path as far as you can see. That is Mr. Swiss, who was quicker than me. Actually I found the path a good photo subject, but he was walking in front of me and I had to wait for him to disappear. Unfortunately a trace still remained, but only if you look for it and I did.

Otherwise I don’t do nightmares, at least I don’t talk about them. My daily blogs are mostly nightmares and I sometimes get the daily feeling of a déja vue. I wake up from my golden oldie sleep screaming, the sweat laying on my brow and I talk incoherently.

Sorry, the rest has been deleted by me, it was too depressing.

So let us just fix our gaze on the hill, perhaps you might see four horsemen galloping towards us in the distance, you know who I mean. Now they would be a real nightmare.

Daily Prompt: Nightmares – Sorry for the repetition, but I had to do it again

Daily Prompt: Fill in the Blank – Three “people” walk into a bar


Pub Wheatsheaf

“I’ll have the usual Fred.”

“Sorry Drac, it won’t work, it don’t fit-“

“What do you mean it don’t fit. It says three people walk into a bar and here we are. Me, Morticia and Wolfi. If it was full moon I could understand, but Wolfi has his normal jeans and t-shirt, no sign of gnashing pointed teeth and furry body, so what’s the problem. We have been coming here for years and suddenly you won’t serve us.”

“It’s not that Drac, but you must admit that you three do not really qualify as people.”

“Of course we are people, perhaps a little undead, but we are people. Stop crying Morticia, it won’t help.”

“But this is the only bar where they serve us since word got around that we only drink blood groups, and Fred serves such wonderful cocktails.”

“I’m sorry Morticia and Drac, but orders are orders. These Daily Prompts are getting quite strict in their ways. It could cost me my www site if I served you.”

“Howwwwlllll. I want my usual pint of canine group DEA 1.1 served in a dish please.”

“Yes I am sorry Wolfi, but no chance tonight.”

“I cannot serve a vampire, a succubus or a werewolf, it doesn’t fit.”

“We have been drinking here for years. I remember your great great great grandfather, he never had a problem.”

“My great great great grandfather was a different kettle of fish. One of yours gave him bite as payment once and since then it has been custom in our pub “The Happy Blodsucker” to serve you. And you know Dracky he didn’t have computers and stuff like that. He just kept the victims in the ice cellar and thawed out what we needed.”

“Oh yes, that reminds me Fred, I would like my usual pint with some ice cubes tonight.”

“Drac, no usual pint or ice cubes. You are sort of not human, like undead.”

“And where does it say in the daily prompt that only three living people enter a bar. It never prevented us having a good night out up to now. You know we always leave before midnight, not wanting to cause any problems with the regular punters.”

“I appreciate your consideration, but the pub has now been taken over by Internet and we have to stick to the rules.”

“Hey Dracky that guy over there keeps looking at me.”

“Of course he keeps looking at you Morticia. You are a succubus and all guys look you. You seem to have a power over the human men, they are drawn to you like moths around a lamp.”

“Yes, I know, but I can’t help it. It must be something to do with flawless beauty: my pale skin and black eyes probably. All the other girls say the same, our looks are really made to absorb and kill.”

“Exactly and Fred has enough problems as it is, we do not want to make it more difficult for him, so hands away from living guys Morticia, you are the death of most of them. Wolfi stop scratching, humans do not scratch in those places.

“Of course they do Drac.”

“Not in public places. So Fred do we get our usual or not. Perhaps you could serve it in a coffee cup, then no-one would notice. And Wolfi this time you drink it as a normal person and not lapping it up from a dish on the floor.”

“OK, well in that case it’s the usual, but this time in a coffee cup and don’t go blogging all about it. I have enough trouble sticking to the rules.

“Thanks a lot Fred, you are the best.”

“Shall I give him a hug Dracky.”

“No Morticia, you will not give him a hug. When we leave the bar you can hug who you want to on the street, but not here. People might start talking about us.”

Daily Prompt: Fill in the Blank – Three “people” walk into a bar

Daily Prompt: Mix Tape – or adding insult to injury.

Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails.


