Daily Prompt: Fearful Symmetry – Alphabet War

Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter

Apple blossoms

“Angloswiss is my name and here we have a photo of blossoms on a tree in my garden.
Apple blossom always open in the month of April.”

“And what about me?
As always typical, “A” is the first letter of the alphabet, no-one picks a “Z”.”

“As I was saying I decided to choose the letter “A” so be quiet “Z”.”

“Always the same, we “Z’s” are the last to be recognised, just because there are almost no nice words with “Z”.”

“Actually there are “Z”, there are zebras, zeniths, zoos. You can be zilch, a zip and zinc, but there are few.”

“As an “A” i am very versatile. I will now take over, Angloswiss be quiet.
Add my letter to the list of most important letters.”

“A moment. What about us “X’s”, no-one finds words with “X” and I do not want to remain as just a Xylophone all my written life.”

“Again a letter rebellion, “X” be still otherwise the remaining letters will begin to complain.”

“And quite rightly too. You think as an “A” you have it all. As the remaining 25 letters we also have something to say.”

“An alphabet begins with “A” and so I am the most adorable of all letters. You are all behind me with your letters. I am alpha, the beginning of it all.”

“And I am Omega if you want to get clever “A” so shut up. Without me you would never have a chance to finish.”

“And what about Arabic and Hebrew. I am the beginning whether an Alif or an Aleph, I am A, so Omega get to the end of the line.
As I was saying the Apple blossoms are flowering in the garden, one of the first fruit trees to flower.
Again we are No. 1 with our “A” description. Quiet “W”, you are really not necessary at the moment.”

“Ask a question “A” without using “W”. You see how important I am. What? Where? When? Without these words you are lost, none of you letters can discover the answers. We “W’s” know the answers to everything, because we can ask, we have the “W” at the beginning.”

“A question? I am “Q” and always have my “u” with me. I am never alone. “U” where are you? Give me support in this debate.”

“Alas I cannot help you “Q”.
Although we spend many words, lines and paragraphs together, I can always exist on my own, although often in a negative sense of a word. I can be very “un” at times, unhappy, undone, unwanted even. Don’t cry “Q” I am sure there is a language somewhere in this world of letters where you are needed without me.”

“Again I must call the other 25 letters of the Alphabet to be calm.
As you have been informed Mrs. Angloswiss chose me “A” to be her personal letter for today.
All other letters should be quiet and take their normal place behind me.”
And, and, and, and…….”

“”A” has a problem, she has become confused. I am “B”, how can I continue without “A”?”

“And now you have your big chance “B”, take over, be an “A”.”

“Are you mad “C”? If I take over you are no. 2 and eventually “Z” will become No. 25. An alphabet has 26 letters.
All the children will have to learn to read with an “A”. Imagine the first sentence of their reading book “The ct st on the mt.””

“All right stop squabbling all of you. As the most used letter being an “E” I will now organise this chaos. When this prompt is repeated again next year, which it will be due to lack of ideas for something completely new, “B” may take over. In 26 years we will all have our chance to be the star of this prompt.”

And so the letters of the alphabet were content. The secret leader was “E”, but he had the most practice at being used. Oh just a minute there seems to be an argument beginning in the cyrillic letters. I think their “A” is getting big ideas and the “B, V, G” that follow are not in agreement.

Daily Prompt: Fearful Symmetry: Alphabet War