No, definitely no. I have been fed with rehashed prompts for the past half a year which I already answered, although WordPress tell me there have been so many prompts there is no great possiblity of getting the same ones again and now this. I was annoyed when this prompt was new, and now I am insulted. I refuse to plaster my blog with YouTube videos which is just a matter of copy/paste and sorry to say I will not be watching your videos. I do have a little more self respect than just doing some sort of Facebook copy for WordPress. Shame yourselves WordPress and give yourself a push to bring something new perhaps. I am going for a walk with Mrs. Swiss and my camera to spend my afternoon doing something more worthwhile and rewarding.

Daily Prompt: Mix Tape – or adding insult to injury

Daily Prompt: The Zone – An unwritten Swiss Law


Tell us about your favourite way to get lost in a simple activity — running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, whatever. What’s it like when you’re in “the zone”?

Spring garden

I am now in “The Zone” sitting on the porch and writing my daily prompt, you can see the view from the table on the porch. It is the view over my garden to the rough pasture beyond where the wild yellow flowers are. We have an unwritten law where I live. Yes, there are many unwritten laws in Switzerland, so many that I will not bore you with the list.

However, this particular unwritten law is that this rough pasture must grow until mid July. No lawn mower, no scythe, not even the grim reaper is allowed to put a foot in this area. It is reserved for the birds and the bees, the snails and the mice. Even the spiders have this paradise to themselves. The flowers grow unheeded, they flower and make their seeds and if they do the job properly the seeds fall onto the fertile ground by mid July.

The zone remains untouched until the gardening team arrive with their instruments and cut the plants to lawn level. This is an ideal circle of nature, left to its own device. Unfortunately this year the human factor made a mistake. We have a new neighbour who moved in at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately no-one told him of this holy territory where no agricultural instruments are allowed to invade. until mid July. Already in March he cut his own lawn as it had begun to grow. We were all cutting our own private grass areas, this was no problem. It was then that we noticed that his lawn mower moved over the borders of his private zone and he removed the beginnings of what was to become a future rough pasture. The growing dandelions, clover and other unknown plants were nipped not in the bud, but in the first leaves that were showing.

We noticed this zone invasion too late, and as human nature is, no-one said anything. The neighbour was happy with his nice neat lawn, which was no longer in his zone and no-one wanted to hurt his feelings. This crime all happened in his own part of the zone. Our zone remain untouched and the plants grew and thrived and we were happy until…. One day the neighbour mowed his lawn again. Not being content with breaking his own part of the unwritten law, his lawn mower decided to remove that part belonging to our zone, because no-one told him it was not permitted.

At the time I was arising from my midday golden oldie sleep and heard the very near sounds of a lawn mower on its destructive path. Our new neighbour was happily removing the remainder of this natural rough pasture. The birds and the bees were looking on with disappointment in their wings and the slugs and insects scattered in retreat before their little feet or slimy body parts became a victim of the cutters on the lawn mower.

Mrs. Angloswiss to the rescue. I cannot keep my big mouth shut and approached the happy neighbour who was carried away by turning a meadow into a desert. I was naturally nice and told him that it was actually not allowed to cut this part of our territory. It was a forbidden zone until mid July, but I also understood that probably no-one informed him of this unwritten law. He told me he did not know this and was very sorry, but no-one told him. The deed is now done and we now have a long bare patch next to our garden. Luckily he did not progress over the borderline between our zone and the zone belonging to the building opposite where our cat-hating neighbour lives. She does not like our felines as they sometimes mistake her flowerbed construction, which resembles a snake pit, for a feline recycling area. She also does not like naked cats. One of our neighbours has a sphinx cat which has no fur, and she hunted the poor defenceless feline away muttering something about naked cats being not wanted in her zone.

Now peace reigns in the area. The neighbour promised that next year he would not touch the plants growing in the zone, although I very much doubt if anything will grow next year as the possibility of fresh seeds growing has now been removed.

And so we return to our normal conditions with the motto that ignorance is bliss if no-one told you.

Daily Prompt: The Zone – An unwritten Swiss Law

Daily Prompt: Worldly Encounters – The Return of Bog and the family

The friendly, English-speaking extraterrestrial you run into outside your house is asking you to recommend the one book, movie, or song that explains what humans are all about. What do you pick?

Stork in flight

“What was that noise outside in the garden. Sounded like something fell.”

“Hello Mrs. Human, remember me, I am Bog from planet Flum. I paid you a visit just over a year ago, so I decided to bring the family, they so want to meet you. Here is Flog, Flig, Flug and Flag, my four little Flumes and may I introduce the wife, Jubbly.”

I rubbed my eyes to see if this was true and saw them, each child resembling a copy of the father, with their three eyes. The wife, being feminine, had two mouths.”

“This time we are a couple of weeks later as I thought those dandelion balls would be finished with their fluffy stuff. I remember suffering from running eyes for a month after my last visit, and Flum months are longer than Earth months. I didn’t think I would be lucky enough to be able to visit again, but it seems Earth loves repeats.”

“Oh yes, they happen all the time in my part of the world, it is almost an addiction for some. By the way is that your space ship circling above us. It very much resembles a bird that we know as stork.”

“Yes, it will stay until we leave. Storks love bringing things, it is in their training.”

“I actually thought they were an earth bird.”

“No, not really, but when our ancestors made the first visits some of them bred on Earth and remained. They had to lose the habit of bringing stuff, otherwise Earth would have suffered from over population. All those earth babies dropping from the sky wrapped in sheets!”

“Oh I see, yes it used to be like that, but now we do it all ourselves.”

“So do we Mrs. Human” and Jubbly spoke with a dreamy look in her three eyes, although having two mouths there was a curious echo to her voice.

“You have four lovely children.”

“They take after their father, although I could do with some vocal support now and again. Flog stop playing with that pointed thing, you might injure youself.”

Flog had discovered my cutlery and was chopping his fingers off with a knife. It was no big problem, they just grew again and the cut off pieces just seemed to disappear in the earth in the garden.”

“Doesn’t that hurt him?”

“No, it happens all the time on Flum, especially when he has a fight with a Grongle tube.”

“A Grongle tube?”

“Yes, they are everywhere on Flum and of course, they have to eat something to survive. It is a recycling course of nature we have. Flog put those chopped off fingers in you pocket and children help Flog to dig them up. We don’t want them being left on Earth. A Grongle might develop and Grongles are not Earth creatures. We have to keep everything in its place on another world.”

I was glad that Mrs. Jubbly Bog was so environment conscious. It was then that she took a strange looking green tube from a fold in her hand. After chewing on it for a few minutes she seemed to have swallowed it.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Human, we brought our own food with us. It was a Plongle, forming our main diet on Flum. They are very handy, full of the vitamins a Flumeranian needs to tie him over for a few moons and we produce them ourselves..”

And then I noticed that the complete family were chewing on these things. I decided to change the subject.

“How are you and your family progressing with the suggestions I made to Bog about Earth books and television programmes.”

“They were quite good, although a little complicated. The children have now discovered an earth TV person called Miley Cyrus and they find her physical exercises exactly what a growing Flumeranian child needs. See how well they can do it.”

There was then a demonstration of four Flum children all twerking together with Bog clapping his hand to keep the beat and his wife, Jubbly whistling through her two mouths a strange tune.

“What do you think Mrs. Human? Our kids and Mrs. Jubbly are the hit of planet Flum and their tune is now No. 1 in the Flum hit parade. Do you think we could take this Miley Cyrus human back with us, she would be a sensation on Flum.”

“Although there are many humans that would like to see her depart from our planet, I do not think she would be very happy on Flum. Her diet would be a little different to eating tubes. She is more into human food, like meat and salad.”

“Oh, we heard that the Earthlings eat organic matter. That would not be so good we are not so keen on the cannibalistic way of life on Flum.”

“But you eat that tube stuff, don’t they live.”

“No of course not, they are only there to be eaten, that is their purpose in their un-lives.”

There was a rap at the door. When I opened it there was a very impatient stork standing there.

“Time to go Flum family. If you breathe more of this Earth air you might turn into an Earthling.”

“Thankyou for having us Mrs. Human, we will visit again next year if they allow us another reapeat.”

“It was nice to see you all, so same time next year, I am sure you will all be repeated again.”

Daily Prompt: Worldly Encounters – The Return of Bog and the Family